5 Best Party Beaches in South America

There is no better way to unwind and enjoy than to have a few drinks on the beach, and thanks to cities like Rio in Brazil, South America has developed a reputation for having some wonderful party beaches. After enjoying several hours of beautiful sunshine, when the sun starts to set, these beaches don't become quiet, but rather get rowdier and see the drink start to flow. Here are six of the best beaches to enjoy a party in South America.

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    The twin gems of Rio de Janeiro, both Copacabana and Ipanema are beautiful golden stretches of sand that are just yards away from the bustling city, and each one has a range of bars and clubs facing onto the beach. The Copacabana is at its busiest on New Year's Eve, when thousands flock to the area to enjoy wonderful fireworks, while it also usually plays host to the Beach Soccer World Cup every four years. Ipanema is home to the alternative side of Rio's beach life, often enjoying good surfing conditions, along with plenty of vendors selling beer and cachaca, the local spirit, to help get the party started.

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    Over the last few decades, Montanita has grown from being just another sleepy fishing village on the Pacific Coast to being one of the most popular stops on the backpacker trail in Ecuador. The relaxed vibe brought by the surfing community who now flock to the area makes for an interesting place to let your hair down, and there is a great selection of local drinks and spirits on offer, with fruity cocktails definitely worth enjoying. With stalls and vendors selling drinks along the beach during the day, and a series of bars and clubs on offer during the evening, this is a great place to enjoy the local party scene.

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    With a climate that is welcoming throughout the year and excellent surfing conditions, Mancora is another beach destination that has seen a boom over recent years as thousands of people come throughout the year to enjoy the sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. During the day the beaches are pleasant and relaxed, although often busy with Lima residents during public holidays, and the excellent seafood complements the lovely Peruvian drinks, with the Pisco Sour definitely worth a try. The town is also famous for hosting wild full moon parties, where the outdoor clubs keep the party going all night long.

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    Located on Margarita Island, just a short distance off the coast of Venezuela, El Agua is one of the country's most impressive beaches, with golden sands lined by beautiful palm trees. During the day there are vendors on the beach offering drinks and cocktails, and a whole range of other products too, while at night the town's resorts really start to get lively, especially during the tourist season. A series of bars and clubs along the strip offer good drinks and good music, and if you want to really get the party atmosphere then go to El Agua during Spring Break when the town is absolutely bouncing.

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    Located in the vibrant resort of Punta del Este, La Barra has often been called South America's St Tropez because of the number of rich and famous visitors that flock here. During the day the beaches are generally peaceful and relaxed, but when the sun goes down the party gets started, although most places only really get busy after midnight when the crowds really come out. The parties will commonly last until dawn, and the area is particularly busy in December and January when visitors flock to the town.