The 10 Best Restaurants in the Cinque Terre

People dining in an outdoor restaurant with a view of the sea, Vernazza, Italy

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As with a trip to virtually anywhere in Italy, one of the great joys of a journey to the Cinque Terre is eating out. Dining on ultra-fresh fish and seafood from the Ligurian Sea and produce grown in the terraced hills around the five picturesque towns, and drinking local wines from the vineyards that frame the villages—these are Cinque Terre experiences not to be missed.

Combine those premium ingredients with the setting of a cozy trattoria or an outdoor restaurant with a spectacular sea view, and you'll see why so many people recall the Cinque Terre as one of their favorite places in Italy.

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Nessun Dorma

Terrace dining at Nessun Dorma, with view of Manarola

Courtesy of Nessun Dorma

Località Punta Bonfiglio, 19017 Manarola SP, Italy
Phone +39 340 888 4133

"No pasta or pizza" is the disclaimer of this beloved seaside eatery in Manarola. Instead, Nessun Dorma serves up plates of appetizers (antipasti in Italian) accompanied by local wine or refreshing cocktails and a million-dollar view. The location just above the Manarola scenic viewpoint means walkers can stop in for a quick drink and a snack, or linger and make a meal out of several small plates. They don't take reservations, so get there in plenty of time if you want the best view for sunset.

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Ristorante Miky

Artfully plated dessert at Ristorante Miky, Monterosso al Mare

Courtesy of Ristorante Miky

Via Fegina, 104, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 817608

A lot of Cinque Terre restaurants satisfy guests with heaping plates of seafood, served fried, sauteed, or part of a pasta dish. At Ristorante Miky, a long-standing favorite right on Monterosso's busy seafront promenade, the focus is on refined, artfully prepared small plates of the best of the bounty of the Cinque Terre. Snag a table on the shaded front patio and watch the world go by, Monterosso-style.

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Trattoria dal Billy

Man standing at the back of a small restaurant with photographs on the wall

Courtesy Trattoria dal Billy

Via A. Rollandi, 122, 19017 Manarola SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 920628

Homey Trattoria dal Billy is delightfully perched atop a flight of stairs at the very top of Manarola—meaning near vertigo-inducing views from one of its terraces or window seats. Fans flock to this unassuming restaurant for well-priced, well-prepared, and generous portions of just-caught seafood. Points go to the friendly staff as well. Be sure to call ahead for a table at lunch or dinner.

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Rio Bistrot

Table on a pation with views of busy harbor in riomaggiore, cinque terre

 Courtesy of Rio Bistrot

19017 Riomaggiore, SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 920616

With a rustic interior of stone and recycled wood and a beachy feel, Rio Bistrot is a fine choice for a lunch or dinner of stylishly presented seafood entrees and appetizers. Sure, it's touristy, but this is the Cinque Terre. Try to snag a patio table for a view of Riomaggiore's busy harbor. For a worthy splurge, try a tasting menu with wine pairings and sample a wide range of the restaurant's offerings.

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Osteria A Cantina De Mananan

Exterior of Osteria A Cantina De Mananan - Corniglia

Courtesy of Osteria A Cantina De Mananan 

Via Fieschi, 117, 19018 Corniglia SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 821166

Many travelers to the Cinque Terre pass right through tiny Corniglia or worse yet—they skip it altogether. They're missing out on the town's charm, as well as a chance to eat at cozy, cramped Osteria A Cantina De Mananan. Simple, hearty seafood and land-based dishes are on the menu here, and the pesto comes highly recommended.

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L’Ancora della Tortuga

Outdoor table on an elevated patio at L’Ancora della Tortuga

Courtest of L’Ancora della Tortuga

Salita Frati Cappuccini, 4, 19016 Monterosso al mare SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 800065

Perched over the sea and carved into the cliffside of Monterosso, settings don't come much more romantic than L'Ancora della Tortuga. There are sea views from both the nautically-themed dining room and the outdoor patio. Fans rave about land- and sea-based specialties and the desserts that are delicious works of art.

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Fornaio di Monterosso

Pizza and wine at Il Fornaio di Monterosso

Courtes of Il Fornaio di Monterosso

Via Fegina, 112, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP, Italy
Phone +39 0187 817420

Close to the train station in the new section of Monterosso al Mare, this simple bakery and pizzeria can keep you going from morning to night. Cappucino and cornetto (the Italian version of a croissant) along with other baked goods are served warm from the oven in the morning. At lunchtime, it's panini and pizza by the slice. After 6 p.m., come in for pizzas made to order in a wood-fired oven.

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Il Pescato Cucinato

Cup of fried seafood at Il Pescato Cucinato

Courtesy of Il Pescato Cucinato

Via Colombo, 199, 19017 Riomaggiore SP, Italy
Phone +39 339 262 4815

When you're hungry but don't want to sit down for a formal meal, head to this simple takeaway joint on Via Colombo, Riomaggiore's main drag, for a paper cone full of freshly fish and seafood. Don't skip the anchovies! Add an order of fries and you've got a tasty meal to go, and one that is emblematic of the Cinque Terre. Vegetarians will find a few options here, too.

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A Pie’ de Ma’

Woman sitting at a table in a restaurant terrace looking at the cliffs and waters of riomaggiore

Courtesy of A Pié de Ma

Via dell'Amore, 55, 19017 Riomaggiore SP, Italy

Set just above the train station in Riomaggiore with a fantastic view of the sea below, this friendly bar fits the bill for a quick glass of wine, or for a longer sojourn for snacks and wine tasting or a sit-down meal in their restaurant. The menu features salads and antipasti plates, while the restaurant has a short, satisfying menu of pastas, seafood, and meat.

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Gelateria Vernazza

A cooler full of different ice cream flavors at Gelateria Vernazza

Courtesy of Gelateria Vernazza 

Via Roma, 13, 19018 Vernazza SP, Italy

For a mid-afternoon (or mid-morning—we won't tell) pick-me-up or a tasty finish to dinner, head to Gelateria Vernazza, widely regarded as the best artisanal gelato in the Cinque Terre. If you're feeling daring, try chocolate and wasabi or chocolate and basil flavor, or stick to the familiar classics. No matter what you choose, it will be delicious.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in the Cinque Terre