Best Places to Propose in Austin

Just Be Sure You Pick the Perfect Spot (No Pressure)

The Oasis on Lake Travis. Courtesy Jared Tennant/Oasis

When the time comes to take the plunge into a life of wedded bliss, the hardest part may be figuring out where to pop the question. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

If you’re both fans of blues music, maybe you should ask for her hand in marriage while bowing before this statue honoring the late blues guitar god. It’s a good choice if you want to surprise her. And you’ll probably get the added benefit of a bunch of sweaty joggers and dog walkers applauding your special moment. 920 West Riverside Drive

Mount Bonnell

Begin your lifetime commitment on a high note by proposing on top of one of the tallest hills in Austin. Pack a picnic dinner and some wine, and do the deed just as the sun goes down for added drama. Wait for a cool day, though. Otherwise, you’ll both be sweating profusely after climbing the long staircase. 3800 Mount Bonnell Road

Texas Capitol Rotunda

An ideal setting for lobbyists or other political types, the area directly beneath the dramatic capitol dome would be a proposal site to remember. The floor is adorned with the ornate seals of the six countries that have ruled Texas: the United States, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, Mexico, France and Spain. It’s a good place for the two of you to start making history together. You should probably check with the security staff beforehand, however. Unusual events in public buildings these days can easily cause a panic. 1100 Congress Avenue

Mayfield Park

The sprawling oak trees, ponds and strutting peacocks help to set the right mood. This 22-acre park has several quaint hideaways that will allow a little privacy during your special moment. Mayfield is also a good choice if you share a love of art since the park often hosts outdoor installations. 3505 West 35th Street; (512) 474-9692

Dinner Cruise for Two

Capital Cruises offers catered meals for two aboard quaint 16- and 21-foot covered boats on Lady Bird Lake. The meals are provided by the nearby Hyatt Regency Hotel. Head out at sunset and watch the bats before popping the question. 208 Barton Springs Road; (512) 480-9264

UT Tower

If you both have a connection to the University of Texas, the main mall in front of the UT Tower could be a nice place to seal the deal. The moment is bound to be greeted with the applause of wide-eyed students, at least the ones whose faces aren’t buried in their phones. Afterwards, you can take a stroll around the scenic campus to reminisce or maybe catch a show at the Cactus Cafe. 2247 Guadalupe Street

Barton Creek Greenbelt

If you're both outdoorsy types, the Barton Creek Greenbelt has several spots that would be ideal for a dramatic proposal (and photo opp). Less than a mile into the trail, there's basically a huge natural stage made of rock. In fact, you could even plan one of those choreographed proposals that have become popular on YouTube. Your friends can hide in the woods or behind boulders and emerge on cue for the big dance routine. 2101 Barton Springs Road

The Oasis 

If the two of you are extroverts who don’t mind an adoring audience, The Oasis restaurant on Lake Travis makes for a dramatic setting for a proposal. Just imagine the photo opportunities with a glorious sunset behind you. And you’re sure to get a round of applause from the crowd on the restaurant’s multilevel hillside decks. Plus, there’s often live music at the bar next door, so you can dance the night away. 6550 Comanche Trail; (512) 266-2442

Zilker Botanical Garden

Let gorgeous gardens inspire you to pop the question. Get your Zen on within in the Austin city limits at the Zilker Botanical Garden. Across the 26 acres of greenery are plenty of private nooks to be alone with your love as you pass by streams, waterfalls, and ponds filled with Koi fish. There are multiple sections devoted to specific styles, like Rose, Herb, and Japanese, so the scenery never gets dull.

Hamilton Pool

If you've already jumped into a relationship, what's one more leap? Jump into a lifelong commitment against the backdrop of a trickling waterfall. At  Hamilton Pool, a nature preserve located about 20 miles outside Austin, couples can jump into the natural grotto that is fed by a 50-foot waterfall. The stunning setting is about a 30-minute hike from the parking lot, and reservations are recommended.