Best Honeymoon Destinations in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, with its charm, romance, and history, is a fantastic destination for honeymoon. It also happens to be conveniently located in the Caribbean and if you're an American citizen, you don't even need a passport to visit this U.S. territory. Between its lush jungles and sandy beaches, there are many place on the island that will compete for your attention as you start to think about where to go on your honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has enough variety to accommodate any type of vacation, so whether you want to idle your days by the beach, cram in as much culture as time allows, escape into the depths of the rainforest, or sink into the luxury of a world-class resort, it's easy to personalize your honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

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Old San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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In, Old San Juan, a city with 500 years of history, the nostalgic charm of the city is undeniable. With cobblestone streets and ancient forts, the colonial architecture creates a romantic setting for romantic strolls through the old town.

At night Paseo de la Princesa will be bathed in soft yellow light and is one of the most romantic places in the city. As far as romantic hotels go, take a look at El Convento, which is the most historic hotel in Puerto Rico and a former Carmelite convent.

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Playa de Rincon

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On Puerto Rico's west coast, you'll find some of the best sunsets and beaches near the city Rincón. With a laid back vibe, most visitors come to surf or go whale watching. Rent a car and beach-hop down the coast until you find the perfect spot. You can eat freshly shucked oysters and clams in Boquerón. It's the kind of honeymoon that leaves plenty of room for spontaneity. Stay at the romantic and luxurious Horned Dorset Primavera and make sure you have at least one meal at their restaurant, Chateau Rose.

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If mainland Puerto Rico is not remote enough a destination for your honeymoon, consider the offshore island of Vieques. There are plenty of choice beaches to lounge on and it's also here where you can visit the famously glowing bioluminescent bay. You and your partner can take your loved one on a nighttime kayak trip out to Mosquito Bay, and glow in the dark together. Snorkeling trips and scuba diving excursions can also be a fun way to pass the day. For those who can swing it, the W Retreat & Spa is the most exclusive luxury property on the island.

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Culebra in Puerto Rico
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Need something even more remote than Viques? Culebra is an island halfway between Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are many beautiful beaches on Culebra, but the white sands of Flamenco Beach are the most famous, so make sure you don't miss them. Honeymooners should check out Club Seabourne for a romantic hotel choice.

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El Yunque

El Yunque national park in Puerto Rico.
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Nature-lovers, you will fall in love all over again under El Yunque's benevolent canopy. You can hike the tropical trails during the day, and if you're lucky, discover a natural whirlpool bath or cascading waterfall to call your own for a few hours. At night, the song of the coqui tree frogs will serenade you, and the lights of the city will be a distant shimmer on the horizon. For a hotel with cozy accommodation and friendly owners, try the Rainforest Inn.

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Ponce, Puerto Rico

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If you love a quaint historic but don't care for the bustle of San Juan, Ponce is the perfect in between. Puerto Rico's other picturesque city is called the Pearl of the South for its colonial architecture and quiet dignity. For honeymooners, it offers a combination of historic sights and easy access to the beach. Make sure to visit the lovely Castillo Serrallés, stroll on the boardwalk by the water, and enjoy the main plaza, with its cathedral and fountains. For the complete resort experience the Ponce Hilton is a great choice with a large pool and golf course.