The 8 Best Rain Suits of 2019

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No one wants to be caught out in the rain, and although a long rain jacket might provide enough protection while running errands, they won’t do the job when it comes to a downpour out in the elements. For activities where you’re out in the open and largely exposed, like golfing, hunting, fishing and heading out on your motorcycle, you’re going to want full-coverage protection to keep you dry and comfortable.

It’s important to keep in mind a few things when it comes to rain suits: You’ll want to look for a fit that will still allow you to move around freely, whether you’re swinging a golf club or casting a fishing rod. It’s no small task to find something suitable since so many types of waterproof material aren’t exactly known for being stretchy. You’ll also want to look for a fabric that won’t tear easily, especially if you’re in a situation where corners of the suit could snag on a twig or rock, allowing water to get in and soak your clothes.

To help you narrow down the options, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best rain suits to buy today. Scroll through to find out which ones made the cut.

Our Top Picks

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Best Overall: Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit


Does it win any aesthetic awards? Hard no. Is it a good all-purpose suit that will keep you dry? Definitely. Coleman’s long been trusted as an outdoor line that combines quality with great value, and it hits the mark with its nylon and PVC rain suit, too. The jacket-and-pants set is long-lasting, even with a lot of use, and extremely waterproof, and designed with plenty of adjustable components to keep the rain out (cuffs, waist, hood) — and at the end of the tempest, it packs into a convenient storage bag, which is particularly great for anyone braving the weather from the trail. One of our favorite details? The slit pockets that allow access to the pants’ pockets below, so you don’t have to get soaked trying to retrieve a well-protected set of keys. Reflective tape on the back, articulated knees and the suit’s two large bellow pockets round this one out as a definite favorite.

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Best Budget: Frogg Toggs Waterproof Ultra-Lite2 Suit

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Ultra-Lite2 Suit


Frogg Toggs is known for making great, lightweight, reasonably priced rain suits, and their Ultra-Lite2 holds up. The low price tag is great for those who just need a rain suit once in a while or who are using it for not-incredibly intense purposes. And it holds up: Wearers love how waterproof it is while remaining breathable, and the welded seams keep any extra moisture out. Plus, with a range of colors to choose from, from an optimistically sky blue and sunny yellow to khaki and navy, there’s something to suit everyone (pardon the pun). If you happen to be wearing it for some mild camping, the compression packability makes it easy to store once the sun comes out again. And if it gets messy? Throw it in the washer and dryer for a quick, easy clean. Women, take note: The comparable jackets tend to ride up at the waist, so go ahead and grab the men’s cut.

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Best for Women: Outdoor Research Women’s Aspire

Outdoor Research is a leader for high-quality hiking clothes, and if you’re heading out into the elements, you might as well go with the best out there. Their Gore-Tex Aspire jacket and pants (available here) form a set but are sold separately so you can get the right sizes in each for you. Both are packed full of features: fully seam-taped construction, articulated knees for mobility, hem-to-bicep vents for poncho-like ventilation when it’s hot and humid, plus carabiner loops and pockets that double as stuff sacks when the storm lets up. If you’re wearing this with a harness, jacket pockets have cleverly been designed to sit above it, so you can grab whatever you need while you’re climbing or rappelling. The only thing we don’t love is the lack of completely full-length zippers, but we’re more than happy to settle for three-quarters length when the rest of the product is this good. Sizes run a little large, but that makes the jacket great for layering over thinner base layers. 

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Best for Men: Gempler’s Premium Quality Rain Jacket and Bib Overalls

Of course, your first consideration when looking for a rain suit is whether will do its job keeping the rain out. Something not to overlook? How it looks. Gempler’s hit the bullseye on both counts here, with a sleekly minimalist, almost Scandinavian-styled rain suit in green, blue and bright yellow that keeps the downpour out. The industrial-grade bibs and jacket comprise a great all-purpose set, whether you’re working outside during a storm or just heading out on a rainy hike. We like how the PVC-on-nylon is reinforced at the elbows and knees with a second layer of fabric for extra durability, plus the backup reinforcements on rivets placed in high-wear areas. Like the wrists, the hood is adjustable to keep the rain out — and it’s big enough to fit a hard hat under, too. We also love the foot-long zippers on the pants legs for easy-off boot removable after a long day on the site. 

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Best for Motorcycling: Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Sometimes the weather isn’t always perfect for taking your motorcycle out, but when you have to hit the road anyway, Viking Cycle’s rain gear does the job — and does it better than most of the competition. The two-piece suit is made from polyester with PVC backing that keeps you dry and warm underneath. The elastic hem, as well as the sleeve cuffs and waist, all fasten to keep the rain out, even when you’re headed into the wind, and the reflective piping up top helps keep you visible when clouds turn the road dark. We also love the soft corduroy lining of the jacket’s hood, as well as the foot cuffs and removable stirrups that keep the pant legs from riding up. The only downside? You have to hand-wash this rain suit. But we feel like the detail-focused benefits — the heat shield on the calves for more comfortable riding included — balance that out.  

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Best for Fishing: Grudéns Dark and Stormy

Known in the fishing world as one of the best rain suits out there, Grudéns’ line isn’t cheap — but it’s proven again and again that it can not just handle, but conquer whatever weather comes its way. Sure, it’s incredibly breathable and waterproof (down to the YKK Aquaguard zippers on the jacket and bibs), but what really makes it shine is the brand’s eVent fabric, which delivers on both those fronts while ensuring anglers have enough mobility to cast a reel and bend over to unhook a fish without any taut fabric or other restrictions on movement. Plenty of pockets yield enough space for anything you might bring to the banks with you. The jacket is finished off with a wind and water skirt, so any cold air and damp coming up from below is taken care of before it chills your skin. If you’re looking for a rain set that will last for years and years of fishing to come, this is the one you’ll want. The bib is available here.

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Best for Golf: FootJoy DryJoy LTS

Sure, Galvin Green makes some of the best golf rainwear out there, but let’s be real: The price tags are hardly realistic for golfers without a sponsor. Take it on down a notch to FootJoy’s DryJoys line, which provides all the water-proofing you’ll need on the links for less than a sixth of the price tag. The four-way stretch is great, whether you’re teeing up, swinging the club or scouring the rough to see where exactly that ball landed. The jackets’ three-layer bonded fabric, ranging from a super-breathable outer layer to a soft inner one, provides both water protection and comfort. We love that the pants (available here) taper down at the ankles to keep them out of the mud — and have an extra-long length that makes them easily alterable for golfers of all heights. These FootJoy products also come with a guarantee that they’ll be waterproof with normal use for two years.

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Best for Hunting: Sitka Gear Downpour

The devil’s in the details, and that’s something that hunting-pro company Sitka got very, very right when designing this set for hunting in the rain. Because animals can tell when rain hits something in the wild — a leaf — and when the rain doesn’t quite sound right — if it’s hitting something synthetic, like, say, a rain suit. That’s where Sitka comes in with a great brushed-faced fabric that manages to incorporate the waterproofing magic of Gore-Tex for a jack-and-pants set that keeps the noise down while keeping the rain out (pants available here). The outfit itself is incredibly lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down, whether you’re on the move or crouching in a tree stand. There are also multiple patterns, so you can choose the right one for what you’re targeting. One thing we particularly love? The side zippers on the pants legs, which makes slipping the trousers off around bulky hunting rain boots extremely easy. The Downpour line is also available in women’s

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