Best Places to Steal a Kiss at Disneyland

Disneyland is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination for Disney fans, and there are plenty of opportunities for romance. I conducted a poll to see which locations guest found most romantic to steal a kiss with their sweethearts. 

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Making Out at the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, California

 Kayte Deioma

The Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square, a dark ride through ghost-territory, is the most popular make-out location in the park according to my own poll and also according to a poll and conducted by the OC Register's Around Disney Blog.

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In Front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle

Romantic Disneyland

Kayte Deioma

Sleeping Beauty Castle came in a close second. There are lots of dark nooks and crannies inside of Sleeping Beauty Castle where you can steal a kiss in the dark at any time of day, but many couples opt for a more public display of affection front and center with the castle as a backdrop. Photographers are on hand to take your photo in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle all day and night. But for the greatest romance, wait for the fireworks.

if you want a good spot at the end of Main Street in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle to watch the fireworks, you have to settle in an hour more in advance, so you've got plenty of time to share a kiss or a dozen. Find a corner of a bench behind the crowd seated on the sidewalk to be less a part of the show. Once the fireworks start, everyone is looking at the sky.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - Adventures in the Dark

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland California
Kayte Deioma

Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square came in a pretty distant 3rd behind the top two spots.A slow boat through one of Disneyland's darkest rides with wide bench seats is the perfect atmosphere for a knoodle before the canon fire starts to fly. Ask to sit at the back of the boat for a little more privacy. Depending on timing, you can usually get a row to yourself, but you might have to share. 

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Astroblasters - The Laser Kiss

Astroblasters at Disneyland California
Kayte Deioma

About even with Pirates is Astroblasters in Tomorrowland. OK, you'll probably be having too much fun shooting lasers at targets in this one to get busy, but the two-seater cars traveling through the darkened attraction at a relatively moderate pace provide plenty of opportunity if you're so inclined.

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Peter Pan's Flight - Mile High Over London

Peter Pan's Wild Flight at Disneyland, California
Kayte Deioma

Peter Pan's Flight in Fantasyland takes you on a magical flight through the skies of London sitting side by side in suspended cars. A pretty romantic setting all around.

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Mark Twain Riverboat - a Smooch with a River View

The Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland California
Kayte Deioma

Grab a spot with a view on the upper deck of the Mark Twain Riverboatboarding in Frontierland, and smooch your way across the Rivers of America.

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It's a Small World, So Cuddle Close

it's a small world at Disneyland, California
Kayte Deioma

There was a 3-way tie for 7th place among these last three.

If you don't mind the eyes of hundreds of dolls on you and ending up with that song in your head, It's a Small World in Fantasyland is a nice long, slow boat ride through some dimly lit exhibits, and some not so dim. Ask to be in the back row.

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The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Makes Your World Spin

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Disneyland, CA
Kayte Deioma

If you want the world to spin when you kiss, take a ride on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Fantasyland. The cup itself only spins if you spin it, so you shouldn't get too dizzy from your turn around the floor. You can usually get a cup to yourselves and at night the light level is low.

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Splash Mountain - Wet Kiss

Splash Mountain at Disneyland
Kayte Deioma

Splash Mountain in Critter Country may not seem like the optimal place to steal a kiss since most of the seats are back to front, but if you can fit 2 on the back seat like in this photo, there's a slow climb up the last hill before that big drop where you just might manage it.