The 9 Best Places to Buy Golf Clubs to Hit the Course

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There's no shortage of places to purchase golf clubs. Golf specialty shops. Large sporting goods stores. Or even second-hand options like eBay. It can be overwhelming at times. We've tapped into our previous knowledge of buying golf clubs and loads of internet research to find the best nine places to buy your next set of clubs.

We've got you covered whether you're looking for a top-end set, used set, custom set, or just the best deal. Read on to learn about the best places to buy golf clubs right now.

The Rundown

Best Overall: TGW

"Their massive inventory is broken down by player type, club type, and 13 brands."

Best Budget: Dick’s Sporting Goods

"The 'Best Price Guarantee' states they’ll match costs with other qualifying retailers."

Best for Certified Clubs: Callaway Golf Preowned

"Each club comes with a certificate of authenticity and a conditional guarantee."

Best for Variety: Golf Galaxy

"Offers all things golf, including custom golf clubs, complete sets, and more."

Best for Custom Clubs: True Fit Clubs

"Provides specific recommendations based on each golfer's needs."

Best for Package Sets: Worldwide Golf Shops

"Has one of the most robust inventories of club package sets."

Best for Used Clubs: Golf Avenue

"One of the largest online golf retailers of pre-owned equipment."

Best for Experts: PGA Tour Superstore

"Emphasizes browsing clubs by manufacturers like Cobra, Callaway, Odyssey, and others."

Best for Discounts: Rock Bottom Golf

"Offers major discounts on everything from individual clubs to iron groups."

Best Overall: TGW

PING Mens G410 SFT Fairway

Courtesy of TGW 

Originally called The Golf Warehouse, this family-owned operation out of Wichita, Kansas, was one of the first online retailers for golf clubs and more than 30,000 other golf products. The site often has 24-hour flash sales with an average of $100 off most golf clubs and free shipping for orders over $99 (with some exclusions). Their massive inventory of clubs is organized by player type (men, women, kids, and left-handed golfers), club type (including used and custom clubs and club sets), and 13 brands, including Callaway, Wilson, PING, and Srixon.

Sorting and filtering between clubs is easy and lets you narrow your selections by size, grip, flex, and loft, though it could use a club comparison tool. Descriptions and stats are spelled out, and the site also handles Q&As. Detailed user reviews offer overviews of the product’s performance and star ratings on characteristics such as golf club distances, workability, and forgiveness, making it easy for a prospective buyer to gather information.

Best Budget: Dick’s Sporting Goods

TaylorMade M6 Irons – (Steel)

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

A popular brick-and-mortar sporting goods store, Dick's Sporting Goods covers a variety of club brands, types of golf clubs, and complete sets with a "Best Price Guarantee" that states they'll match costs with other qualifying retailers. So you're always guaranteed the lowest prices. You can also arrange for a free, in-store pick-up an hour after you purchase your clubs online, or arrange for free, fast shipping to your home. In addition to competitive pricing and a robust selection of clubs, their website also provides helpful buying guides on subjects including custom golf clubs, finding suitable golf irons, and selecting a driver or hybrid club. Filter options cover the gamut, from star-rated user reviews by verified customers to club features, brands, price, and gender, to name a few.

The site also offers a handful of Dick's-exclusive clubs. All products include detailed descriptions, recommendations on comparable clubs, and easy access to the reviews/star ratings. Simply put: For reasonable prices on new, top-of-the-line clubs, Dick's is hard to beat.

Best for Certified Clubs: Callaway Golf Preowned


 Courtesy of Callaway Golf Pre-Owned

Legions of online retailers offer used clubs, but sometimes buying second-hand clubs can induce anxiety over whether they deliver on promises. And that’s exactly what Callaway combats on their certified, pre-owned online store. Naturally, this site’s inventory focuses on Callaway clubs—and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and a conditional guarantee. You also get a 90-day buy-back option, and if the price lowers within 14 days of purchase, they’ll refund the amount at your request. They also offer other brands, including Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and TaylorMade. Shopping filters are a bit limited compared to other sites but include filters for gender, hand, price, and details such as loft and shaft flex. Product info and user reviews/ratings are also robust, and the related items section allows for intelligent, horizontal views that help you narrow down your selection of clubs. You also benefit from Callaway Rewards and can qualify for free shipping.

Best for Variety: Golf Galaxy

Titleist TS3 Driver

Courtesy of Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy might not have the retail footprint of its parent, Dick’s Sporting Goods, but they more than make up for it with specificity. As its name implies, the store and online retail site offer all things golf, including custom golf clubs, complete sets, and a full array of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. You also get a best-price guarantee and easy, one-hour pickup (or free shipping). The site offers a bit of selection and buying tips and some expert advice, but the emphasis is on club stats. Each product includes loft, hand, bounce, and shaft variables, buoyed by user reviews and a Q&A feature.

Best for Custom Clubs: True Fit Clubs

Callaway Mavrick Fairway LH

Courtesy of True Fit Clubs


For more than 25 years, True Fit Clubs has been offering custom golf clubs (without an in-person retail experience) through their Golf Club Fitting Wizard, which provides precise recommendations for the optimal club length, shaft weight and flex, trajectory, shaft spin, and swing weight based on each golfer's needs. Built around a four-pronged data set (your physical characteristics, swing dynamics, strength, and shot tendency), the tool has helped create custom-made clubs for more than 10,000 golfers since 2005 and boasts a "95 percent" accuracy rating.

Start by selecting the club type from the usual suspects, and then work through more than 15 brand options for the head, shaft, and grip. However, it should be noted that this isn't the most customer-friendly online experience for browsing or evaluating. They don't have any user reviews/ratings at the product level, with little additional information per club part—but web searches by product name should help flesh out those details if you're unsure or want further insight.

Best for Package Sets: Worldwide Golf Shops

Cobra Women's XL Speed 13PC Package Set

 Courtesy of Worldwide Golf Shops

Worldwide Golf Shops is the parent brand of some smaller brick-and-mortar shops (more than 80 across 20 states) and have been in the industry for more than 50 years—with one of the most robust inventories of club package sets. Complete sets offer the convenience of scoring an entire kit (bag included) without fussing about finding each club and are often less expensive than building up your own set. They offer kits for left- and right-handed juniors, men, and women golfers across 13 brands, with price, shaft flex, shaft material, size, and color filters.

Rather than a persistent chatbot/window, Worldwide Golf Shops offers customer service via email or toll-free number. Bonus: Their competitive prices include a low-price guarantee and a 90-day satisfaction policy. Customer reviews/ratings may be lacking compared to some other online retailers. Still, detailed information on each set should be enough to scope out the ideal kit, while recommended products on-site let you comparison shop. Get free shipping on orders more than $99.

Best for Used Clubs: Golf Avenue


Courtesy of Golf Avenue 

Founded by two college students, Golf Avenue started on eBay in 2006 before graduating into one of the largest online golf retailers of pre-owned equipment with more than 75,000 clubs in its inventory. Driven by a passion for the sport, the site offers options for every type of golfer, from the casual part-timer to the budding low-handicap expert. PGA pros evaluate every club before it’s accepted for sale. Then each one is steam cleaned, photographed from various angles, and carefully graded to offer as much transparency as possible.

They carry all the major brands, including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, and PING, and sell clubs by club type and as complete sets. Prices vary based on the club’s overall condition but generally hover about $100 less than retail. You get the expected filter options, including shaft material, brand, player type, loft, flex, and price. You can also narrow your search by the clubs’ conditions: new, like new, very good, good, and fair. Each club includes the date of manufacture and a decently-detailed description, though other retail sites have more information if needed. User reviews are from verified customers. A 30-day return policy adds a degree of comfort, and shipping fees are waived on purchases over $150.

Best for Experts: PGA Tour Superstore


 Courtesy of PGA Tour Superstore

This clearinghouse for all things PGA Tour-related offers clubs for golfers of all levels, but experts with ambitions to reach tour-level playing would do well by choosing this online retailer. In addition to breaking out clubs by type, they also emphasize browsing the clubs by manufacturers like Cobra, Callaway, Odyssey, and others, recognizing that experienced golfers have brand loyalties.

The site offers complete sets, sale items, and premium pre-owned clubs, with filters sorted by color, flex, brand, loft, length, and price. A robust, product-level user review/rating library helps cut through the market-speak, and all club stats—from descriptions to its tech specs—are easy to read. There's also a Q&A feature and free standard shipping when you spend more than $99.

Best for Discounts: Rock Bottom Golf

Callaway Golf- GBB Epic Star Driver

Courtesy of Rock Bottom Golf


You can count on Rock Bottom Golf for significant discounts on everything from individual clubs to iron groups to entire club sets. This deep cost-cutting comes in lower-priced, open-box and return clubs, pre-owned clubs with a 30-day “playability” guarantee, and a section on the site dedicated to clearance items with a 50 percent price cut. They also offer cash for your old clubs, though the buy-back pricing is modest.

Browse by club type or brand, or filter by brand, flex, loft, price, and condition (new, used, and open box). The product details are reasonably robust and include various flex patterns, grip, and loft specs. And while the user review library reads relatively scarce, it’s easy to source that information elsewhere. Easy access to their online Golf Glossary helps break down some golf jargon. All clubs come with a 90-day guarantee, and most ship for free.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Clubs


When choosing new clubs, golfers face the age-old question: Is it the archer or the arrows?

The truth, of course, is that it’s a bit of both, and that’s why players of all skill levels must get fit by a professional before they buy. “A good fitting is monumental to playing consistently good golf,” says Nick Carlson, assistant general manager and director of golf at Arrowhead Country Club in Phoenix. “Having clubs fit to you will help if you’re a scratch golfer or just beginning.” 

Beating home this point even further, Daniel Stevens, assistant general manager and director of golf at The Dominion Country Club in San Antonio, tells us, “On a scale from one to ten, proper club fitting would fall around a 15!”

So when players are choosing a retailer, they should stick with one that focuses on facilities that focus on club fitting, according to Joseph DiChiara, director of instruction at the Ancala Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. “I always recommend a proper fitting with a qualified professional before purchasing clubs,” he said. Purchasing stock clubs online “is like throwing darts blindfolded. You never know what you will get, and chances are they will not fit you,” DiChiara says.

According to Stevens, a properly fit set of clubs won’t solve every swing issue but will add consistency. “Each player has their own unique swing DNA.” That includes tempo, release timing, speed, attack angles, and numerous other factors, and the golf club market is full of head and sat combinations to match nearly every swing. “Proper fitting helps you identify what club set up will work for your natural move at the ball.” 

This is an axiom not just for the course but also for training and honing a swing on the driving range. “Having clubs that fit the framework of your body is going to allow lessons and practice sessions to have more of an immediate impact. Whether you are refining your game and fine-tuning ball flights or trying to learn basics and make consistent contact, you are going to benefit greatly by having a set of professionally fit golf clubs,” says Carlson.

The point of buying new clubs is to help a golfer play better, and the key is consistency. “A good fitting will always reduce the disbursement pattern shots,” says Tim Cooke, director of instruction at The Sea Pines Resort. So the misses are better; therefore, the scores are lower.”

In golf, that’s the name of the game.


“During a good fitting, the club fitter will go through lofts and lies, but they should start with the length of the club,” says Carlson. “The length of the golf club is paramount in ensuring you are not making adjustments and compensations throughout the swing for clubs that are not meant for you.”

Shaft Stiffness

“In my opinion, the weight of the shaft is the single most important factor in cub fitting,” Stevens says. “Flex can be misleading, but if a player can get into the correct weight and length of the shaft, then they will instantly start to feel more comfortable over the ball and will produce more consistent ball flight.” 

There are many other factors to ensuring a good fitting set of golf clubs. “Overall club weight, swing weight, and grip size should be checked during the fitting process,” says Carlson. “When fine-tuning the equipment, spin rates off the face, kick point in the shaft, and launch angles are all going to be checked as those elements are crucial in maximizing distance and accuracy.”

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I buy clubs online, or should I go to a store?

    Players who haven’t had a recent fitting should skew toward purchasing clubs in person. “Golfers should not be buying clubs online without a fitting; the chances that a stock ‘off the rack’ club is going to match with their height and swing characteristics are very minimal,” Carlson says. “A club that is not properly fit to the golfer is going to cause compensations in the swing resulting in inconsistent shots.”

    But for those who have seen a professional fitter in the past few months, online shopping can be an easy path to new sticks. “If you recently have had a fitting, you can take the spec sheet and order online with confidence,” Carlson says. “Club Manufacturers offer multiple options when buying online—you are now able to customize the length, loft, lie, grip size, among others.”

    For those who decide to order online, “make sure you fill out the specs according to your profile created by your fitter and then have a golf professional check the specs when the clubs arrive,” Stevens says.

    Even the best of the best mishit it from time to time, and players should want consistent clubs. “You will find that with the proper clubs your misses and your perfect strikes all get more consistent (with fit clubs) so you are able to predict and have confidence in the shot you are trying to hit,” says Stevens. “Simply put, custom fit clubs will work for-with you vs. you having to adjust your natural movement to get an effective shot from the clubs.”

  • How do I get a good deal on golf clubs?

    How does one define ‘a deal?’ Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s better. Players may be able to snag a set of new sticks on the cheap, but if they don’t suit their game, it’s like setting your money on fire. “To me, a good deal and creating value in your set of clubs is how much you are getting out of them,” Carlson says. “Getting a professional fitting, seeing dramatically better shot dispersion and lower scores means you got a good deal. There isn’t a way to bypass a professional fitting to see the best results in your game.”

    According to DiChiara, the “green grass” shops at your local courses can yield good value for money. “Make sure you visit a property such as Ancala; they will price match major retailers and also provide a higher-end experience and fitting along with the purchase,” he says. Stevens tells his members, “You will never pay more through the club, and often just a hair less.” 

    Fitting days at your local golf courses can be the best time to buy. “The manufacturers typically offer a discount for clubs ordered on the day of fitting, and almost all companies now offer a good way to trade your existing equipment through the golf shop,” Stevens says. 

    “Any player looking for a quality used set, should take advantage of eBay,” Stevens says. “The market is awesome for second-hand clubs. Make sure you get with a fitter first so you can find something as close to what you need as possible. After the purchase, a qualified golf professional will be able to make minor adjustments to the set to get you even better results. Callaway Preowned is also an additional recommended marketplace for used clubs and lower prices.”

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