The 10 Best Restaurants in Asuncion, Paraguay

Basket of fried breads, fritters and yucca

Courtesy of Talleyrand

Asuncion’s one of the top places in Paraguay to try traditional dishes, fusion cuisine, and authentic international fare. The neighborhoods of Villa Mora and San Roque boast some of the country’s best restaurants like Lido Bar, El Bolsi, and Pakuri, while others (like Lo de Osvaldo and Talleyrand)
can be found in some of city's the premier shopping malls. Steakhouses, neighborhood bars, and a burgeoning specialty coffee scene make up the culinary landscape of the city, as well as local diners and Spanish paella houses. Expect hearty portions, moderate to low price tags, and playful creativity as chefs are currently creating and defining what Contemporary Paraguayan cuisine actually is.

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Lido Bar

Fried tortilla on a plate with a dinner roll

Courtesy of Lido Bar

Paraguayo Independiente, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 21 446 171

A neighborhood bar turned Asuncion institution, Lido Bar doles out large portions of Paraguayan comfort food alongside cold bottles of Pilsen beer. Come for the suribí soup and cassava empanadas, stay for the enthusiastic crowd watching local soccer games on the TV. Though there’s a second location in Villa Mora, the original can be found on the corner of La Palma and Chile Streets. Other worthwhile menu items include the suribí balls (giant fish balls with mashed potatoes), vori vori (a vegetable broth-based soup with chicken and cheesy cornballs), and milanesas that are bigger than your face.

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restaurant table with fried paraguyan appetizers like fried yucca

Courtesy of Pakuri

Eusebio Lillo 902 esq. Infante Rivarola Asunción, Asunción 1849, Paraguay
Phone +595 983 635727

Plates coming out of the kitchen at Pakuri look more like impressionist paintings than dinner entrees: gluten-free pasta awash in bright green pesto, pork ribs sprinkled with chives and pieces of pale pink guava, yogurt mousse topped with bright yellow tangerine granite. Made of repurposed shipping containers and started by a husband-wife chef-sommelier dream team, the Villa Mora eatery serves contemporary Paraguayan cuisine with craft cocktails and wines. Employing indigenous cooking techniques by way of the tatakua oven out back, the goal of the restaurant is to raise awareness of traditional Paraguayan food (with creative twists) to the international gastronomic community.

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El Bolsi

Empanada del Bacalao

Courtesy of El Bolsi

P997+3J7, Estrella 399, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 981 293130

El Bolsi’s been pushing the Asuncion gastronomic scene to new heights since its opening in 1960, developing a reputation as one of the best places to try traditional Paraguayan plates at affordable prices. Split into a causal diner and slightly fancier dining room, go to the former side for one of the liveliest ambiances, consistently high-quality food, and surprising variety in all of Asuncion. Order dishes like the milanesa or piro caldo for an entree, and the creamy dulce de mamón for a syrupy papaya dessert. Brazilian, Argentina, and American dishes round out the menu, along with sushi, vegan, and vegetarian options.

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Kafa Tostadores

Latte with latte art sitting on a book on an outdoor table. The coffee cup says "kafa" and shows two goats butting heads

Courtesy of Kafa Tostadores

Tte. Genaro Ruíz 675, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 984 692628

Sip a latte, savor a siphon, and discuss the future of third-wave coffee in Paraguay with knowledgeable baristas at Kafa Toastadores. One of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Paraguay, Kafa doubles as a small cafe and roastery specializing in micro-batches of El Salvadorian beans. Minimalistic with exposed brick and simple wooden furniture, the space is small but inviting and hosts events like jazz shows and ramen nights. Those that don’t want coffee can opt for fresh-squeezed orange juice or traditional cocktails like negronis. Pair your drinks with a brownie or muffin from the pastry menu, all prepared by the local artisanal bakery Ekchuah Patisserie.

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Tierra Colorada

bowl of creamed soup with microgreens, sliced radish, and a breaded garnish

Courtesy of Tierra Colorada

Av. Santísima Trinidad, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 21 663 335

Expert waiters run plates beneath the large tree at the center of Tierra Colorado, delivering grass-fed, 28-day dry-aged beef to eager diners seeking out chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt’s contemporary Paraguayan creations. The focus here is on colors, textures, indigenous recipes, and re-imagined European plates. Exceedingly fresh and sumptuous, the meals here garnered international gastronomic acclaim with mentions in the New York Times as well as Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Try dishes like the haddock pie with parsley sauce and the 16-hour cooked lamb that practically melts off the bone. An extensive South American wine list, as well as tropical fruit desserts, make up the rest of the menu.

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Taberna Española

Assortment of plates at Taberna Espanola

Courtesy of Taberna Espanola

Ayolas 631 c/ General Diaz, Asunción 1234, Paraguay
Phone +595 981 441199

Quirky Taberna Española lies just outside of city center, where hearty portions of fresh paella and sweet sangrias are made daily. Though the paella takes around 40 minutes to prepare, patrons can temper the wait by snacking on tapas of Serrano ham, Spanish omelets, and white wine garlic shrimp. Choose from paellas, featuring chicken, calamari, shrimps, and pork, then pair them with selections from the wine menu of Chilean and Argentine varieties. Zealously decorated with wine bottles, garlic, and oyster shells strung from the ceiling, stay inside to read the pithy sayings on the wall or head to the terrace up top for fresh air and less kitsch.

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Lo de Osvaldo

Asado at Lo de Osvaldo

Courtesy of Lo de Osvaldo

Cerro Corá 883, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 982 128140

Soccer enthusiasts and meat lovers make up the clientele of this traditional Paraguayan steakhouse, named after Osvaldo Domínguez Dibb, the former president of the Olimpia Asuncion soccer club. Juicy steaks like the tapa cuadril (rump cap), ojo de bife (sirloin), and tira de asado (strip roast) come served on hot iron plates alongside classic Paraguayan sides like chipa guazu (a cheesy cornbread) and fried cassava. TVs spread throughout the restaurant broadcast any soccer game of importance, while soccer paraphernalia from Paraguayan greats hang on the walls.

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El Café de Acá

La Señora Tosta Ranchera

Courtesy of El Café de Acá

Teniente Héctor Vera 1390, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 21 623 583

A great mix of local dishes with brunch options from abroad, El Café de Acá offers a plant-filled, intimate space to spend a lazy afternoon. Art deco flooring, a back patio, and a flood of natural light via the large windows are the backdrop to plates of eggs Benedict, avocado toast, and large, frosting-laden cinnamon rolls. Baskets full of different kinds of chipa and fried empanadas arrive alongside espresso-based beverages, and tereré, the beloved juice tea of Paraguay. Though
service can be slow, especially during merienda (tea time), a simple way to avoid it is to come outside of peak hours, an easy thing to do as it’s open from 6:30 a.m. until 11 p.m.

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Paulista Grill

Grilled meat on skewer

Courtesy of Paulista Grill

PC4F+6GC, Av. Gral. José de San Martín, Asunción, Paraguay
Phone +595 21 611 501

This all-you-can-eat churrascaria prepares far more types and cuts of meat than most other grills in the city. Meat touting waiters scurry through the carpeted dining hall with carving knives in hand, displaying 15 different cuts of meat, including beef, pork, and lamb. Though the meats greatly vary, from marbled cupin (a type of hump steak) to surubí, it's all expertly cooked. Affordable and with a staff that will never let your plate go empty, Paulista Gill also offers extensive sushi, pasta, and dessert bars, as well as a robust cocktail menu.

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Plate with small bites like fried yucca and empanadas

Courtesy of Talleyrand

For carpaccios, casseroles, and delicious soups, dine at one of Talleyrand’s several locations. Big on presentation, all of the restaurants have a chic environment, as to be expected for a chain named after French diplomat and gourmet Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord. Sip a pumpkin ginger soup underneath the twinkling fairy lights of the Josephine branch or savor a Sauvignon Blanc with a plate of black shrimp panzottis on the sunny terrace of the Shopping del Sol location. Paraguayan staples like, mbejú and chipa guazu are sprinkled throughout the menu, as well as a few Mediterranean plates.

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The 10 Best Restaurants in Asuncion, Paraguay