Best Pizza Places in SF

We won’t sit here and argue that San Francisco does pizza better than a city like New York or Chicago (but honestly: apples and oranges), but we will argue that San Francisco can make a darn good slice of pie. There are many, many options in this town. But here are the top ten. 

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    Marcos P. via Yelp

     Outer Richmond
    211 23rd Ave.
    Telephone: (415) 379-98880

    Get ready for farm fresh ingredients piled as high as you’d like them. This Outer Richmond spot specializes in delicious, unexpected combinations like farm egg, Tunisian pepper sauce, chorizo, cilantro and ricotta that make for a very satisfying meal. The interior has a cozy café feel with Moroccan lanterns hanging above checkered tile tables. It’s relatively low on the frills, so you can focus on the pie in front of you. 

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    Aubrie Pick

    1199 Valencia St.
    Telephone: (415) 695-1199

    There’s something so special about dough so fluffy and billowy, with blistered bubbles that are perfectly charred. The high ceilings, communal tables, Edison bulbs and friendly staff make the pizza taste even better. Don’t forget to order a cocktail at the bar if there’s a wait. The drink is definitely worth it. 

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    Sarah Remington

     North Beach
    641 Vallejo St.
    Telephone: (415) 986-8998

    Deep dish is the specialty at this Chicago-inspired spot, but it’s hard to just focus on the pie when the menu is chalk full of delicious options. Start with a seasonal cocktail like the new trick with bourbon and fernet branca (hey, got to have a digestif for all the pizza you’re about to consume). Then order a Farmer’s Pie, which is loaded with four cheeses, sausage, bacon, wild mushrooms, eggs, and arugula. If there’s two of you, there will definitely be leftovers.

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    Pizza from Golden Boy
    Adam S. via Yelp

    North Beach
    542 Green St.
    Telephone: (415) 982-9738

    Get ready to indulge in the best Grandma’s pie-style pizza you’ve ever tasted. Golden Boy has been serving up slices to-go wrapped in red and white gingham paper since 1978. Your options are limited to sausage, cheese, veggie, pepperoni or clam and pesto, but you’ll be satisfied with any one of those. It’s also open late, though there’s a line of hungry night owls to go with it. 

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    3621 18th St.
    Telephone: (415) 437-6800

    Pac Heights
    2406 California St.
    Telephone: (415) 440-1189

    Delfina has been king of the pizza crown ever since it burst onto the scene in 2005. Their Neapolitan-style pizzas are piled high with farm-fresh ingredients like homemade fennel sausage and bell peppers or cherrystone clams and tomatoes and oregano. The Mission location definitely has an old-school takeout pizza spot feel, but the newer one in the Fillmore is a bit more upscale. The pizza is just as delicious either way. 

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    Sarah Remington

    North Beach
    1570 Stockton St.
    Telephone: (415) 835-9888

    There’s always a wait, but you can always snag a fireside martini at Original Joe’s while you wait. Once you get in, you’ll be drooling over the thin crust pizza covered with artichokes and provolone or soppressata and red hot pepper oil. You might have to sit outside, so make sure you bundle up!

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    846 Divisadero St.
    Telephone: (415) 441-1118

    400 Valencia St.
    Telephone: (415) 551-7827

    Little Star has developed a bit of a cult following in San Francisco. But who could blame the sheep? This crusty cornmeal edges with an inside oozing with marinara sauce, mozzarella, and extras like zucchini and mushrooms (that’s in the vegetarian) or chicken, bell peppers and artichoke hearts (that’s the Mediterranean Chicken). 

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    Katie N. via Yelp

    3299 Mission St.
    Telephone: (415) 874-5585 (text only)

    When the dough can be fluffy, chewy, and crispy at the same time, you’ve reached pizza heaven. The Rocket Man, a doughy combo of garlic, arugula, egg, lemon, and mozzarella is a crowd favorite. Chalkboard walls and multi-colored string lights give the shop a casual feel so the focus is on the food. 

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    826 Folsom St.
    Telephone: (415) 348-8800

    Not too thin or too thick, Zero Zero’s pizza is just right. The hen of the woods mushrooms are perfectly paired with leeks and pecorino, making a rich combo in the Fillmore but then there’s also the slow-roasted tomatoes, eggplants, and ricotta on the Hayes. There are too many decisions, so don’t make any. Invite all your friends. 

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    Hayes Valley
    511 Hayes St.
    Telephone: (415) 558-9991

    822 Irving St.
    Telephone: (415) 759-9000

    Pac Heights
    3318 Fillmore St.
    Telephone: (415) 345-3995

    Noe Valley
    4042 24 St.
    Telephone: (415) 285-2000

    Say what you will about chains, but Patxi’s does deep dish right. First of all: the scent. You can’t walk by a Patxi’s without being hit by the wafting sweetness of baking cheese, marinara, and dough. You will start craving pizza immediately. Inside, the pizza is perfectly gooey and crunchy 

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