The 8 Best Restaurants in Nassau

Colorful sign advertising a fish fry at Curly's restaurant in the bahamas with picture of beer on it.

Courtesy of Nassau Paradise Island


Much has been said about the natural beauty of the Bahamas, but less is known about its flourishing culinary scene. Luckily, there’s no shortage of delectable dining establishments for travelers to enjoy throughout the capital city of Nassau. From which restaurant to frequent in Arawak Cay for the Friday night Fish Fry to where to find the best Greek food in the Bahamas, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the top 8 restaurants to visit in Nassau.

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Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant

Blue pool with small dining tables on the pool deck. There are a lot of palm trees surrounding the deck and right next to the pool

Courtesy of Graycliff Hotel 

W Hill St, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-302-9150

A trip to Nassau is incomplete without a visit to Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant, a historic pink establishment that could almost rival the Government House in its splendor. Opt for a slice at the Giotto Pizzeria, or head across the street for a wine tasting. The Junkanoo-inspired colorful architecture is adorned with classic Bahamian slang (example: “cheer up” is “fix ya face”), making for both an amusing and an educational excursion. Visit around New Year’s Eve to observe the splendor of a Christmas tree made out of champagne bottles.

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Frankie Gone Bananas

Salad with kale and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, mango, onion, and thinly sliced peppers. the salad is on a rectangular plate on a metal stand

Courtesy of Frankie Gone Bananas 

Frankie Gone Bananas is a Bahamian classic, and there’s no better time to visit than during the bustling Friday night Fish Fry. It’s on the eastern end of the Arawak Cay Fish Fry. Order the Coconut ‘n Kalik Soup, cracked conch, and fresh lobster tail if you're interested in trying some seafood. Though, of course, they also have many signature Bahamian staples, including macaroni and cheese, and fried plantains. If you loved your first meal enough to return, but are craving a different venue, you’re in luck:  there is now another outpost at Marina Village in Atlantis.

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Bahamian Cookin' Restaurant

Parliament Street, Downtown, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-328-0334

Speaking of conch, Bahamian Cookin’ Restaurant in Trinity Place is a must-visit if you want an authentic taste of the Bahamian culinary tradition. The first stop on the Tru Bahamian Food Tour, this hidden gem is unassuming on the outside, but the expertise of the kitchen staff is made apparent the moment you walk in and are greeted with the smells of Caribbean home-cooking: macaroni and cheese, peas and rice, and, of course, conch. Venture off the beaten path for a lunchtime excursion into the heart of Nassau, you won’t regret it. 

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Sip Sip at the Cove

Wooden bar with high chairs, facing the white sand and blue waters in nassau. There is a long palm tree on the beach

 Courtesy of Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas

After visiting Frankie's Atlantis location head over to the Cove and grab a meal or a drink at Sip Sip. This Sip Sip is an outpost; the very popular original location is on in Harbour Island, one of the Bahamian out islands. Order a sky juice, their signature drink, at the Sip Sip in Atlantis

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Café Matisse

Light tan building with a small, white statue in front of the entryway. There's a blue, curved awning over the entrance that reads "Café Matisse"

 Courtesy of Café Matisse

Bank Lane, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-356-7012

Looking for a taste of Europe in the Caribbean? Look no further than Café Matisse, which serves Italian cuisine in a century-old building adorned with prints from the restaurant’s namesake artist. Located in downtown Nassau, this is a perfect option for a date night where you can dine beneath the stars on the lush veranda.

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Athena Cafe

Downtown Nassau, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-326-1296

Greek might not be the first cuisine that comes to mind when you think of the Bahamas, but you’re in for a surprise at Athena Cafe, one of the oldest restaurants in Nassau. And that won’t be your first: You might be confused to see a line coming out of a jewelry store on the corner of Charlotte and Bay, but don’t worry—it’s just the line to enter the restaurant. Expect a wait any time of day, and after one meal, you’ll find out why.

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Poop Deck

Conch salad in a white bowl with a slice of orange and two lime wedges

 Courtesy of The Poop Deck

West Bay St, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-327-3325

Don’t be discouraged by the restaurant’s name: the ambiance at the Poop Deck is far more elegant than its moniker suggests. There are two establishments in New Providence: East Bay and Sandy Port (you have to call directly for a reservation at Sandy Port). We recommend getting there early before the sunrise at Sandy Port to enjoy a Bahama Papa before dinner. The Bahama Papa cocktail is exactly like a Bahama Mama, only with more alcohol, so be mindful of how many you drink.

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Wild Thyme

Royal blue building with a white exterior staircase and white fencing. There are two potted palm trees on either side of the door.

Courtesy of Wild Thyme 

33 E Bay St, Nassau, The Bahamas
Phone +1 242-393-4107

The sophisticated Wild Thyme restaurant in East Bay, recently reopened and is now accepting reservations. While the building looks a bit different, the food is as delicious as ever. We recommend the Spiced Chicken Wings with the Chef’s Signature Goat and Guava Hot Sauce, which is just as delicious as it sounds. As with most restaurants in the Bahamas, the conch fritters are delectable here as well.

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The 8 Best Restaurants in Nassau