Best Places to Vacation in March and April

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Aaah...spring! Wondering where to go for the best place for your honeymoon or vacation in March or April? Although weather is especially variable in early spring, and higher elevations are cooler than low-lying areas, the odds are you can find comfortable weather during these months in the following locations.


  • Las Vegas - Temperatures are still comfortable here in the desert, so it's not too hot to visit this wonderland for adults in March or April. In fact, you may want to pack a sweater; casino air conditioning can make it chilly.
  • Southern California - Coastal cities, wine-growing regions, mid-century modern Palm Springs, and beach destinations offer summer-like warmth without the crowds.
  • Washington, DC - Everyone loves walking amidst the beautiful cherry blossoms around the Tidal basin but be forewarned that the city does get crowded around spring break (so April is a safer time to visit than March).
  • Southern States - Travel here in spring before climbing temperatures make a portable fan and an hourly chilled mint julep necessities.

Tropical Destinations

Craving sun and warmth after a long winter? 

  • Caribbean - As of April 15, rates generally drop at resorts throughout the islands—and hurricane season doesn't start until June 1. So May and June are perfect times to vacation here.
  • Central America - Count on it being hot and humid except in the highlands. Unless you've got jungle fever, opt for a beach location.
  • South America - Remember that seasons are reversed here, so you'll be visiting in early "fall." Countries closest to the Equator will be steamy while those furthest South may still see snow on ski slopes.

South Pacific

  • Australia - The country is entering fall now and temperatures are typically 65-75 degrees.
  • New Zealand - Like Australia, March marks the end of summer here.

Sure Bets

  • Year-round, the weather's just about perfect on the islands of Hawaii. Many popular hotels have undergone renovations, so regardless of which island you visit, you're likely to have wonderful beaches to explore.
  • Around the world, every month of the year, a cruise ship is sailing someplace wonderful. 

Beat the Crowds

The capitals of Europe are on every first-time visitor's must-see list. And once you visit one, you realize that you need many more visits to truly get to know these world-class cities. Because they're so popular, it's best to plan a March or April vacation when their top attractions are not thronged with crowds. Tip: If you can buy tickets in advance to any place you want to see, do so to avoid waiting in a long line.

  • Hit Europe before masses of tourists arrive for the summer. Although weather can be unpredictable, as long as you're prepared for it, you'll find plenty to do and see in major cities.
  • Paris - Is there anything more romantic than April in Paris? We think not!
  • London - The capital of the United Kingdom is always fascinating, and in March and April, when the rains sometimes come, is less crowded, making it easier for you to get into popular attractions.
  • Rome - You'll encounter centuries of history at every turn in Italy's most popular destination, and even in the offseason, it's going to be crowded.

Not the Best Time to Visit

  • During most years, it is cold and rainy in New England and the Northeast US in early spring. If a late snowstorm doesn't slow you down, mud season may muddle your plans.
  • These two months are traditionally the rainy season in east Asia. So if you don't want to get rained out in a March or April vacation, it's best to avoid China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan until May.
  • Spring means spring break, and there are certain tropical places that adults who are several years past college age and don't appreciate drunken revelry will want to avoid. They can be lovely at other times of year, just not now.
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