The 10 Best Parks in Berlin

Berlin Treptower Park with city skyline on background, Berlin, Germany
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Berlin stands out when compared to other European capitals, in part due to a lack of skyscrapers paired with multiple green spaces, canals, and waterways. All that greenery in the heart of the city makes for a calming environment, though Berlin is still a lively city with no shortage of things to do. Find out the best Berlin parks to lounge, eat, buy, or dance.

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Victory column and Berlin Tiergarten, Germany
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Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

This expansive central park lies between the Reichstag building, the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. With all of these top attractions bordering the park, it is surprising how quickly it quiets down upon entering the park. Once the hunting grounds for Prussian kings, it is now the playground of the public. Nearly 550 acres of land are interlaced with leafy paths, small creeks, open-air biergartens, and lush meadows.

If you are in the park on a Sunday, look for the nearby Berliner Trodelmarkt
with fancy crystal chandeliers and elegant old door handles. Step across the
street below the Tiergarten S-Bahn station for a filling platter of
German food at Tiergartenquelle to complete your visit.

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Tempelhofer Feld

People barbecue in the park Tempelhofer Feld
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Tempelhofer Damm, 12101 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 700906710

Berlin's parks are often steeped in history, but perhaps none more intensely than Tempelhofer Feld (Templehof Field). The first German aerial photos were taken here in 1886, the field was opened as an airport and rally ground for the Nazis in 1936, it played a central role in the Berlin Airlift, it closed in 2008 among public controversy and then reopened as a public park.

Located between the neighborhoods of Neukolln and Tempelhof south of the city center, the still present runways and massive open space are the perfect places to fly a kite, ride a bike, or even get involved in the community garden. Picnicking and grilling are welcome in certain sections so visitors often make a day of it, hanging out at the park from morning until sunset.

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Volkspark Friedrichshain

Märchenbrunnen fairytale fountain in the Volkspark Friedrichshain

Heiko119 / Getty Images

10249 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 902980

Berlin’s oldest public park was opened in 1848 and offers a variety of activities in every corner. The park is located at the border of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. Approach from the west side to find Marchenbrunnen (Fairytale Fountain), a fanciful Neo-Baroque fountain with charming statues from famous German stories. Continue along the park to find a Japanese Pavilion and Peace Bell, duck ponds, a babbling brook, meadows, a hill with a view, playgrounds, cafe with ice cream along with beach volleyball and rock-climbing facilities.

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Gorlitzer Park

People standing on a hill in Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Erin Porter
Görlitzer Str. 3, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 902988024

Known to most as simply "Gorli," this busy park is the landing ground of many festival-goers after the chaos of the Carnival of Culture or Erster Mai festivals. Outside of party times, the park is home to a swimming pool, an arcade and indoor golf course, playgrounds, a petting zoo, as well as several sports fields. Surrounded by some of the best casual restaurants in the city, this is the perfect place to grab a meal and go eat in the park.

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Treptower Park

Treptower Park Soviet War Memorial

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12435 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 25002333

Expanding from Treptower Station is Treptower Park. The second-largest park in the city, it runs along the River Spree with a lovely river walk with numerous street food stands. Across the river is Insel der Jugend (Island of Youth) with plenty of quiet places to relax and a youthful biergarten.

Walk past the sprawling English gardens and unkempt meadows to find the Soviet War Memorial (one of several in the city). The monument grounds are crowned with a mammoth depiction of a Soviet soldier and it is dedicated to the thousands of Soviet soldiers who died here during World War II.

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Schlosspark Charlottenburg

Schloss Charlottenburg Berlin
Wolfgang Scholvien/visitBerlin
Spandauer Damm 10-22, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 331 9694200

How often does your jogging path take you past a palace? At Schlossgarten Charlottenburg, this is the norm. The palace is one of the top sites in the city and is equally beautiful inside and out. The baroque gardens center around a large carp pond with a picturesque bridge onto Luiseninsel (Luise Island) just begging to be photographed. Admire views of the regal palace as well as the mausoleum and Belvedere. People walk or jog along the manicured paths, lay out on the grass, or even take their sleighs out on Trummerberg hill when it snows.

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Berlin Mauerpark bearpit karaoke

hanohiki / Getty Images

Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 60980018

It can be easy to forget this site is actually a park it is so frequently covered in people. Mauerpark (wall park) covers an area once divided by the Berlin Wall and a remaining vestige filled with ever-changing graffiti sits atop the hill bordering Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. On the hillside, there are several playful swing sets and an amphitheater that hosts Bearpit Karaoke most Sundays. Down below people play soccer or basketball, picnic, and listen to a variety of jam bands.

Sunday is the best day to visit as this is also when the Mauerpark market takes place. You'll find stall upon stall of old records, vintage clothing, antique toys, broken dishware, and odds and ends. In the center, there is an informal food court in case you need a snack break.

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Waterfall in Viktoriapark with Memorial in the background
kaiser / Getty Images
Katzbachstraße, 10965 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 115

The wilds of Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg are defined by sloping paths surrounded by trees and one picturesque waterfall. Park-goers gather along the damp rocks and enjoy the calming sounds of the running water. Peaking out above the waterfall you can see the Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars. This was the first green space in West Berlin to be listed in 1980.

After lounging in the park, you can find sustenance at the many nearby restaurants or continue to laze at the family-friendly biergarten, Golgatha.

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Monbijou Park

Monbijou Park Berlin

GettyImages / bluejayphoto

Oranienburger Str., 10178 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 901833110

This park faces the UNESCO World Heritage site of Museuminsel (Museum Island). It sports the typical Berlin features of a playground, green space, kids’ swimming pool, basketball court, and barbecue area, but Monbijou should really be visited for its nightlife.

With an open-door policy, laid-back visitors can take to the many deck chairs that line the Spree and even be served drinks by the beach bar in the summer. More active park-goers can join in the open-air dancing that takes place under the lights.

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"Thai Park"

Thai Park in Berlin
Erin Porter

The best Thai food in the city can be found in this West Berlin park. Known as Thai Park, or Thaiwiese in German, this informal gathering on the lawn of Preussen Park has been happening for nearly 30 years. Until recently, the food market wasn't strictly legal but updated hygiene facilities and regulations have allowed the popular event to continue.

Som tam (papaya salad), colorful dumplings, spring rolls, chicken skewers, and more are all cooked on small portable set-ups. Umbrellas shade the sellers, but beware that on poor weather days there is little protection from the elements and few food vendors show. Also note that all seating is on the grass so be ready to pull up a blanket and dig in.

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