The 10 Best Restaurants in Milan

Dining in front of the Duomo at night, Milan

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With its role as a center for global fashion and as the country's hub for banking and finance, Milan, Italy, has an international flair, more so, perhaps, than any other Italian city. This is reflected in its cuisine, which is a mix of traditional recipes from its surrounding region of Lombardy, influences from the rest of Europe, and the flavors of its strong Asian community. So whether you want tradition, innovation, or a break from pasta and pizza, Milan has the restaurants for you.

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Trippa Trattoria

Trippa Trattoria Milano

Courtesy of Trippa Trattoria Milano 

Via Giorgio Vasari, 1, 20135 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 327 668 7908

Tradition meets innovation at Trippa, a cozy trattoria with an old-school vibe but imaginative takes on typical Milanese fare. As the name suggests, trippa, or tripe, is a star of the menu here, as are dishes made of other spare animal parts. Diners who aren't fans of offal will still find plenty of choices here, and the waitstaff is happy to translate the menu and offer their suggestions for both food and wine. The bone marrow comes highly recommended. Advance reservations are almost always necessary.

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EXIT Gastronomia Urbana

Enclosed patio at Exit Milano

Courtesy of Exit Milano 

Piazza Erculea, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 3599 9080

With its open kitchen, rustic-chic decor, a location near the Duomo, and a menu that combines familiar Milanese favorites with international influences and ingredients, Exit has won a large following among young professionals. From breakfast to happy hour, expect bright, fresh entrees, appetizers, and cocktails—and surprisingly reasonable prices. The menu offers a range of meat, fish and vegetarian items, all creatively executed and plated. Reserve ahead.

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La Prosciutteria

A loaded tray of antipasti from La Prosciutteria

Courtesy of La Prosciutteria Milano

Corso Garibaldi, 55, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 8901 0390

This import from Florence specializes in taglieri—heaping appetizers of cured meat, cheese, olives, bruschetta, and more served on wooden cutting boards. It's the kind of eating that's perfect for casual sharing among friends, and there's no place in Milan better than La Prosciutteria for warmth, conviviality, and high-quality products. Its canal front location in Navigli means there's great people-watching all night long. Come for aperitivo, and it just might wind up turning into dinner.

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Al Cortile

Al Fresco dining at Al Cortile, Milano

 Courtesy of Al Cortile

Via Giovenale, 7, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

In the decidedly untouristy Ticenese neighborhood and difficult to find in a former warehouse complex, Al Cortile is a sweet surprise, with eclectic decor and lovely courtyard dining. The menu offers a mix of seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetarian dishes, some prepared with a hint of an Asian influence, such as beef cheek served with truffled mashed potatoes and bok choi. The mix of comfort food and refined cuisine keeps a loyal following of Milanese—and the lucky tourists who find the place—coming back.

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Bar Luce

Bartenders at Bar Luce

DesignerToparchitect/CC BY 4.0

L.go Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 5681 4858

If Bar Luce seems to evoke a quirky, vintage movie set, there's a reason for that—the interiors were designed by the master of quirk himself, auteur filmmaker Wes Anderson. The coffee bar is part of the Fondazione Prada, near the Porta Romana train station just outside the city. Apart from the whimsical 1950s-inspired decor, which includes vintage pinball machines, a soda counter, and mid-century furnishings, the coffees, pastries, sandwiches, and desserts are worth the hike out of town. In combination with a visit to the changing exhibits of the Prada Foundation, this is a delightful spot to while away a few hours, far from the tourist crowds.

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Peck Milano storefront

anouchka / Getty Images

Via Spadari, 9, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 802 3161

To call Peck a gourmet grocery store is kind of like calling the Colosseum a sports arena—it doesn't quite do it justice. Instead, Peck refers to itself as an "Italian Temple of Gastronomical Delights"—and that gives you a much better idea of what's in store, ranging from meticulously curated meats, cheeses, olives, bread, pasta, truffles, desserts ad infinitum, and a dazzling produce section. Go here for unique gifts to take home or for the makings of an unforgettable picnic, but remember, prices can add up quickly. The on-site restaurant is a culinary splurge.

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Panzerotti Luini

Luini Panzerotti

matthewreid/Creative Commons

Via Santa Radegonda, 16, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 8646 1917

It's not slumming when the street food is this good. Luini has one specialty: pan-sized panzerotti, which are small pizzas stuffed with your choice of fillings. folded over and deep-fried. Different from large, heavy baked calzones, feather-light panzerotti are snack-sized, meaning you can try two or three at a time. Luini has been frying them up since 1888, so suffice to say, they've got the hang of it. Sweet and savory versions are available. Don't be surprised to find a line stretching out the door.

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Cascina Cuccagna

Patio dining at Cascina Cuccagna

Courtesy of Cascina Cuccagna

Via Privata Cuccagna, 2/4, 20135 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 8342 1007

Farm-to-table cuisine is all the rage, but few places offer farm-to-table cuisine in a real farmhouse, especially within the limits of a major city. Cascina Cuccagna occupies an 18th-century house and farmette tucked amid the post-war buildings of the Porta Romana district. Today, there's a simple eatery with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, plus a cooking school, a florist, and a bike repair shop. The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. only.

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Atmosfera tram restaurant on the streets of Milan

Dimitris Kamaras/CC BY 2.0

Piazza Castello, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 4860 7607

Book well in advance for what is quite possibly the most unique dining experience in Milan. In two vintage tramcars, ATMosfera offers multi-course brunches or dinners as it transports guests past Milan's most famous monuments. There's a lot of gimmicks here, and it would be easy for the experience to overshadow the food—but ATMosfera delivers on both fronts. Trams depart from in front of Castello Sforzesco for the 2.5-hour experience. The ride is especially thrilling and romantic after dark.

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The Meatball Family

The Meatball Family

Courtesy of The Meatball Family

Via Vigevano, 20, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
Phone +39 02 4547 1809

The Meatball Family does not attempt to masquerade as a fine dining establishment. Instead, this campy, loud, kid-friendly joint knows just what it is—a place to go for tasty, filling meals built around—you guessed it—meatballs. Its original location at Via Vigevano 20 bills itself as an "American-style" eatery and there are two other locations in the city, plus three street food trucks on the prowl. Surprisingly, given the name, there are great vegan options here.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Milan