The Best Places to Live in Sacramento

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Sacramento is truly diverse in terms of real estate and the people who often choose to live in a particular neighborhood. From the country feel of Loomis to the prominent affluence in Granite Bay, it can sometimes feel as if there are too many options when it comes to selecting a new home. No matter what the condition of the economy, these Sacramento divisions stay relatively within the same price range and demographic, making your decision at least a bit easier.

Fabulous 40s

If you’ve lived in Sacramento for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the rows of homes found between J Street and Folsom Blvd in East Sacramento – particularly 40th-48th Streets. Don’t expect to find a home on the market here very often, and truly never expect a price tag below $900k. These homes are filled with vintage charm – they were all built between the 1920s and 1950s and contain many affluent residents.

However if you can afford the hefty market rate, you’ll likely have a great experience moving into this neighborhood. Young trick-or-treaters line the streets on Halloween, as many families deck out their homes and go all-out for a hauntingly good time. Christmas is another example of community coming out to play with elaborate light displays and a warm presence throughout. The streets are perfectly manicured and have the well-established feel many crave among Sacramento’s prolific housing tracts.

Land Park

Located near popular Sacramento attractions like the zoo and Sutter’s Fort, Land Park is located between 1-5 and Freeport Blvd, and Broadway and Sutterville Road. Located near William Land Park, these homes are mostly older but beautiful. Unlike the nearby Fabulous 40s, entry level prices float around the low $300ks, making it much more reasonable for many families.

Fair Oaks Village

A lovely combination of modest and upscale homes is what you’ll find in Fair Oaks Village. Residents are drawn to the woodsy ambiance near the river, as well as the easy walk to one of the most diverse shopping regions of Sacramento. Home prices range from the high $200ks to the $1M mark, depending upon what you’re hoping to move in to.


Up I-80 past Rocklin you’ll find this small town filled with country charm. Price ranges are all over the map – from around $210,000 for a 4 bedroom one-story home to almost $4M for a 5 bedroom, 7 bath mansion. The true draw of Loomis is likely its “out of the way” location – you’ll hear crickets and frogs, see stars at night and have enough land in some instances to make outdoor dreams come true.

What to Look For

Before moving to Sacramento (or relocating to a different area), keep in mind what your family is looking for. Sacramento is notorious with young families as having some of the best and worst school districts in California. It also has an abundance of charter schools. If you’re an older couple or a single individual, your needs will obviously be different – you may find yourself wanting to be near the American River or in the midst of bustling downtown life. Or, a charming country home on acres of seclusion may be your ideal.

Home prices vary so greatly in Sacramento it’s also important to know what you can afford. Select a mortgage that is reasonable enough you can still enjoy the amusements and entertainment Sacramento has to offer. Do you want to be within driving distances of Arden Fair Mall or the Galleria? Do you want to have horses, chickens or any other type of livestock? Do you want to live in a gated community where kids can ride bikes in the streets or would you prefer a retirement community where kids are never seen?

Take some time to truly define what you want in a home. One of the best things about Sacramento is its ability to suit all different types of individuals – young, old, middle-class or well-off.

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