The 10 Best Pizza Places in Philadelphia

Did someone say pizza? With such a huge Italian-American community in the city, it’s no surprise that the pizza in Philadelphia is always, well, sizzling. In fact, you can probably find some kind of pizzeria on just about every block here as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. What’s most exciting about Philly’s diverse pizza scene is that every restaurant makes their pies differently—round, square, Sicilian, Neapolitan, and more—with a variety of delicious toppings. Even though no pizza is made or tastes the same, they are all still delicious! These are some of the best spots to eat pizza in Philly.

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Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri

Courtesy of Pizzeria Vetri

If you’re seeking gourmet, thin-crust pizzas in a casual setting, look no further than Pizzeria Vetri. With an open kitchen and wood-fired ovens, the eatery creates delectable pies that keep locals coming back over and over. Created by award-winning local chef Marc Vetri, this spot is guaranteed to satisfy any and all of your pizza cravings. Purists love their Margherita pizza, but their vegetable, white, and fennel sausage pies are just as delicious. Pizzeria Vetri has three locations around the city, and you can also order other Italian-style delights here, including calzones and salads.

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1734 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148-1524, USA
Phone +1 215-463-9249

A fun and lively neighborhood landmark, Marra’s has been baking consistently delicious pizzas for nearly 100 years. Located in the heart of South Philly, this old-school restaurant is cozy, friendly, and often crowded with locals from the neighborhood. You can’t go wrong with any of their classic pizza toppings like pepperoni or onion—and their other Italian dishes do not disappoint. There might be a line during prime times, but give your name at the bar and enjoy a glass of wine while you wait. 

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Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

305 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA
Phone +1 215-800-1942

The pizzas go down easy at this iconic South Street destination, which has been around for nearly 50 years. You can purchase individual slices, or a 14- or 28-inch pie. Their pizzas feature fun and memorable names, such as the Philly Joe (mozzarella, pepperoni, onion), the Susie Q (mushrooms and peppers), and the Hang Loose (pineapple). Popular with the South Street party crowd, Lorenzo’s is open well into the evening and also offers a separate “late night” menu. Expect a big crowd when the bars are closing—especially on weekends. 

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Pizzeria Stella

420 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA
Phone +1 215-320-8000

Situated in the historical area of Head House Square, Pizzeria Stella creates masterful pies with wood-burning ovens. This eatery serves up authentic Neapolitan pizza covered in a variety of unique toppings, and it’s always difficult for guests to choose just one pizza. A few of their many favorites include the four-cheese Quattro Formaggi (featuring parmesan, mozzarella, scamorza, and grana padano), the Purgatory (topped with sopressata, crushed tomato, chili peppers, egg, and pecorino), and Pistachio (sprinkled with red onion, rosemary, and fontina cheese).

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Tacconelli’s Pizza

Tacconelli's Pizzeria

 Courtesy of Tacconelli's Pizzeria

2604 E Somerset St, Philadelphia, PA 19134-4733, USA
Phone +1 215-425-4983

A favorite since the early 1900s, Tacconelli’s is located in the Port Richmond section of the city. This restaurant is known for exceptional pizza, but be sure to follow their "rules" for ordering and dining here: Customers must call ahead and reserve their dough thanks to a limited daily supply. They keep things simple by only making four different types of pizza, allowing for a number of toppings. Tacconelli’s is a BYOB, so feel free to bring your own beer or wine.

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Uncle Oogies

With two locations in South Philly (and one at the Jersey shore), Uncle Oogies is a charming, family-run pizza place with a strong reputation. It's famous for its breakfast pizza—pie made with eggs, American cheese, and a selection of toppings—which you can get any time of day. Other best-selling gourmet pizzas include Buffalo chicken, eggplant Florentine, and the crab pie (with fresh lump crab meat). This spot also serves up a wide array of burgers, cheesesteaks, and wraps. Some pizzas are available in whole wheat versions. 

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Cacia’s Bakery

With multiple locations throughout the city (and in the suburbs, too), Cacia’s Bakery is the real deal and has been a fan favorite for over 60 years. Their thick, Sicilian-style square slices always seem to have sprung from the oven moments before you’ve arrived. They feature all the great varieties, but be sure to order their signature “pizzaz” pizza. Because the slices can be mixed and matched, you're guaranteed to bring home a box the whole group can enjoy. This is strictly take-out; be sure to check the hours before going. 

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Blackbird Pizzeria

614 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA
Phone +1 267-324-5224

Blackbird Pizzeria is a vegan restaurant that’s known far and wide for its vegetable-topped pies. A couple favorites include the mushroom and truffle oil-topped Funghi pizza, and the Balboa, which features seitan sausage, tofu ricotta, and pumpkin seed pesto. This spot also serves up vegan cheesesteaks and sandwiches, such as the Buffalo wingwich, made with habanero buffalo wings, avocado, and tomato.

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20th Street Pizza

108 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
Phone +1 215-398-5748

Owned by the same company as Blackbird, 20th Street Pizza is located across town. With fresh pies whipped up daily, the menu features classic tomato and mushroom pies as well as a number of inventive options. Be sure to try the popular green pizza, which comes with green olives and greens. And if you’re not so hungry, you can order by the slice, too. 

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Pizza Brain

Pizza Brain

Courtesy of Pizza Brain

2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA
Phone +1 215-291-2965

In addition to baking award-winning pies, Pizza Brain is also home to a certified pizza museum—an establishment showcasing the largest number of pizza-related collectibles anywhere. Located in the bustling Fishtown section of Philadelphia, Pizza Brain has a robust menu of “red” and “white” pizzas with inventive topping combinations. Menu items include the Jane, with mozzarella and aged provolone, and the Patrick Maxwell, which features (among other ingredients) sautéed onions and brisket.

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