2 Best Restaurants in India Included in the World Top 100

Mode Media's Foodie Top 100 Restaurants of the World

Indian Accent
Indian Accent  

If Mode (formerly Glam) Media's 2016 list of the Foodie Top 100 Restaurants of the World is anything to go by (and it does have credibility according to India's famous food critic Vir Sanghvi), India is a noteworthy destination for foodies.

Two Indian restaurants have been included on the list (dropped down from three in 2015). It's quite an achievement, as nearly 70% of the list is made up of restaurants from Japan, France, and the US. (For the record, Australia only has one restaurant on the list, as does Singapore, Thailand, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden).

The Foodie Top 100 list aims to provide an alternative to Michelin's restaurant ratings -- one that's authoritative, and not trendy or controversial. The restaurants on the list were nominated and selected by a panel of heavyweight food critics from around the world.

So, which restaurants are they?

Bukhara comes as no surprise, as it's the world's most famous Indian restaurant. It's renowned for its rustic atmosphere, open fronted kitchen, and delectable Northwest Frontier tandoori cuisine. The likes of US presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have dined there.

Indian Accent has been labeled by Vir Sanghvi as the "cuisine phenomenon of the decade". It's a small-hard-to-find restaurant in Delhi's Friends Colony, headed by widely respected modern Indian chef Manish Mehrotra. The cuisine is contemporary modern Indian.

Karavalli, at the Taj Gateway Hotel in Bangalore, unfortunately dropped off the list in 2016. This is very disappointing. It's a hugely influential seafood restaurant, and one of Bangalore's iconic restaurants, that's finally getting global recognition. The specialty is coastal Indian cuisine served on banana leaf.

Other Top Restaurants in India

Although these three restaurants made it to the global list of the world's 100 best, there's also a regional list of the best restaurants in each country. In addition to Bukhara and Indian Accent, the Indian restaurants included on this list are:

Notably, many of these top restaurants belong to the Taj hotel group.

The plentiful number of Indian restaurants indicates that outside of Japan, India has the best restaurants in Asia!

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