How to Find the Best Place to Stay on Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip hotels are easy to find by searching any booking website. What's harder is to know what the area is like and what its pros and cons are. That's where this guide comes in.

It's designed to help you figure out whether Sunset Strip is the best place to stay during your visit. It includes all the crucial things that reservations websites don't tell you - and the things the local visitor's bureau may not want you to know.

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What You Need to Know About West Hollywood and Sunset Strip

Rooftop Pool at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel
Courtesy of the Andaz West Hollywood

Sunset Boulevard is a 22-mile long street that runs from the Silver Lake neighborhood to the Pacific Ocean. In this guide, we’re talking about a small part of it often known as Sunset Strip, which is roughly between Sweetzer and San Vicente.

Why Stay in West Hollywood?

Hotels in West Hollywood are close to the Sunset Strip nightclubs. It's also near the Pacific Design Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Design Center.

West Hollywood (which is often shortened to WeHo) is also a center of gay culture in Los Angeles.

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Finding the Perfect Hotel in West Hollywood

Find your West Hollywood lodging like a pro. Use the same process we use to choose our recommended hotels.

However, you'll need to know a few things about West Hollywood first.

West Hollywood is a city on its own, not a Los Angeles neighborhood. Because of that, if you search booking websites for hotels in West Hollywood, you may only get hotels within the city limits. To find more lodging options that are nearby, do this instead: Search for Los Angeles hotels and narrow the list by zooming in on the map.

These tips can help you pick the right hotel for you - and choose a room you'll like.

  • Hotel rooms overlooking Sunset Boulevard have great views, but if the windows are not well insulated, they can be noisy.
  • Multi-story hotels on a hillside make for great views. Some of the hotels in West Hollywood have rooftop pools that make the most of them. Here's a roundup.
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Get the Lowest Rate for Your West Hollywood Hotel

Start by comparing prices and reading reviews at Tripadvisor.

Once you've picked a few good candidate hotels for your trip, apply all the best tricks to get the lowest possible rate.

When you're comparing prices, don't forget about parking costs and WiFi fees. They can sometimes turn a bargain rate into a nightmare bill.

If you want to be close to West Hollywood but can't afford the prices, you might find something less expensive in nearby Hollywood. 

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West Hollywood Hotels We'd Go Back To

The Andaz West Hollywood was once known as the Riot House for the rowdy music stars who stayed there. Today, it's a fun place to stay with friendly staff and a gorgeous rooftop swimming pool. 

Read reviews of it and compare prices at Tripadvisor.

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West Hollywood Vacation Rentals and AirBNB

You'll find lots of places in West Hollywood on AirBNB. They range from nice, clean studio apartments to luxurious places in the Hollywood Hills.

When choosing a place to stay on AirBNB, pay attention to the map to be sure the location suits you. If you plan to spend time on or around Sunset Boulevard, a place where you can park and walk is a definite plus.

Some parts of West Hollywood have limited (and hard to find) street parking only. To minimize frustration, that makes it important to check whether your rental includes a place to park. Click More under Amenities to find out. 

Also keep in mind that many West Hollywood apartments were built in the first half of the 20 Century. They can be clean and comfortable, but if you're looking for something more modern, do a little detective work. Scan the photos looking for clues - or ask the host. Kitchens and bathrooms give the easiest to read clues to age. 

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