Best Pizza in Hong Kong - Our Top 5

Selection of artisan pizzas
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If you’ve just arrived in Hong Kong, you need to visit our guide to Cantonese cuisine and eat some tasty Dim Sum, five-spiced pork or freshly caught seafood. Cantonese food is fantastic and cheap.

If, however, it’s day seven and another pile of rice is likely to reduce you to tears then Hong Kong has some fantastic places for a slice of pie. Here is our pick of the best pizza in Hong Kong. 

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    Duecento Otto 208

    The pizza oven at 208 Duecento Otto
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    A little slice of Naples in the heart of Hong Kong; this sleek Italian boasts a custom built brick pizza oven and parma ham and buffalo mozzarella jetted in from the mother country. The pizzas are small, but faultless with thin crispy bases slathered in passata. The trattoria flavor to the food is not translated to the setting, with crisp white tablecloths and broody brown wooden walls attracting the suited and booted crowd. You'll need to book ahead to get a seat on Friday or Saturday evening.

    What to order? Margherita pizza for HK$168
    Address: 208 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

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    Paisano's Pizza in Hong Kong
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    Welcome to the spiritual home of NYC style slices in Hong Kong. This pie shop started life in the Big Apple back in 1982, before making the leap to Hong Kong in 2009. Still a family run affair with owner  Al Morales calling the shots in the kitchen, the pizzas are straight out of the New York playbook with generous crusts, thin centers and just the right amount of grease. The pizzas come by the slice or in 14 to 24-inch pies. Paisanos also do a fantastic line of sub sandwiches that would embarrass Subway and even offer strombolis – a rare treat this far from NYC. 

    What to order? Pepperoni pizza for HK$115
    Address: 23 Hollywood Road, Central (other locations around town)

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    Stone Nullah Tavern

    Pizza is generally best served with beer. Step in Stone Nullah Tavern. This swanky bar appeals to the after-work crowd with high-end cocktails, and imported craft brews served alongside classic American dishes. You'll find mac and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs give a fine dining twist, while the wood-fired pizzas are excellent - especially when washed down with a pint of Rogue IPA. Head here for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or just during the daily happy hour to see the bar in full swing. 

    What to order? BBQ chicken pizza for HK$138
    Address: 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai


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    Pizzeria Pubblico

    Pizzeria Posto Pubblico
    ••• Courtesy of Posto Pubblico

    Gaining somewhat of a cult following amongst local pizza lovers, Pizzeria Pubblico was brought to Hong Kong by New York natives Todd and Rob who learned their craft sweating under the pizza ovens in Brooklyn and Queens. Their sharp but simple checkerboard and chalkboard interior at Pizzeria Pubblico pays homage to these same neighborhood pizza joints. So do the excellent deep-dish pizzas. More expensive than some competitors, the price is reflected in the quality. 

    What to order? The Bronx Bomber (crumbled sausage and pepperoni) for HK$148
    Address: 28 Elgin Street, SoHo

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    Pepperoni's is not the best pizza in Hong Kong. It's not even the best pizza in Sai Kung. But it is the nearest thing you’ll get to an American style, family-friendly chain. The prices are affordable,the service quick and there is always a table available. While the pizzas won’t beat Dominos and certainly won’t have Papa John worried – in fact they are distinctly average – the restaurant is well set up for handling large groups of kids. Beyond the pizzas, you'll find a selection of below-par pasta and burgers which should be avoided. For a more upmarket experience Hong Kong also has Pizza Express.

    What to order? Marinara pizza for HK$120
    Address: 1592 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung