The 8 Best Portable High Chairs of 2022

The Bumbo Multi Seat tops our list of best portable high chairs

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If your little one can already sit up unaided, the Bumbo Multi Seat is a fantastic option that ticks several boxes. The Summit Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster is our best budget pick because of its comfort, compactness, and ease of use. 

Unless you plan on eating one-handed with your baby on your lap for the first few years of their life, you’ll need to invest in a high chair. And, if you plan on traveling as a family or even just eating out regularly at restaurants and friends’ houses, a portable one makes life considerably more manageable. Portable high chairs come in many different styles, from space-saving fabric harnesses and table-edge clamp seats (great for storing in the car or as a backup at Grandma’s, respectively) to sturdy seats that grow with your baby and can be strapped to a chair or set on the floor for outdoor dining. 

As Lisa R. Trofe, Managing Director of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA), points out, different models “have various attachment means and location requirements,” and choosing the one that best suits your needs is vital. Other things to consider include how long your baby will be able to use the chair, how easy it is to set up, clean, and store, its weight and dimensions, and above all, whether it has all the features necessary to keep your child safe. According to pediatrician Dr. Jonathan Jassey, these include “a harness to keep them secure, and high-quality straps or clamps to hold the chair in place.” Here are the best portable high chairs across several different categories.

Best Overall: Bumbo Multi Seat

Bumbo Multi Seat


What We Like
  • Three stages allow for versatile use over 2.5 years

  • Straps, tray, and pad are all stowed away for easy transport

  • Two height settings

What We Don't Like
  • Not suitable for babies who can’t sit up by themselves

  • The tray fills with water if submerged; wipe clean only

If your little one can already sit up unaided, the Bumbo Multi Seat is a fantastic option that ticks several boxes. First, it’s designed to last from six to 36 months, affording good longevity and value for money. Secondly, it grows with your child’s changing needs. It can be used as a floor seat with a non-slip base that prevents tipping even if your baby is a champion wriggler. For use as a conventional chair seat, it attaches easily to an adult dining chair for use as a traditional chair seat thanks to retractable straps that stow away neatly when not in use. 

And when your toddler outgrows these stages, you can remove the soft foam pad and use the Bumbo as a booster seat. Removing the pad also makes the seat roomier for larger children. It has two height settings, a waist strap, and a feeding tray that attaches to the front of the seat but can be easily removed with one hand for storage in a slot behind the backrest. The entire Bumbo is easily cleaned using a damp cloth and mild detergent and comes in a full range of colors from Powder Blue to Cradle Pink. 

Type: Floor seat, chair seat, booster seat | Weight: 4.4 pounds | Weight Limit: 35 pounds

Best Runner Up: hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat with Tray

hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat with Tray


What We Like
  • Designed for stability on uneven surfaces

  • Removable, dishwasher-safe tray

  • Folds into a compact carry bag

What We Don't Like
  • Lower maximum weight than many competitors

  • Only available in three similar colors

Coming in at a lower price than the Bumbo, the hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat is an excellent alternative for parents who don’t need quite as much versatility from their portable high chair. Also designed for use from six months to 36 months, it resembles a foldable adult’s camping chair with a locking mechanism that ensures it can’t collapse once fully opened. Removable duck feet allow the chair to be used as a floor seat even on unstable surfaces (think grass or sand on your next trip to the beach). 

The seat also has straps for attaching to an adult chair at the dining table, while a comfort-fit, three-point harness with an easy one-handed release keeps your baby securely in place. You can store bibs and utensils in the rear mesh pocket, and when it gets grubby, the removable swivel tray is entirely dishwasher safe. The fabric cover is designed to wipe clean but can also be removed and put in the washing machine. When not used, the chair folds into a carry bag that measures just 7 x 7 x 16 inches.

Type: Floor seat, chair seat | Weight: 4 pounds | Weight Limit: 30 pounds

Best Budget: Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster


What We Like
  • Quality design at an affordable price

  • Two-level height adjustment

  • Removable, dishwasher-safe tray

What We Don't Like
  • Only meant for use as a chair seat

  • It does not include a carry bag or strap

The Summer Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster is the cheapest option on this list – and almost a quarter of the price of the most expensive choice. Nevertheless, despite its budget price tag, reviewers praise its comfort, compactness, and ease of use. Intended for babies aged six months up until a maximum of 33 pounds, it can be used in two stages. First, as a chair-top infant feeding seat with the tray attached, then as a chair-top toddler booster seat with the tray removed. Fold-away legs allow for two different height adjustments. 

Other features include a three-point safety harness, dual straps for securing an adult dining chair seat, and a removable, machine-washable cover. The tray is conveniently large so that it can be used as a feeding surface in its own right or as a support for the baby’s favorite plate. In between meals, fold the booster up for easy transport and storage. There are three colors to choose from: gray/teal with an elephant motif to pink/cream with flowers. 

Type: Chair seat | Weight: 3 pounds | Weight Limit: 33 pounds

Best Clamp-On Seat: seebaby Z2 Portable Table Side Chair

seebaby Z2 Portable Table Side Chair


What We Like
  • Folds virtually flat for easy storage

  • Impressive maximum weight of 40 pounds

  • Available in winter and summer fabrics

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a table for use

  • Not suitable for all table sizes and materials

If you prefer the idea of a traditional clamp-on seat, we love the seebaby Z2 Portable Table Side Chair. Its adjustable U-type clamps allow it to be fixed to the edge of any table with a thickness of between 0.8 and 3.1 inches, with reinforced, anti-skid pads for added peace of mind. And although it’s a common misconception that clamp-on seats aren’t as strong as their competitors, this one is designed for babies aged six to 36 months with a maximum weight of 40 pounds. An easy-release waist strap keeps wrigglers in place. 

The chair comes in a choice of winter (cotton) and summer (fully ventilated mesh) fabrics, in a variety of colors that range from gray to blue or pink. The cloth can also be fully removed whenever the seat requires a deep cleaning. Best of all, the seebaby Z2 folds almost flat and can be neatly packed into its included carry bag. With folded dimensions of just 16.5 x 14.2 x 2.7 inches, it’s ideal for leaving at friends’ and grandparents’ houses or keeping handy in the car.

Type: Clamp-on seat | Weight: 4 pounds | Weight Limit: 40 pounds

Best Floor Seat: Little Tikes My First Seat with Tray

Little Tikes My First Seat with Tray


What We Like
  • An extended backrest helps babies learn to sit upright

  • Easier to wipe clean than some competitors

  • U-shaped leg openings are ideal for chunky babies

What We Don't Like
  • Only suitable as a floor seat

  • Expensive considering the limited age range

The Little Tikes My First Seat is an excellent option for babies aged four to 16 months who prefer to sit on the floor. Unlike all of the other portable high chairs on this list, it’s great for babies that cannot yet sit up without assistance; in fact, the extended backrest provides added support for little necks and backs, encouraging them to learn the art of being upright. The whole seat is made of soft, comfortable molded foam with no cracks or crevices to complicate cleaning. Simply use a damp cloth and voilà.

In addition to a buckled waist belt, the seat features an extra-wide base and a patented structural bottom that prevent it from tipping over—no matter how much your little one loves to throw themselves sideways or backward. Use the removable tray to facilitate feeding and playtime. In particular, this seat is beloved by parents of bigger babies, who say that the U-shaped leg openings are a much better fit for chunky thighs than other floor seat designs. It comes in various colors: blue, gray, pink, and teal.

Type: Floor seat | Weight: 4.2 pounds | Weight Limit: 50 pounds

Best Standalone Seat: Summer Pop 'N Dine SE Portable High Chair

Summer Pop 'N Dine SE Portable High Chair


What We Like
  • It doesn’t require any other furniture to use

  • It could double as your everyday high chair

  • Removable, dishwasher-safe tray

What We Don't Like
  • Heavier and less compact than other options

  • Not suitable for babies younger than six months

Looking for an option that could realistically serve as your everyday, at-home chair as well? The Summer Pop ‘N Dine SE Portable High Chair differs from all the others on this list in that it brings your baby to table height without having to piggyback off any other furniture. This also makes it ideal for outdoor scenarios. The fold-and-pop design is easy to set up and pack away and features a wide stance and locking mechanism for added stability. Use the three-point safety harness to secure any child from six months to 45 pounds. 

The chair is also easy to clean, thanks to its machine-washable fabric and removable dishwasher-safe tray. The latter is BPA-free, so your baby can eat directly off it if you forget to bring a plate. Other highlights include a mesh storage pocket on the back of the chair and an additional wet/dry bag (perfect for storing dirty bibs, plates, and utensils). When not used, it folds into a compact over-the-shoulder carry bag. Choose yours in Green, Mango, or Aqua Sugar. 

Type: Standalone | Weight: 10.6 pounds | Weight Limit: 45 pounds

Most Lightweight: Dreambaby Grab ‘N Go Travel Booster Seat

Dreambaby Grab ‘N Go Travel Booster Seat


What We Like
  • Roughly half the weight of most other options on this list

  • Easy to transport thanks to the built-in strap

  • Roomy interior storage space

What We Don't Like
  • It doesn’t include a tray

  • Some reviewers say it is better suited to older babies

If lightness is a priority (if you’re planning on packing the seat in your hold luggage, for example, or carrying it with you when traveling by public transport), the Dreambaby Grab ‘N Go Travel Booster Seat tips the scales at just 2.3 pounds. It’s also exceptionally portable, featuring a booster seat base with a fold-out backrest and side/crotch panels. It resembles a satchel with a built-in shoulder strap for hands-free carrying when packed away. It’s designed to fit most chairs with two adjustable securing straps. 

The chair is rated for babies aged six to 36 months. However, several reviewers mention that despite the adjustable three-point harness, it can feel less secure for smaller babies—it’s therefore imperative to wait until your little one can sit up confidently by themselves. In addition to a removable, hand-washable polyester cover, the seat also boasts a zippered exterior pocket and a hollow interior big enough to accommodate baby bottles, toys, and snacks. This section is much more spacious than other storage options on this list.

Type: Chair seat | Weight: 2.3 pounds | Weight Limit: 33 pounds

Best Fabric Harness: liuliuby Travel Harness Seat

liuliuby Travel Harness Seat


What We Like
  • One of the most affordable options on this list

  • Compact enough to be kept in your diaper bag

  • Fully machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a chair for use

  • It doesn’t include a tray

  • Only available in one color, Heather Gray

For ultimate portability, however, it’s hard to beat the liuliuby Travel Harness Seat. This fabric sling is designed to strap onto almost any dining chair with a seat back width of 21 inches or less, weighs in at just 8 ounces, and can be rolled to fit easily into your purse or diaper bag. Made from 100 percent polyester, it’s padded for added comfort and designed for babies aged six months up to 35 pounds. Your baby must be able to sit up unassisted to use it. 

It includes two straps for attaching to the chair, with anti-slip pads on the top strap to prevent it from shifting and sliding as your baby moves. Use the five-point harness to keep them in place, adjusting it to three different height levels as your child grows. Parents of younger babies will appreciate the additional side loops at the waist, which are meant to keep little ones extra secure. In between uses, you can throw the whole harness into the washing machine without having to remove any parts.

Type: Fabric harness | Weight: 8 ounces | Weight Limit: 35 pounds

Final Verdict

The best portable high chair for you depends on your baby’s age, size, developmental milestones, and what you plan on using it for. However, for a sturdy, simple to use, and clean option that can be deployed in multiple ways and grows with your little one to provide added value for money, we love the Bumbo Multi Seat (view at Amazon). 

What to Look for in Portable High Chairs


Safety is the primary concern when choosing a portable high chair. Pediatrician Dr. Jonathan Jassey sums up the essentials by advising parents to “make sure there is a buckle to keep them securely in the seat, and that there isn’t room to squirm out.” Beyond that, the Managing Director of the JPMA, Lisa R. Trofe, speaks of the importance of purchasing a chair suitable for your child’s height, weight, and developmental milestones (e.g., the ability to sit unsupported). She says, “using a product for a too-small or too-big child can significantly impact their safety and may even cause incident or injury.” Choosing a chair that meets current safety requirements is also essential since these are revised regularly. For example, models marked with the JPMA Certified Seal have passed stringent laboratory safety tests. 

Ease of Cleaning

It’s easy to be tempted by portable high chairs with added gadgets, toys, or buttons designed to keep little ones entertained; however, the more complex the design is, the more difficult it is to keep the chair clean (and hygienic). It’s best to focus on the chair’s primary purpose, i.e., as a safe place to sit while eating, and choose the simplest design possible. Specifically, children’s food blogger, teacher, and mom-of-two, Rachel Kidson, recommends avoiding “lots of fabric that can stain easily, or places food can hide including tiny gaps or creases between materials.” Wipe-clean plastics or machine-washable fabrics are best for the main body of the chair, while removable trays that can be placed in the dishwasher are a lifesaver for busy parents. 


There are many types of portable high chairs, ranging from sturdy plastic seats that are meant to be placed on the floor to fabric slings that slip over the back of an adult dining chair and chairs that clamp onto the edge of a table. Each has pros and cons depending on your child's age and the circumstances you're most likely to use the chair for. Need something you can keep in your purse for impromptu meals at a restaurant or friend's house? A fabric sling is your best option. Planning a family camping trip with no chairs or tables to piggyback off? An ultra-stable floor seat or collapsible standalone chair might work better. As Lisa R. Trofe says, "purchasing a chair for the correct need and use will ensure that your baby can enjoy meal time with you safely."

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I bring a high chair on a plane?

    As long as you can fit your portable high chair into your hold luggage or cabin bag, there’s no reason you can’t bring it on a plane. Ultra-lightweight, compact options such as fabric harnesses are best for this purpose since most airlines do not include a high chair as part of the free excess baggage usually allowed for infants and small children. Bear in mind you won’t be able to use the seat on the plane itself. That’s because little ones under two are typically required to sit on their parent or guardian’s lap or in their FAA-approved travel seat. High chairs (portable or otherwise) do not meet this classification.

  • Are portable high chairs safe?

    Suppose you buy a portable high chair from a manufacturer that complies with the latest safety regulations (and use it only for the situations and child age/size stipulated). In that case, you can probably rest assured that it’s safe. Suppose you are considering buying secondhand or using a hand-me-down. In that case, JPMA Managing Director Lisa R. Trofe advises making sure that the product “has not been recalled, is mechanically and structurally sound, that all parts (including restraining straps and buckles) are included and in good working order, that screws and fasteners are tight, and the product can still be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

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