The 10 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, is arguably the best place in the country for foodies. Sure, you can find authentic and regionally diverse Nepali classics in small villages and teahouse treks—but Kathmandu is where domestic and international influences combine, with some great results. Whether you're after a hearty meal of dal bhat (Nepal's staple rice and lentil curry) or some top-notch international fare, you can find it in Kathmandu.

The neighborhoods of Thamel, Jhamsikhel, and Lazimpat—as well as the area surrounding Boudhanath Stupa—have the greatest concentration of restaurants, although some of the top choices listed below can be found elsewhere in the city. An important thing to keep in mind when dining out in Kathmandu: It's generally a very early-to-bed city. With the exception of a few nightclubs in Thamel, most places will shut down by 9 p.m. Aim to have dinner around 7 or 8 p.m.

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Chez Caroline

Chez Caroline

Facebook / Chez Caroline

Tanka Prasad Ghumti Sadak, काठमाडौँ 44600, Nepal
Phone +977 1-4263070

Chez Caroline has been serving top-notch French cuisine in the renovated old palace of Babar Mahal since 1997, and French ex-pats have been flocking here ever since. The weekend brunches are famous, thanks to fresh baguettes and jams, cooked eggs, and plunger coffee in a relaxed courtyard seating. However, you can't go wrong with the à la carte lunches, dinners, or desserts, either. Once you've finished your leisurely meal, browse the nearby boutiques and art galleries within the Babar Mahal complex, which is one of Kathmandu's most upmarket shopping destinations. Note that the waiters speak English, Nepal, and French.

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OR2K Restaurants

Facebook / OR2K Restaurants

Vegetarians won't have much trouble finding good food in Kathmandu, but OR2K makes the search even easier. They serve not just Nepali cuisine, but also European-style food and Israeli and Middle Eastern classics. The hummus platters and shakshuka eggs are especially hearty. Travel tip: If you have a chance to go to their Pokhara outpost, do: It has floor-to-ceiling windows and lake views, so it's highly worth visiting when you're in town.

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The Bakery Cafe

With several locations around the city, The Bakery Cafe is a social enterprise that employs deaf Nepalis who might otherwise struggle to find work in Kathmandu. There are signs on the tables asking you to write down your order so the waitstaff can help you. As well as being a good cause, The Bakery Cafe is partially responsible for introducing fast casual-type food to Kathmandu—although don't expect the burgers and fries to be that fast, as they're all made fresh. In addition to burgers, sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes, The Bakery Cafe serves Nepali favorites like thukpa noodle soup and momos.

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Taza Treats

Taza Treats

Facebook / Taza Treats

Bakhondole, City View Apartment, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal
Phone +977 986-0960177

The first Syrian restaurant in the Kathmandu Valley, Taza Treats specializes in sweets and savory snacks from the Middle East—think baklava, fatayers, zaatar, suksseh, and warbats. While they have an outpost at Labim Mall, head to their original location in Pulchowk, where you can enjoy sit-down service.

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Jhamsikhel Road, Lalitpur 44700, Nepal
Phone +977 1-5421027

Kathmandu is home to a number of great Japanese restaurants, despite the apparent difficulty of getting fresh fish in a landlocked nation far from any coastline. DanRan, on Lalitpur's "Restaurant Road," is an authentic place to relax with a bento box. The outdoor patio seating is shady in the summer, and the indoor areas are authentically Japanese, with cushions on the floor, tatami mats, and paper screens.

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The Village Cafe

Lalitpur 44601, Nepal
Phone +977 984-2425127

Another great social enterprise, The Village Cafe on Pulchowk Road employs women mainly from the Newari ethnic community. Shop all kinds of handicrafts in the Sabah Nepal store downstairs before heading upstairs to dine indoors or on the patio. This is one of the few sit-down restaurants in Kathmandu offering Newari cuisine, which is distinct from Nepali—it's heavy on meat and can be very hot with chilis. Menu items include bara, yomari, chatamari, and samaye baji. Don't expect fast service here, but it's good for a leisurely lunch while on this side of town.

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Le Sherpa

Le Sherpa

Facebook / Le Sherpa

Le Sherpa Farmers Market (Opposite of President's House, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Phone +977 1-4428604

Le Sherpa is an institution in the Lazimpat area of Kathmandu, where many foreign embassies are located. The fine-dining restaurant serves high-end international cuisine inspired by French and Italian fare, made with fresh ingredients sourced from local purveyors or grown on-site. A farmers market takes place on Saturday mornings and is the place to go for organic fruit and vegetables, European-style cheese, and other artisan foodstuffs.

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Dhokaima Cafe

M8HC+69R, Patandhoka Road, Lalitpur 44700, Nepal
Phone +977 1-5522113

Sheltered behind the red brick walls of the Yala Maya Kendra function complex at Patan Dhoka, Dhokaima Cafe has pleasant outdoor seating in a leafy courtyard. Highlights of the fusion menu include tandoori chicken sandwiches, paneer sheesh kababs, rich chocolate brownies, and the best Irish coffees east of Dublin. Come here for an early evening drink and sample their cocktail menu, which features interesting concoctions such as the "Nepatini." It's a convenient chill-out spot when exploring around Patan, and there are always fresh copies of "The Nepali Times" lying around, as the offices of the English-language newspaper are right next door.

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Of Silk and Salt

Swotha Rd, Lalitpur 44600, Nepal
Phone +977 980-3974436

Of Silk and Salt, down a side street near Swotha Square in Patan's Old Town area, is a restaurant, guesthouse, and craft store all in one. Run by a well-traveled French couple, the restaurant serves food inspired by the cultures and cuisines along the fabled Silk Route, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia to Nepal. After indulging in bites like Persian saffron chicken and beetroot falafel, shop the store for high-quality homewares and clothing made from upcycled fabric.

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The Dwarika's Hotel

Facebook / The Dwarika's Hotel

Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

If you're looking for high-end Nepali cuisine with plenty of regional variations, you can't beat Krishnarpan in the five-star Dwarika's Hotel. The décor, serving plates, waitstaff uniforms, and the food itself reflect Nepal's regional diversity, from the plains of the Terai to the high Himalaya mountains. Meals range from six to twenty courses, so come with an empty stomach, although each is of a modest size so you don't get too full.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal