The 12 Best Restaurants in Turks and Caicos

The Great House

Courtesy of Sailrock Resort

The islands of Turks and Caicos are famous for white-sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and magnificently luxurious resorts, hotels, and restaurants. There's a wide range of dining offerings for the curious traveler—from local barbeque spots on remote islands to world-renowned conch shacks overlooking Grace Bay. So, read on for your ultimate guide to restaurants in Turks and Caicos, and get ready to start daydreaming about a night spent dining al fresco beneath the stars.

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Da Conch Shack

Red, white and pink arch reading "Da Conch Shack & Rum bar" with palm trees

Courtesy of Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

Blue Hills Rd, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-946-8877

While conch is a staple of all Caribbean cuisine, the pink mollusk holds particular significance in Turks and Caicos, where cracked conch—tenderized and deep-fried into calamari-like strips—is the national dish. Try it for yourself at Da Conch Shack, one of the most iconic restaurants in Turks and Caicos (and arguably, the entire West Indies), along with conch in all its other forms, including stew and fritters. But despite what its name suggests, Da Conch Shack's menu expands beyond pink mollusk—you can also order up lobster, jerk ribs, and vegetable curry. After one visit, it's easy to discover why the seaside oasis in Providenciales has captivated legions of devoted visitors who return year after year.

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Coco Bistro

High-angle view of outdoor square dining tables and palm trees with one seated couple

Courtesy of Coco Bistro

Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-946-5369

Coco Bistro is the perfect setting for a chic, sophisticated evening out on the island of Providenciales. Located in the largest palm grove on the island, the atmosphere here is simply spectacular, with palm trees swaying overhead and stars glistening in the tropical night sky. Of course, you're not just here for the location: the restaurant is renowned for its culinary program as well. We recommend the mahi-mahi, but you can also get West Indian-style shrimp curry and pepper-crusted tuna, topped with cantaloupe salsa. If you're in the mood to imbibe, Coco Bistro also offers a robust wine list as well as a selection of classic and signature cocktails. Even though you’re inland, it’s just as romantic as dining along Grace Bay.

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Bay Bistro

long outdoor communal table with wicker chairs and palm trees in the background

Courtesy of Bay Bistro

QRV5+MXF, Princess Dr, The Bight Settlement TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-946-5396

Bay Bistro is another elegant (and romantic) option for dining beneath the palms of Providenciales—although this time, your meal will also overlook the Caribbean Sea. Order the Caicos grilled lobster if it’s in season, and the Key lime pie is well worth the indulgence any time of year. Other delectable options include the Grace Bay grouper (which is as local as its name implies) and the local snapper sandwich. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and time your seating to catch the sunset.

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Triple J's Grill

FFV8+HGC, Hillgrove St, Cockburn Harbour TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-343-7844

While there are plenty of high-end restaurants in Turks and Caicos—the archipelago is a haven for luxury travelers—there’s no shortage of laid-back island vibes to be found, either. Head to Triple J’s Grill in Cockburn Harbor, on the sleepy island of South Caicos, for some jerk chicken and callaloo (a traditional Caribbean vegetable dish). Even in this casual setting, the string lights hanging from the trees add a splash of romantic ambiance as you dine beneath the stars.

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The Great House

covered patio restaurant seating with a coastline in the distance

Courtesy of Sailrock Resort

Front St, Cockburn TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-946-3777

The Great House Restaurant & Bar certainly lives up to its name. Situated atop a hill at the luxury Sailrock Resort in South Caicos, the eatery offers 360-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caicos Bank that are simply breathtaking—especially at sunset. The setting alone is worth planning a trip for, but the fine dining doesn't disappoint, either. With a seasonally changing menu that highlights fresh produce and the catch of the day, dishes like snapper Crudo, citrus-marinated grilled tuna, and stuffed beef tenderloin may find their way onto your plate.

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Bugaloo's Conch Crawl

Exterior of restaurant with bright pink and blue accents. There are two palm tree partially obscuring the restaurant

Courtesy of Bugaloo's

Five Cays Rd, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-941-3863

Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl, located on the island of Providenciales, is, simply put, a dream. From its neon pink walls to its collection of outdoor seating between the palms to its magnificent white-sand beach, this restaurant has everything you’re looking for on a tropical vacation. After checking out the specialty cigars, embark on a conch crawl by ordering from a menu of conch-heavy appetizers (we recommend “the Best Conch Salad in Provo”—bold words, certainly, but we doubt anyone would challenge the veracity of the statement after ordering the dish for themselves). If you want to try something different, Bugaloo's also offers a selection of grilled and fried seafood (the coconut shrimp is a house favorite), plus fried chicken and burgers.

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Provence by Eric

Shelled lobster tail with garnishes on a dark plate

Courtesy of Provence by Eric

QRW8+4X4, Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-339-2233

The culinary artistry of the chefs at Provence is always available for guests to appreciate, as visitors are allowed to enter the open kitchen and watch the masters at work by reserving a 14-seat Chef’s Table. As you may have guessed by the restaurant’s name, the menu brings a bit of Europe to the West Indies, and Chef Eric is dedicated in particular to the flavors of Italy and France. Provence doesn’t offer the type of food one usually expects in the tropics—open-face caramelized butternut squash ravioli and Mediterranean sushi rolls have been on offer in the past—so if you’re in the mood for something a little different (and a little fancy), this is a perfect choice.

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Mango Reef

TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-946-8200

Mango Reef is ideal for a night out, a date night, private parties, or to toast the end of your vacation. The waterfront setting is divine at Turtle Cove Marina, especially at sunset, and the food is just as magnificent. Arriving for dinner is ideal as the evening menu offers Mango Reef’s most diverse and delicious offerings. We suggest ordering grilled lobster tails, a specialty in Turks and Caicos, or blackened Tiger shrimp with some homemade ice cream for dessert. The best part? This waterfront paradise only becomes more enticing as the night goes on, so expect to find yourself hanging back for just one more round well after you’ve signed your bill to go home. It would be a shame to leave when there’s such an extensive wine menu just waiting to be explored.

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The Sandbar Restaurant

white sand beach with a restaurant and beach chairs

Courtesy of The Sandbar

FV63+96J, Duke St, Cockburn Town TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-243-2666

This beachfront oasis in the historic Manta House is one of the best places for sampling traditional Caribbean cuisine. Open Sunday through Friday, The Sandbar Restaurant offers everything from freshly caught grouper, lobster, and mahi-mahi to ribs with island-style peas and rice. After you've had your fill, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, or horseback riding if you so desire—but we wouldn't blame you if the idyllic setting makes you want to sit back and watch the sunset with a rum punch or a cold bottle of Turk’s Head beer.

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Hemingway's On the Beach

outdoor seating at dush with large umbrellas

Courtesy of The Sands at Grace Bay

The Sands Resort, Providenciales TKCA 1ZZ, Turks and Caicos Islands
Phone +1 649-941-8408

We like to think that Ernest Hemingway would approve of this Grace Bay institution where the rum is generously poured and the breakfast menu features Huevos Rancheros La Tequila, a favorite of "The Sun Also Rises" author. Hemingway's is located at The Sands at Grace Bay, a luxury resort overlooking the island’s iconic white-sand beach. Our favorite item on the menu? The Conch Trio, which comes equipped with conch fritters, conch salad, and cracked conch. It's perfect for travelers unsure whether they want their mollusk deep-fried or tossed with healthy greens—and there’s no such thing as too much conch in Turks and Caicos.


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The Cove Restaurant

Light-colored wooden outdoor dining tables with blue umbrellas and the ocean in the background

Courtesy of Sailrock Resort

The Cove Restaurant and Beach Bar overlooks the Caicos Bank on the blissfully secluded island of South Caicos. Like The Great House Restaurant & Bar, it is part of Sailrock Resort—and even if you aren’t staying at the luxury property as an overnight guest, the journey for a seaside lunch is well worth the trip. South Caicos is the island that’s considered the fishing capital of the entire Turks and Caicos archipelago, so your order should reflect your location. The menu changes frequently, but you can expect such dishes as fish and chips, local fish ceviche, and—you guessed it—conch served three ways.

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The 12 Best Restaurants in Turks and Caicos