The 7 Best Places to Kiss in Dublin

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    Kissing in Dublin ... at the Right Places

    Dublin City at dawn
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    Finding the best place to kiss in Dublin ... well, it is not that difficult, really. Despite some old dears going into apoplectic mode when they see any public display of affection beyond (or even including) a chaste holding of hands, the Irish capital has caught up with the 21st century. From the old peck on the cheek to more explorative kissing with loads of body contact, you'll see it all.

    But not everywhere. And there is a time and a place for kisses. Or "a shift", as many Dubs still call it. Let us have a look at where to kiss in Dublin, depending on a multitude of factors:

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    Leaving on a Jet Plane - or Arriving at Dublin Airport

    Dublin Airport - welcome and good-bye kisses galore
    ••• Dublin Airport - welcome and good-bye kisses galore. © Bernd Biege 2016

    It's the old classic, for kissing people goodbye, or welcoming them home with a right old smack on the lips. Having said that, the Dublin Airport Authority hasn't gone out of their way to create a cosy feeling in either the departure or arrivals area. So, yes, it is one of the places in Dublin to kiss. But, no, it really is only about the moment, not where you are.

    Come to think of it ... at times high winds make for such interesting landings that you'll see people kissing the ground after disembarking.

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    At the Shrine of Valentine

    Kissing in the presence of a saint ... Saint Valentine, no less
    ••• Kissing in the presence of a saint ... Saint Valentine, no less. © Bernd Biege 2016

    You can't beat a loving kiss in front of the patron saint of lovers, can you? So head for Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church - on the outside a portal looking like an add-on to an uninspiring building, on the inside an almost byzantine riot of colour. And off to the right the shrine of Saint Valentine. Yes, the man responsible for Valentine's Day is actually a Dubliner by adoption.

    Special masses for lovers are said on the saint's feast day (February 14th, in case you've forgotten), but the church is open to visitors every day. And nobody will begrudge a couple having a kiss in front of Valentine's earthly remains. Keep it moderate, though! This is, after all, a Catholic church.

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    The Big Free-For-All in Temple Bar

    Temple Bar area of Dublin Ireland
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    There you go ... everybody does it in Temple Bar. Spend a few minutes there at night, when the Guinness flows and the craic crackles, and you'll see couples going for the full tongue-to-tonsil treatment, in plain sight. So, if you are feeling frisky, this is the place to put plan into action.

    It might not be the most romantic of experiences (expect cellphone coverage if you attract attention), but short of having full-on sex anything seems to go in Temple Bar.

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    Halfway Across the Liffey on Ha'penny Bridge

    Ha'penny bridge. Dublin, Ireland
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    Okay, here's the crunch - Ha'penny Bridge might be one of Dublin's best-known and most-visited buildings, and it is also a great lookout to see the Liffey quays, and undoubtedly standing under the lamp, right in the middle of Ha'penny Bridge, is a great place for a romantic kiss ... but you might have to share the space with a beggar.

    The much-frequented bridge is one of the favourite haunts for this activity, so the romanticism of the place may fade fast. Check before you drag your loved one up there!

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    Getting No Knickers in a Twist at the Panti Bar

    Panti Bar ... maybe the best place for a LGBT kiss
    ••• Panti Bar ... maybe the best place for a LGBT kiss. © Bernd Biege 2016

    Dublin has a number of well-known hang-outs for the LGBT community, but the hostelry run by the "Queen of Ireland" (Pandora Panti Bliss, also known as Rory O'Neill) must these days rank as the most high-profile one (apologies to the longer-established and (in my opinion) nicer "The George"). If there is a good place for a gay kiss, it must be the Panti Bar, found at 7-8 Capel Street, just north of the Liffey.

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    Darling It's Better, Out Where It's Wetter ... on South Wall

    Light Houses
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    Here's an oldie but still goldie - the lighthouse at the end of the South Wall, right in the middle of Dublin Bay. Okay, it is quite a walk, but then you usually have a lot of peace and quiet (disregard the wind howling, the waves lapping, and the odd other walker) to enjoy a good snog. During the week at least, or when the weather is not at its best.

    Bring a picnic on a sunny day. But beware ... don't get lost in the moment, and make your way back while it is still light enough to see the at times very uneven surface of the South Wall.

    For easier access, and good pubs and restaurants nearby, you may also try the Howth Harbour Lighthouse - albeit with definitely more company.

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    Where Lovers Rest ... in St. Patrick's Cathedral

    St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
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    Now while stately St. Patrick's Cathedral does not hold Saint Valentine, Ireland's national cathedral still has a bonus for lovers. In the (definitely authentic) remains of Swift and Stella, "most beautiful, graceful and agreeable young woman in London" (his words).

    Esther Johnson, close friend (and maybe more) of Jonathan Swift was buried here in 1728. And when the great writer, and spiritual father of Lemuel Gulliver, died in 1745, he was buried alongside his "Stella". What better place for young and old lovers to have a kiss?

    Well, there always is the "Stella" ward in St. Patrick’s Hospital (founded by Swift, and originally earmarked "for Imbeciles"), but that doesn't quite have the same romantic note.