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After two years as the #1 Best Company to Work For, Google has fallen to #4 for 2009. The firm is famous for its perks -- including free meals, free commutes, and a generous sabbatical program. Although Google cut back on hiring in 2008 and stopped offering afternoon tea, the company still receives thousands of applicants for every opening. The firm is headquartered in California, but New York City is home to one of Google's largest engineering centers and the heart of North American advertising operations. Find Google job listings in New York City.

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Goldman Sachs

Prestigious investment bank Goldman Sachs ranked #9 on this years list (highest of all NYC-headquartered firms) despite the financial services meltdown and layoffs in 2008. The reasons include good benefits and generous compensation (the average salary is $144,994). Among the other benefits cited by employees is an extensive on-site medical center. Find Goldman Sachs job listings in New York.

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Ernst & Young

Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young shows up at #51 on the list of best companies to work for. All four of the big accounting firms made the top 100, but Ernst & Young scored higher than its competitors. Employees value the company's "people first" culture and emphasis on diversity. The firm's comprehensive nondiscrimination policies now also cover gender identity. These policies have led to an increase in minority employees, who now make up 30% of the workforce. Find Ernst & Young job listings in New York.

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KPMG follows closely behind competitor Ernst & Young at #56. The firm gave average raises of 6.7% in October of 2008 and paid out $108 million in bonuses. KPMG also claimed thousands of job openings as of January 2009 and 360+ in New York City alone. Find KPMG job listings in New York.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) nips at the heels of KPMG at #57. PwC won points for a program designed to reduce employee work hours and prevent burnout. The firm has transformed their old "up or out" culture, now offering options for career employees who are not on the partner track. Find PricewaterhouseCoopes job listings in New York.

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The fourth and final Big Four accounting firm, Deloitte, shows up at #61. The firm offers flexible work options including telecommuting, job sharing, and a compressed work week. Deloitte also reported 7% job growth for the year and more than 50 job openings as of January 2009. Find Deloitte job listings in New York.

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Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

This Manhattan-based law firm at #87 was established in San Francisco in 1863. The firm has won awards for its diversity initiatives, pro bono work, and community responsibility programs. Despite layoffs in 2008, Orrick paid bonuses to all hourly employees. Find Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe jobs in New York City.

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At #97, management consulting firm Accenture is known for its excellent training and development programs. Accenture provides each employee with a personal career counselor and 78 hours of training per year. Find Accenture job listings in New York City.

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