The 10 Best Restaurants in Seychelles

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The Seychelles islands are home to pristine, white sandy beaches and a bevy of five-star resorts offering plenty of things to do in the Seychelles. The islands are famous for relaxation and romance, and there's a variety of great dining to be had while you island hop around this tranquil paradise. Seychelles restaurants serve everything from fresh seafood to Italian and Creole cuisine. This guide will help you decide on the right restaurant for your culinary needs.

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Best Seafood: Les Rochers

Two people toasting wine glasses with water and a rock formation in the background

Courtesy of Les Rochers

Grosse Roche, St Sauveur, MP2H+85J, Grand Anse, Seychelles
Phone +248 2 514 034

Les Rochers restaurant on Praslin Island is known for serving the best fresh seafood in the region. The team behind the restaurant is dedicated to offering the best seafood selections from grilled prawns to an array of freshly caught fish seasoned with creole spices. Pair your delicious meal with a glass of sparkling wine, a finely mixed cocktail, or a cold soft drink. Its location perched atop massive rocks overlooking the beach makes it a fantastic setting for a honeymoon dining escape.  

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Best Italian: La Scala

La Scala Restaurant Seychelles

Courtesy of La Scala Restaurant

9CJ3+5P5, Bel Ombre, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 247 535

La Scala Restaurant in the capital city of Victoria offers stunning views overlooking the ocean. The great views and upscale menu make this a great choice for those visitors looking for a romantic fine dining experience in the Seychelles. The staff are known for providing excellent service. In addition to Italian classics such as freshly-made pizza and pasta, the chef also serves traditional creole food such as seafood curry and a selection of grilled fish.

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Best Local Cuisine: Marie Antoinette

Dining room in Marie Antoinette Restaurant

Courtesy of Marie Antoinette Restaurant

Serret Rd, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 266 222

Marie Antoinette restaurant, also in Victoria, is a popular dining establishment amongst locals and tourists. As one of the oldest restaurants in the Seychelles, it offers traditional Seychellois creole food which is a fusion of Asian, African, and French cuisines. Popular dishes include grilled red snapper in a yellow curry sauce, sweet and sour tuna steak, and small eggplant fritters. Diners can enjoy the relaxing setting and classical charm of the decor.

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Best Fine-Dining: Chateau de Feuilles

hand placing a garnish on a plater at Chateau de Feuilles, Seychelles

Courtesy of Chateau de Feuilles

Pointe Cabris Baie Ste Anne PRASLIN, Baie Ste Anne, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 290 000

Chateau de Feuilles on Praslin is one of the best fine dining restaurants in the country. It offers stunning views of the ocean and a fantastic mix of international and local dishes for diners to enjoy. The restaurant even makes dishes using its own on-site organic garden. Unique dishes available include roasted Seychelles giraffe crab, octopus creole curry with coconut milk, and fish aiguillettes with passion fruit sauce and saffron rice. They also offer a grand selection of vintage wines, cocktails, and beverages.

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Best Thai: Saffron Restaurant

mango sticky rice in a deep teal dish with a lid on a large leaf

Courtesy of Saffron Restaurant

Located in Banyan Tree Seychelles which sits on the southwestern coastline of Mahe is Saffron Restaurant, an authentic Thai dining establishment. Visitors can enjoy the traditional Thai customs that the Banyan Tree brand offers, in addition to a serene setting and rustic furnishings. Saffron offers a wide selection of spices and tastes in its Southeast Asian dishes including Massaman Nua, a southern-style braised beef curry, with mango sticky rice for dessert.

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Best Ambiance: The Island Trader

Dining room overlooking the beach at the Island trader restaurant.

Courtesy of Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel

The Island Trader is a popular restaurant at the Coral Strand Hotel located in the north of Mahe. Visitors can enjoy incredible views of the Indian Ocean in a bright dining room with large windows. The high ceilings also add a nice dramatic flair. Diners will also be treated to immaculate views of North Island and Silhouette Island in the distance. Delicious daily buffets are available including a Mediterranean night on Mondays, a BBQ buffet on Wednesdays, and a fisherman’s feast of seafood on Thursdays.

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Best Pizzeria: Baobab Pizzeria

Exterior view of Baobab Pizzeria, Seychelles

Courtesy of Baobab Pizzeria

N Coast Rd, Mare Anglaise, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 247 167

Baobab Pizzeria is a popular family-run restaurant at Beau Vallon beach in Mahe that's been in business for over 40 years. Tourists can smell the freshly baked pizza—cooked in wooden ovens that use local wood—across the beach. In addition to pizza, they serve local and international dishes like fish, spaghetti, and pasta. You can wash down your food with a locally brewed Seybrew beer or soft drinks. Being located just steps away from the beach is a plus, as well as feeling as if you’re dining right on the beach due to the restaurant's sandy floor and gleaming white interiors.

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Best Casual Dining: Bravo Restaurant

Skewer of shrimp hanging over a plate of french fries at Bravo Restaurant, Seychelles with sailboats in the background

Courtesy of Bravo Restaurant

Eden House, Eden Island, Mahé, Seychelles, 9F5G+H56, Providence, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 346 020

Bravo Restaurant located on Eden Island offers a trendy alfresco casual dining experience with a stunning view of the island's marina. It’s a great choice for an affordable dining experience that still offers attentive friendly service. The relaxed setting is perfect for enjoying a range of dishes from seafood platters and sushi to traditional creole-style grilled octopus.

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Best Buffet: Les Lauriers

Coffee mugs, plates of fruit, and a bread basket on a wooden table outside at Les Lauriers, Seychelles

Courtesy of Les Lauriers

Cote D'Or Esplanade, Anse Volbert, Seychelles
Phone +248 4 297 900

Les Lauriers Eco Hotel is home to one of the best creole buffets throughout the Seychelles. The hotel and restaurant are operated by a dynamic duo married couple and offers top notch service and quality food. Widely loved dishes offered at the buffet include red snapper, jobfish, and tasty creole salads. For tourists visiting during New Years, it is a popular celebration spot offering fantastic buffet selections. There is also a wide selection of delicious treats on offer for dessert as part of the buffet from cakes to mousse chocolate and ice cream.

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Best Fusion: 5 Spices Restaurant

5 Spices Restaurant, Seychelles

Photo Courtesy of 5 Spices Restaurant, Seychelles

Set in the idyllic setting of Baie Lazare is 5 Spices Restaurant, an upscale dining establishment featuring a fantastic selection of fusion foods. Dishes are inspired by the tasty flavors of traditional creole cuisine in addition to international cuisines like Italian and Japanese. Menu offerings include grilled lamb chops, octopus curry, jobfish tempura, and so much more. Additionally, an extraordinary sushi menu is available. Top off your meal with a grand selection of desserts including orange-flavored creme brulee as well as a tantalizing chestnut and croquant parfait.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Seychelles