The 8 Best Putters to Buy in 2018

Up your putting game with these great options

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The beauty of golf is its simplicity: Every shot counts the same. That means the 300-yard drive is as important as the three-foot putt you continue to push past the hole. Put the right putter in your bag and you just may find the hole in fewer shots. Which putter is right for your short game? First, know your stroke. When you putt, does the club move through the ball in an arc or does it travel straight back and straight through the ball? If you have an arc in your putt, think about a classic blade-shaped putter. If your stroke is straight as an arrow, a mallet-shaped putter is a better fit. Ready to putt? We pulled out the top putters to find the best pick for your short game.

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    Odyssey claims the most putter wins on the PGA tour, and the brand’s White Hot insert is in more pro golf bags than any other putter. The new White Hot RX #2 is a slick-looking square heel-toe weighted blade that improves the White Hot performance by adding a cushioned inner core behind the insert for a soft feel while simultaneously stiffening up the outer layer for speed through the ball. An oval-textured clear coat on the striking surface increases friction to get the ball rolling faster off the face.

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    Want to improve your short game on the cheap? Check out the Wilson Harmonized M1 putter. This square heel-toe putter is designed with a microinjection polymer face insert to improve feel at contact. An easy alignment design uses horizontal lines on the putter head to guide alignment for a more accurate setup. The putter comes with a medium soft grip designed with a single vertical seam on the back to improve feel through the entire stroke.

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    Did we mention Odyssey claims the most putter wins on the PGA tour? The White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter is the classic blade design duffers love with the White Hot insert that make Odyssey a PGA Tour mainstay—and you can put it in your bag for just about $100 on Amazon. This putter is truly timeless, designed to maximize feel, alignment and accuracy with precise heel-toe weighting, full shaft offset and crank neck hosel. The White Hot insert is laser milled for consistent performance, improved sound off the face and fast roll. Contrasting alignment markings on the putter’s topline improve alignment at setup and promote stroke consistency round after round.

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    Back in 2015 Cleveland introduced a line of “True Feel Innovation” (TFi) blade putters designed to improve alignment by raising the sightline to the equator of the golf ball. In fall 2016 they added the TFi tech to a new lineup of three mallet putters, including the smooth new TFi 2135 Cero Putter. This mallet maximizes feel by putting a milled, copper-infused aluminum over a cushioning polymer insert. The alloy is significantly lighter than steel, so Cleveland distributes the weight (370 grams) throughout a clean, oversized head shape that helps duffers consistently align the putter with the ball’s sweet spot.

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    Getting a well-balanced mallet putter in your bag doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Whether you’re golfing on a budget or just want to experiment with a mallet without breaking the bank, check out the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter. At 380 grams, this is one of the heavier putters on the green providing duffers with stability and helping them avoid balls skidding off the face. The putter’s aerodynamic white shape stands out on the greens, and center align dots make alignment at setup an cinch. 

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    Some duffers in need of the straight swing of a mallet putter can be turned off by their generally heavy weight. Well, take the balance, ball feel, and easy-alignment engineering that golfers love in the Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Cero Putter, shave 10 ounces and you have the Cleveland Golf’s all-new TFi 2135 Mezzo, one of the lightest mallets on the market (360 grams). The angular head shape stands out from the traditional mallet putters, and the TFi 2135 Mezzo also adds a center-shaft design to ensure the club face moves straight back and straight through the stroke.

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    TaylorMade calls this putter the Spider, but it looks more like a spaceship guiding your ball into a black hole. The huge head is key to the “High Moment of Inertia (MOI)” design that expands the sweet spot and keeps the club stable backswing through impact and follow through. Meanwhile, the putter’s raised high contrast sightline makes it easier to aim, and the vertical, deep-milled insert grips the ball to initiate roll at impact and improve sound and feel.

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    Roll up to your local Putt-Putt center with this blade putter, start working on your game and you may just get good enough to enter the 2017 Professional Putters Association National Championships. This club measures up at 35.5 inches long and swings two ways, so it works for left- or right-handed putters. This putter will also bring classic style to your par 3 game, so put it in your Sunday bag and put it in the hole like Bobby Locke.