The 7 Best Roof Cargo Boxes of 2021

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Yakima Skybox Carbonite at REI

"A long cargo box that can handle camping gear for up to four travelers."

Best Cargo Bag: Thule Outbound at Amazon

"This durable cargo bag is made of weather-resistant laminate that will protect from the elements."

Best for Longer Gear: Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box at Amazon

"Can accommodate up to six snowboards, eight skis, or two surfboards."

Best For Smaller Loads: Yakima Rocketbox Pro at Moosejaw

"The wide design makes it considerably more aerodynamic and assures you’ll be able to open your hatchback easily."

Best for Big Loads: Thule Motion XT XXL at Amazon

"A voluminous 22 cubic feet of storage."

Best Design: Yakima Showcase at Amazon

"Comes with SKS locks, an intuitive push-button latch to securely close the lid and internal lid stiffeners."

Best Value: SportRack XL Cargo Box at Amazon

"Unlike other boxes in this article, it opens only on the passenger side, keeping you safe from traffic."

Road tripping means you can bring pretty much anything — and you often do. Soon your trunk is full before you realize it. Then the back seat gets taken up, followed by the space at your feet. Next thing you know, you can’t even see out the rear-view mirror. That’s why a roof cargo box is a must-have for any sort of vehicular travel. Not only can it match your trunk’s storage capacity, but it's a secure place to stash dirty gear as well as snow-covered skis, snowboards, boots, and helmets.

Most cargo boxes require a roof rack system too. These systems typically consist of two crossbars that bridge the width of your roof. Depending on your vehicle, you may also need towers to attach the bars to your car and elevate them off your roof; get the same brand for both the crossbars and towers to assure compatibility. The only time you don’t need bars? When you opt for a less-expensive cargo bag, which can sometimes be secured to factory mounts or rails found on some SUVs, trucks, and sedans.

Once you’ve got your bars and towers sorted, the biggest factor in selecting the best cargo box is its size and its shape. You want space ample enough to handle whatever you’re going to toss inside, of course. But those looking to haul a quiver of skis for the entire family or a few surfboards will want a box long enough to accommodate your hard goods, while others who just want some extra space for a variety of items can consider shorter models. Those with hatch-backs that open vertically should also be sure that the cargo box won’t interfere with the door, and those who want their cargo box to look like part of their luxury vehicle should consider boxes that are made with higher-quality materials or that are low-profile, which provides a sleeker silhouette that looks better and creates less drag and less noise than bulkier models.

Keep reading to find the best roof cargo boxes available.

Best Overall: Yakima Skybox Carbonite

Yakima Skybox Carbonite


The Skybox Carbonite is a long carbo box that can handle camping gear for up to four travelers, as well as skis and snowboards up to 185 centimeters long. Designed with internal lid stiffeners, it’s both durable and easy to open and close from either side, with a tapered design to reduce hinge interface and increase internal space for awkwardly-shaped gear. SKS locks come included, and the Superlatch tech ensures that the lid will lock securely to the base to protect your gear.

The sleek, aerodynamic design cuts down on drag and wind noise, and the quick-release hardware makes it easy to mount; it works with most round, square, and aerodynamic bars, with a minimum/maximum cross bar spread between 24 to 36 inches. As with most Yakima boxes, it’s made in the United States with up to 80 percent recycled material, and you can add a cargo net (separate purchase) that attaches to built-in tie-down points and divides the storage space into four-foot squares.

Best Cargo Bag: Thule Outbound

Less a full-on cargo box and more a super-durable cargo bag, the Thule Outbound delivers 13 cubic feet of storage in a package that weighs only 3.5 pounds. It easily attaches to a car’s factory-issued racks or raised rails, removing the costly expense of buying a bar kit.

The Outbound ties to your vehicle with heavy-duty, double-stitched webbing straps, while twin compression straps help secure the load to cause minimal friction and noise while driving. Made of double-coated IP-X2, phthalate-free TPE laminate material that’s been certified to be weather resistant, it’ll provide amply protection from all the elements. A three-sided zipper makes it easy to access, and a storm flap that covers the zipper seams reinforce weather protection.

Locks aren’t included — but they’re not needed, as bags aren’t as secure as hard plastic boxes, but you can easily remove the Outbound and stash it in your trunk or garage until you need it.

Best for Longer Gear: Inno Shadow 16 Cargo Box

If your road trips always include skis, snowboards, surfboards, deep sea fishing poles, or other items that often stretch the length of most sedans, the Inno Shadow 16 has you covered. Though it only boasts 13 cubic feet of storage, it can accommodate up to six snowboards, eight skis, or two surfboards. The proprietary Memory Mount System makes it easy to toss the box on and off as needed without fiddling with over-engineered mounting hassles. Its svelte profile and “Diffuser Design” lets it slice through wind to reduce drag and noise, with a three-layer sheet base construction that makes it lighter and stronger than most conventional carbo boxes. As with most models, it opens from both sides and has universal cross bar compatibility.

Best For Smaller Loads: Yakima Rocketbox Pro

Yakima Rocketbox Pro

 Courtesy of Amazon

With a length of 58 inches, the Rocketbox Pro won’t accommodate skis or snowboard — and for the non-skier/snowboarder, that’s perfectly fine. Instead, you get storage that ranges from 11 to 12 to 14 cubic feet, with push-button access for secure lid closure and easy access from either side of your vehicle.

The wide design makes it considerably more aerodynamic and assures you’ll be able to open your hatchback easily. No assembly is required for the box, and easy, tool-free installation (and removal) from most cross bar ​kits make it easy to toss the 30-pound box off when not needed.

SKS locks come included, and the matte-black textured finish adds a touch of class to the whole affair. The 12-cubic-foot edition provides enough storage for hauling gear for two campers, ideal for compact SUVs and smaller cars.

Best for Big Loads: Thule Motion XT XXL

With a voluminous 22 cubic feet of storage, the Motion XT XXL is Thule’s highest-end box and comes with loads of bells and whistles, including an internal ski carrier, a slide-lock security system, as well as a total load capacity of 165 pounds. The extra-wide PowerClick quick-mounting system (which offers a welcoming “click” sound as you twist the mounting dial to confirm that the box is properly connected) makes for a fast and secure fitting, and it’s built to sit a bit forward on your crossbars to provide full trunk access for hatchbacks.

Grip-friendly outer handles and supporting lid-lifters make it easy to open from either side of the vehicle even when wearing gloves, with a clever slide-lock system with separate locking and opening functions to let you know when the lid’s in place and closed securely. It marries nicely with most after-market bar kits ​and comes in black, gray, and white.

Best Design: Yakima Showcase

The Showcase is constructed of high-quality, durable plastic, and the exterior comes with a high-gloss automotive-quality finish to deliver a decidedly more modern look. But the Showcase doesn’t just get by on appearances. The box opens from both sides, with a tapered tail to provide excellent tailgate clearance. The made-in-the-U.S. box comes with SKS locks, an intuitive push-button latch to securely close the lid and internal lid stiffeners that bolster the box’s overall strength and makes easy to open and close the lid. 

Available in both black and silver, it comes with an option for 15 or 20 cubic feet of storage and works with most square, round, and tapered cross bars.

Best Value: SportRack XL Cargo Box

No, the XL Cargo Box won’t win any design awards. Its two-tone aesthetic is as utilitarian as its name, but with 18 cubic feet of space, you get a lot of storage at a price that won’t break the bank. Unlike other boxes in this article, it opens only on the passenger side, keeping you safe from traffic when handling the insides. The high-density plastic is as tough as it looks, and it fits most factory and after-market cross bars rated to carry up to 150 pounds.

The U-bolt mounting kit takes some fiddling, and the XL Cargo Box requires some additional assembly to get it up and running. Locks come standard to help secure the contents from prying hands when you’re not hitting the pavement.

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