The 20 Best Pool Floats of 2021

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Pool floats have recently become the trendy pool accessory. You can't scroll through Instagram without seeing a rainbow unicorn floating around in picturesque blue water! To help you spend your day under the sun in style, we've rounded up the most eye-catching pool floats to add to your Instagram feed and included more practical options that will let you float around without a care in the world. Shoppers should also make sure to consider pool floats that are made with sturdy materials and are easy to inflate.

From donuts to summertime fruits to magical creatures, these are our picks for the best pool floats available.

Sun Squad Strawberry Frosted Donut Pool Float

Strawberry Frosted Donut Pool Float

Courtesy of Target 

This strawberry donut pool float looks scrumptious enough to eat—and in fact, someone’s already taken a big ol’ bite out of it. The hot pink, sprinkle-studded float will make you smile, and it’ll definitely make you crave a frosted donut.

Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

 Courtesy of Funboy

There's nothing that screams summer more than this rainbow lounger, with its transparent, tri-color design in vibrant shades of pink, orange, and yellow that change throughout the day. Plus, you can relax the afternoon away worry-free—this float has a reinforced cup holder, a tether point so you can secure it to a boat or dock, and quick inflating and deflating capabilities.

Supoice Flamingo Drink Holders

Let’s be honest, summertime is for sipping tasty, chilled beverages while you bask in the sun—which is where these cute, miniature flamingo-shaped floats come in. They have a center hole and flat bottom that's designed to snugly hold beverage containers of varying sizes. There are 12 floats in an order.

GoFloats Swan Pool Float

White Swan Pool Float

 Courtesy of Target

Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without the Instagram-worthy white swan float—float poolside, soak up the sun, and snap a few selfies with your friends while lounging on this huge swan-shaped spectacle. It looks great with virtually any filter.

Sun Squad Pineapple Pool Float

Pineapple Pool Float

Courtesy of Target

The yellow pineapple pool float from Sun Squad is your one-way ticket to a tropical paradise, even if you’re just stuck at home in your parents’ above-ground pool.

SunnyLife Monstera Leaf Lie On Float

SunnyLife Monstera Pool Flot

Courtesy of Shopbop 

The next best thing to being on a tropical vacation? Lounging around on a tropical leaf-shaped pool float, of course. The Monstera Leaf Lie On Float is the perfect pool accessory for those days when all you want to do is laze around in the sun and drink refreshing cocktails, without a care in the world.

Funboy Clear Glitter Unicorn

Funboy Glitter Unicorn Pool Float

 Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Make all your childhood dreams come true with this unicorn-shaped float stuffed with glitter. Conveniently, the float comes equipped with a reinforced cup holder and a tether hook, so you can tie it to a stationary object if need be, and it even deflates down to the size of a tote bag for compact storage.

BigMouth Inc. Shooting Star Kiddo Float

BigMouth Inc. Shooting Star Kiddo Float

 Courtesy of Amazon

Blast off around the pool with this shooting star float, whose rainbow-colored design encourages you to reach for the sky. It comes with a patch kit, and the handles are very sturdy, so you can tote it around with confidence in the water or onshore.

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner

Courtesy of Walmart 

Take it easy and relax for hours under the beaming sun with the (aptly named) Spring Float Recliner, which has a nice, comfortable headrest that’s great for lounging and napping. Reviewers have noted that the only downside to this float is that it makes you never want to get out of the water! 

Swimline Pizza Slice Pool Float

We won’t blame you if you get a sudden craving for chewy, gooey, cheesy pizza when you get on this pizza float (with supreme toppings, of course). Plus, it comes with two drink holders so you'll never have to leave the pool for a refill.

Kangaroo Inflatable Sunglasses Pool Float

Inflatable 6.5 ft. Sunglasses Pool Float
Courtesy of Target

You’ll be too cool for school in the Inflatable Sunglasses Pool Float from Kangaroo. Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl, this float is built to last, and it’s really fun to float in, too—the sunglasses design is nothing if not eye-catching. It’s 78 inches long, so it’s big enough to hold you and a close pal.

SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Volleyball Set

SunnyLife Luxe Volleyball Pool Float

 Courtesy of SunnyLife

Pool floats aren't only for lounging on. Spend a day in the sun with your friends using this inflatable volleyball set instead. The tropical-inspired float comes with a floating volleyball and net.

Funboy Pink Metallic Lip Float

Flirty summer days are undoubtedly ahead with this glittery pink float that’s shaped like a giant pair of smackers—and conveniently inflates in just under a minute, using either a hairdryer or electric pump.

Sun Squad Pirate’s Skull Kiddo Float

Pirate’s Skull Kiddo Float

Courtesy of Target

Every pirate-loving kiddo will love being on this float. Featuring a classic crossbones-and-skull design, with details like an eye patch and a crack on the skull, this float is a uniquely fun water accessory. It's also the perfect vessel for searching for treasure, especially considering that it has two plastic handles that allow for a steady grip.

SunnyLife Llama Pool Float

SunnyLife Llama Float

Courtesy of PB Teen 

Float the day away on the most adorably-shaped float known to humankind: this giant llama pool float is oh-so-sweet, with its bedazzled neck and rainbow-colored accents.

Funboy Palm Drink Holder

The Funboy Palm Drinker Holder is the missing link to the fun, boozy, adventure-fueled summer of your dreams. Measuring over three feet long, this float features a 12-inch central drink storage compartment (that can also hold ice) and three integrated cup holders.

Sun Squad Bling Ring Pool Float

Bling Ring

 Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect for a bachelorette pool party, an engagement party, or any other water wedding-themed fun, the Bling Ring Pool Float is bridal luxury at its finest. This giant, glittering diamond ring is also made of thick vinyl, so it’s bound to withstand any bachelorette shenanigans.

Intex Inflatable Watermelon Pool Float

Intex Inflatable Watermelon Pool Float

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Shaped like a giant, juicy hunk of watermelon, the Watermelon Float from Intex is the ultimate summer float. This float comes with a patch repair kit just in case you get a little too rowdy in it, and it inflates and deflates easily and neatly. Plus, it’s perfectly sized for two people at 72 x 8 inches. 

SunnyLife Mermaid Tail Pool Float

SunnyLife Mermaid Tail Float

Courtesy of PB Teen 

Prepare for a magical day on the water when you get this mermaid tail float, which will make you feel like an ocean goddess, even if you’re just floating around in your pool.

Intex Inflatable Yellow Duck Ride-On Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a cute rubber ducky when they’re splashing around? The Intex Inflatable Yellow Duck Pool Float is a great addition to your backyard pool, with its durable 12-gauge vinyl material, two handles, and two air chambers, plus a repair patch.

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with GoFloats Swan pool float (view at Walmart). It's easy to float around on and is Instagram-ready with its classic swan shape. If you're all about relaxation then the Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger (view at Funboy) is a great option. Not only does it have a delightful pop of color, but it also has a cupholder and tether point to secure it to a boat or a dock.

What to Look for in a Pool Float


Whether you’re after a float just for you—or one that can hold the whole crew—there’s an option out there for pretty much anyone who wants to kick back on a hot day. Before buying a pool float, think about its capacity and see what fits your needs best.


Some swear by inner tube-style floats while others love a raft-like shape. Think about whether you’re going to want something to stretch out on or a float that makes it a bit easier to bop around the water with.


No one wants a float that pops—that’s pretty much a guaranteed pool party buzzkill. If you plan to use your float often, it’s worth spending a bit more to make sure it can last, ideally for a few seasons. Look for ones that are made of durable materials like raft-grade vinyl to ensure you can have fun without worrying that a brief encounter with a piece of driftwood will kill the mood. Some floats also come with repair kits in the event your float gets punctured.

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