Best Places to Kiss in Phoenix

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    It's a Kissing Booth! Kiss Me!

    Love in the Hills Kissing Booth
    Sami’s Fine Jewelry

    This photo was taken at the annual Love in the Hills event when people from all over gather to recommit to one another with renewed vows of love.

    It's easy to find a wonderful place to kiss on Valentine's Day. There are special shows and concerts, couples retreats, dinners with roses, and, of course, chocolate just begging to be licked off your sweetheart's lips.

    If it is Valentine's Day, or a birthday or anniversary -- or just any day that you are in love -- I have some specific recommendations of places in the Phoenix area that might inspire you to plant a juicy one on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Read on!

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    I Like You. Kiss Me!

    I Like You - Mural
    Judy Hedding

    If public art brings you joy, then the Greater Phoenix area will make you oh, so happy. I recent years the public art installations sponsored by museums and corporations have been joined and coexist with a variety of large murals painted by local artists, depicting their messages and reflecting the culture of the community. In downtown Phoenix, for example, an entire arts district has risen in what used to be a somewhat downtrodden area of town. There you will find this lovely mural (behind Bragg's Pie Factory at 1301 W. Grand Avenue). What better place to kiss your sweetheart than at a mural entitled, "I Like You."

    If you start before sundown, you'll be able to see the mural -- and plant that kiss -- on the First Friday art walk route.

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    What a Place, What a View! Kiss Me!

    A Kiss at elements in Paradise Valley
    Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain

    A kiss with a view -- that's what you can experience at one of the many wonderful resorts in the Valley of the Sun. At elements, the nationally acclaimed restaurant at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, you'll not only have an upscale dining experience designed by award-winning Executive Chef Beau MacMillan, but you can also check out the view of Camelback Mountain. It's so romantic. Bring it in, now, for that kiss.

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    What a View! Kiss Me!

    Sunrise in a hot air balloon
    Judy Hedding

    Sunrise or sunset in a hot air balloon  -- either way you'll experience spectacular and romantic views. Once you are floating up in the sky, you can't help but be affected by the experience. It seems ... yes, I'll say it... uplifting. If you are taking a balloon flight with your loved one, the desire to kiss up there, to express your emotions, is just natural. Don't worry about the balloon operator. He's probably seen it many times.

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    Wow! That's a Fountain! Kiss Me!

    The Fountain in Fountain Hills
    Judy Hedding

    Romance and water and fountains just seem to go together. If you agree, then one of the most spectacular fountains in the country would seem a worthy destination for a kiss. The Fountain in Fountain Hills can be seen for miles around. The park, with the world-famous fountain, was built in 1970. The fountain operates 7 days a week, on the hour for 15 minutes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. assuming good weather.

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    I'm Not Picky About Who or What I'll Smooch! Kiss me!

    Pucker Up At Out of Africa Wildlife Park
    Judy Hedding

    Just because your sweetheart isn't immediately available doesn't mean that you must pass up appropriately offered affection. At Out of Africa Wildlife Park, north of Phoenix, be prepared to pucker up for a smooch. Eeeew, gross. But cool, too.

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    Those Four Little Letters Mean...Kiss Me!

    Ready for Your First Kiss?
    Judy Hedding

    I'm not sure....are these two ready for their first kiss?

    There have probably been more kisses photographed at this statue than in any other location in Greater Phoenix. You'll find it at Scottsdale Civic Center Park. It's right out in the open, accessible to everyone, part of the Scottsdale Public Art collection. The artist who created it, Robert Indiana, made several versions. His design was even featured on a U.S. postage stamp in the 1970s.

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    Everyone is Watching! Kiss Me!

    The Kiss Cam at Chase Field
    Arizona Diamondbacks

     From April through September (and hopefully October) the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball at Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix. If you are lucky, you might be able to get your kiss on the Kiss Cam during the game! You'll know if the Kiss Cam Camera guy is looking at you since he or she will be standing in front of you with a camera waiting to film the smooch.


    1. If you are sitting with a person other than your spouse, I don't recommend kissing that person on the lips.

    2. If you intend to propose on the Kiss Cam, you can arrange through the D-backs office to do that. Better be sure she is going to be ecstatic and say yes before everyone, in the stadium, and in the television viewing audience, sees her hesitation. Not everyone loves a grand gesture.

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    What a Gorgeous Sunset! Kiss Me!

    a kiss at sunset
    Richie Melby

    Arizona has some of the beautiful sunsets that you'll ever see. They are awe-inspiring, and if you happen to be near a loved one when you experience the colorful glow of the evening sky, you'll hardly be able to keep your lips away from each other. Richie Melby's smoocheroo double-dips on a discussion about where the best place to kiss might be in Arizona. Not only is it at sunset, but it's at the amazing Grand Canyon, another spot that will make you say...."Wow! Kiss me!

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    Want a Wet Kiss? Kiss Me!

    Dolphin Kiss in Scottsdale AZ
    Judy Hedding

    You might or might not have a significant other to kiss at the moment, but at Dolphinaris Arizona you can get up close and personal with a bottle nose dolphin. You can shake hands/fins, rub its belly or lean in for a lovely wet kiss from one of these gorgeous creatures.

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    Yeah. Do Not Kiss Me.

    Do Not Kiss a Cactus
    Jenny Lee Silver

    Jenny Lee Silver took this photo of her friend Adam becoming acquainted with Arizona's plant life. My recommendation: even if you find yourself temporarily without someone to kiss while you are hiking on many of Arizona's wonderful trails, do not show your affection for the flora in this manner. It could be very painful! Better idea, appreciate all cacti from afar.