Best Pies in Central Arkansas

The Top Places to get Your pie fix in Central Arkansas / Little Rock

There's no question in my mind, nobody knows pies like the southern states.  Pie is the original comfort food.  It reminds us of home, hearth and family.  There's just something about a big slice of custard pie that reminds me of Thanksgiving with my family.  Apple pie with cinnamon reminds me of Christmas, and nothing says summer in Arkansas like a big slice of strawberry pie.

You don't have to have an old southern grandma to get some great pie in Arkansas.  There are a few stops that are doing pie just like your grandma used to make. They are listed in the order of my preference, but people like different things, so I tried to point out some high points.  The "best" will differ depening on if you prefer cream, fruit or nut pies, meringue or whipped cream, what kind of crust you like, etc.

These are places suggested by you guys, and I've only had time to review about half of them.  

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Charlotte's Sweets and Eats (Keo)

Charlotte's coconut creme pie
Amanda Galiano

Though my quest for pie is not complete, Charlotte's ranks tops in the custard pie arena.  Their coconut cream pie has the perfect amount of crunchy merigue, the custard has a nice consistency and fresh taste and the crust has just the right amount of crumble.  Unlike most meringues, the topping doesn't slip off the pie in a puddle of goo, either.  Besides coconut, you'll find chocolate, pumpkin, caramel, egg custard and lots of cakes. In June of 2010, Southern Living named Charlotte’s coconut pie as the fourth best pie in the south.  Everything is made from scratch every morning, except the cheesecake. Pies are available to go for $20, and require 24 hours notice to prepare. Located at 90 Main Street, Keo, AR. Open Tuesday through Friday from 11-2 and Saturday from 11-3. Cash or check only.  501-842-2123.

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Chip's BBQ (Little Rock)

Chip's BBQ Coconut Cream
Amanda Galiano

Whenever I talk about pies to the Little Rock lunch crowd, Chip's comes up.  A friend brought one to a meeting, so I got to sample the coconut.  If you don't like meringue, this is the pie for you.  Chip's cream pies have a whipped topping. The coconut had one of the best coconut custard filling I've tasted.  The texture is also really nice, but it doesn't hold up to be out of the fridge well.  They have coconut, chocolate, banana, lemon chocolate walnut, banana walnut, pumpkin and pecan for the holidays.  A cream pie will run you about $18.  A nut pie is about $20.  Slices are available too.  Located at 9801 West Markham Street,  501-225-4346.

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Franke's (Little Rock)

Franke's Chocolate Creme Pie
Amanda Galiano

Franke's is most well known for their egg custard pie, but they also have pecan, brownie, pumpkin, coconut, sweet potato and more. Growing up in Little Rock, trips to Franke's and their custard pies were a tradition. Franke's does have an in-house bakery that makes their pies.  I'm told they hand-roll their pie crust daily. A whole pie cost about $14. They also have good, cafeteria style food if you want something to eat to go with your pie. Located in the Market Place Shopping Center on 11121 N. Rodney Parham, 501-225-4487. Also, located at the Regions Center Building on 400 Broadway, 501-372-1919.

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Bobby's Country Cookin'

Coconut Cream
Amanda Galiano

Bobby's has a few unique pies, including the McRae, which is half coconut cream and half chocolate cream. They have a great strawberry Jell-O pie too. The pies sell out quick, so get there early. Bobby's is only open from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays. Located on 301 N.Shackleford Rd, 501-224-9500.

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Community Bakery (Little Rock)

Community Bakery Chocolate Creme Pie
Amanda Galiano

Community Bakery makes all their pies fresh at their 1202 Main St location.  They are delivered to other locations (270 S. Shackleford Road) daily.  The downtown location is the best place for service and sweets.  Most of their baked goods are outstanding, their pie is only average.  I've sampled many Community Bakery pies over the years, and their best are the cream pies. To me, their apple pie is mediocre.  The crust is good, but the filling is too runny and the apples are too firm. Their chocolate cream and coconut cream receive no such complaints. 501-375-6418.

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I-40 Restaurant

I-40 Restaurant Pie
Amanda Galiano

I-40 Restaurant in Maumelle is another of those Southern eateries that serves home-style cooking. They also have pie. The slices are huge. The cream pies are topped with meringue, but not a lot. It's kind of a chewy meringue, instead of the light and fluffy meringue of some of the eateries. Located at Ark. 365 & I-40 in Maumelle, 501-851-9946.

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Add Your Own

I've shared my favorites, now you tell me.  What's your favorite Arkansas pie?  Do you have photos to submit? We'd all love to see them.

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Ed and Kay's (Benton) [closed, but still legend]

Ed and Kay's Mile-high Coconut Meringue Pie
Amanda Galiano

Ed and Kay's wins best meringue for their famous mile-high pies. If you love meringue, there's plenty to love with these pies. It's a little more slippery than I like, but people who love meringue praise it. Once you get past the meringue, you've got a pretty solid custard pie. Their apple pie is a sneaky hit. I really like the caramelized crust. Be sure to save some room for the food. They have a large menu with traditional soul food. Located at 15228 Interstate 30 in Benton. Wed-Sunday. 501-315-6283.

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Your Mama's Good Food [closed, but still legend]

Chocolate Cream Pie
Amanda Galiano

Your Mama's Good food is a local favorite serving up a home style plate lunch. They're known for their food, but their cream and pecan pies are can't miss items. The cream pie is topped with a small amount of whipped cream, just the way I like it. Sorry meringue fans. The restaurant has recently moved and is now located at 215 Center Street, in the Pyramid Building - 501-372-1811. Open Mon through Fri from 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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More to come . . .

Other suggestions: Family Pie Shop, DeValls Bluff, AR (I've been there a long time ago, it was incredible), Burge's in Little Rock, Mary's Cafe & Pie Shop in Hot Springs, Virginia's Cafe in Stuggart, Ed's Custom Bakery in Conway, Stoby's in Conway, Nick's and Bulldog Diner in Bald Knob.

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