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Aquaholic Adventures is the best paddle board rental in the Florida Keys

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The Rundown

Paddle boarding, or SUPing, is one of the most popular water sports out there, with more people discovering how fun it can be. However, not everyone has the budget or the storage space needed to own their own paddle board, and others are only interested in a one-off experience on their next vacation. That's where paddle board rentals come in.

For some, renting a paddle board is also a great way to try out different brands and types before settling on the best one to buy. Here, we look at a few of the best paddle board rentals in the most popular SUP destinations in America.

Our Top Picks

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Best in the Florida Keys: Aquaholic Adventures

Aquaholic Adventures

Aquaholic Adventures

Why We Chose It: We chose Aquaholic Adventures as our top pick in the Florida Keys because of its excellent customer reviews, highly qualified staff, and free delivery program.

  • Free delivery to your doorstep

  • WPA and PaddleFit certified instructor

  • Wide variety of SUP tours, lessons, and exercise classes

  • Not available outside Key Largo and Islamorada

  • No option to pay for less than 24 hours

  • Five-day discount applies to week days only

If you want to try your hand at coastal paddle boarding, the Florida Keys offers some of the best conditions and scenery in the United States, as well as a wealth of accessible launch sites. Aquaholic Adventures specializes in top-rated SUP rentals in Key Largo and Islamorada, with free delivery and pick-up included. The company is operated by a WPA and PaddleFit Level 3 certified instructor and offers a range of lessons for all ages. 

Prices are great, too, with a flat fee of about $40 for rentals lasting up to 24 hours. Weekly rates can also be arranged, and if you plan on renting a vacation home in the Keys, you can request to have your paddle board waiting for you when you arrive. Aquaholic Adventures also offers kayak and snorkel gear rentals, guided mangrove and dolphin tours, SUP exercise classes, and social events.

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Best on Lake Tahoe: SUP Tahoe

SUP Tahoe

SUP Tahoe

Why We Chose It: SUP Tahoe stood out for us as the best option on Lake Tahoe because of its competitive prices, generous season pass plan, and choice of paddle boards.

  • Choice between standard and touring boards

  • Multi-day discounts and season passes

  • Rentals include car rack for transportation

  • Rates are high in comparison to other destinations

  • Delivery is not offered (must have your own car)

  • Details of multi-day discounts are not clear online

For unrivaled mountain scenery, crystal clear waters, and a vast expanse of water to explore, head to Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada. SUP Tahoe has operated out of South Lake Tahoe since 2012. The company stands out for its rates, which are competitive in comparison to other Tahoe SUP rental businesses, and the fact that your rental includes a rack system for any vehicle.

You can choose a standard board or a touring one. Rates are about $30 to $40 for two hours respectively, and roughly $50 to $65 for the whole day. Want to keep your board overnight? It costs around $15 extra to return it before 10 a.m. the following day. Multi-day discounts and season passes are also available, with the latter costing approximately $275, including unlimited standard rentals as well as three free upgrades to a touring or race board.

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Best on Lake Powell: Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks

Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks

Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks

Why We Chose It: We chose Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks as the winner of this category because of its long-standing reputation and quality, name-brand boards.

  • Well-maintained, name-brand boards in many sizes

  • Rentals include delivery to Antelope Point boat ramp

  • Discounted rate for rentals of three days or more

  • Inflatable boards cost extra and exclude delivery

  • Price excludes Glen Canyon National Park entry fee

  • Advance booking is necessary during summer months

Man-made Lake Powell is recognized as one of the country’s most impressive SUP destinations thanks to its dramatic, red rock formations and the fact that it has more shoreline to explore than all of the Pacific Coast states combined. Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks is based in Page, AZ, and has been renting out quality boards since 2013. Rentals cost about $65 per day or roughly $45 per day for bookings of three days or more. 

All SUP rentals include carbon fiber paddles, lifejackets, and leashes (compulsory on Lake Powell), and delivery to Antelope Point public boat ramp. Delivery to alternative launch sites may be arranged for an additional fee. The company also offers kayak and packraft rentals, as well as daily paddle board and kayak tours led by guides certified by the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association (PSUPA) and the American Canoe Association (ACA).

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Best in Kauai: Kauai SUP

Kauai SUP

Kauai SUP

Why We Chose It: Kauai SUP is Kauai’s first and only shop dedicated exclusively to paddle boarding, which is why we chose it as the winner of this category.

  • Excellent location close to Wailua River

  • Self-guided river tours or choose-your-own-adventure rentals

  • Multi-day discounts available

  • Two-hour Wailua River rentals are relatively expensive

  • No option for on-water lessons

  • All tours are self-guided

Stand-up paddle boarding originated in Hawaii and Kauai, in particular, is renowned for its unlimited SUPing opportunities. Kauai SUP is proud to be the Garden Isle’s only exclusive SUP rental service and shop and is ideally located on the Wailua River. Boards are individually assigned according to your size, ability, and destination and include a carbon fiber paddle, leash, and optional life jacket. 

The company offers two rental options: Wailua River self-guided tours at about $35 for two hours or roughly $45 for the whole day, and choose-your-own-adventure rentals priced at around $45 for 24 hours. If you opt for the latter, you are eligible for increasingly discounted rates of up to approximately $150 for seven days. You’ll also get free straps and pads so that you can transport the board using your rental car. Lastly, Kauai SUP offers SUP yoga experiences and exclusive board sales.

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Best on Lake Michigan: ChicagoSUP



Why We Chose It: We chose ChicagoSUP as our top pick for Lake Michigan paddling because of excellent reviews that praise the quality of the company’s equipment and instructors.

  • Three different locations to choose from

  • Unlimited season passes available

  • Shops also offer lessons, exercise classes, and events

  • Rates are the most expensive on this list

  • Sharing boards between riders costs extra

  • Group reservations are non-refundable

When it comes to urban SUPing, Chicago’s location on the shores of Lake Michigan makes it the ideal destination. Highly rated rental shop ChicagoSUP has three locations on the lakeshore: North Avenue Beach, Ohio Street Beach, and Diversey Harbor. Paddleboard rentals cost about $35 for an hour, although five- and 10-hour passes offer discounted rates for those that wish to sign up for multiple sessions. 

The company also sells unlimited season passes for about $500, an ideal option for Chicago residents or those on an extended vacation or work trip in the Windy City. If you’re new to SUPing, you can book a lesson with an experienced instructor for around $65 per session, while seasoned paddle boarders can take part in SUP yoga and fitness classes, SUP expeditions, and fun events including sunrise, sunset, and full moon paddles. If you have your own board, you can also store it with ChicacoSUP.

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Best in San Diego: West Coast Paddle Board Rentals

West Coast Paddle Board Rentals

West Coast Paddle Board Rentals

Why We Chose It: We chose West Coast Paddle Board Rentals for its comprehensive list of services and wide range of different paddle boards available for rent.

  • Four different styles of board to choose from

  • SUP Club monthly subscription membership

  • SUP lessons for all including kids and dogs

  • No multi-day discounts

  • Rates are expensive compared to other locations

  • No option to rent a board for use elsewhere

What began as a craze has now become a way of life in sunny San Diego, another top spot for urban SUPing. This company offers four different types of paddle boards, ranging from standard boards (about $25 per hour) and race boards (around $35 per hour) to the Motherboard (roughly $75 per hour). The latter is the largest paddle board in production and can fit up to 12 people at a time. 

All boards are already in the water and ready to go. You can get discounted rates by renting them for two, three, four, or eight hours; membership of the SUP Club entitles you to unlimited use for about $59 per month. Membership plans are also available for couples, racers, families, and businesses. West Coast Paddle Board Rentals offers lessons for all ages, and for dogs, as well.

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Best in Glenwood Springs: Glenwood Adventure Company

Glenwood Adventure Company

Glenwood Adventure Company

Why We Chose It: Glenwood Adventure Company stands out for its excellent customer reviews, and for its expertise in all kinds of whitewater adventure tours and equipment.

  • Five types of inflatable paddle board to choose from

  • Affordable, full-day rates

  • Rentals include all required accessories

  • No option for multi-day discounts

  • All boards are inflatable

  • No refund offered for cancelations made within 48 hours

For those that want to take on the challenge of whitewater paddle boarding, Colorado’s Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park is an adrenaline-fuelled destination not to be missed. Glenwood Adventure Company offers an impressive list of experiences, from multi-day rafting trips to horseback riding and ATV adventures. It also specializes in inflatable Badfish SUP rentals, which you can use to explore the area independently and at your own leisure. 

Because the SUPs are inflatable, they can be rolled up and easily fit into your vehicle for ultimate convenience. There are several different models to choose from including the IRS (for beginner river surfers) and the Rivershred (for tackling bigger rapids). Rentals are affordable at about $50 for a full day and include your paddle, lifejacket, helmet, and pump. You can book in person at the shop, or reserve in advance online.

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Best Nationwide: SUPrents



Why We Chose It: We chose SUPrents for its innovative business model that allows boards to be shipped to and from anywhere in the U.S.

  • Paddle boards can be sent anywhere in the United States

  • Four different boards to choose from

  • Free shipping within the lower 48

  • Not available for rental periods shorter than three days

  • Damage protection and lifejackets cost extra

  • Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska costs extra

If your favorite SUP destination isn’t featured on this list, there’s one company that has made it their mission to bring the sport to Americans across the country. SUPrents ships inflatable paddle boards to any location of your choice, for free. When your rental period ends, simply package the SUP in its pre-paid shipping box and return it to the sender. Love it too much to part with it? SUPrents offers the option to buy boards too. 

There are four types of inflatable paddle board to choose from: an all-rounder, a racer, a tourer, and the multi-person party paddle board known as the Megalodon. Paddles are included. The Megalodon may only be rented for a week, but all of the other boards have a variety of rental periods to choose from ranging from three to 14 days. The most affordable option starts at about $149 for three days, while damage protection costs roughly an additional $29.

Final Verdict

Besides SUPrents, there are very few paddle board rental companies that rent boards nationwide. As such, the question of which is the best paddle board rental depends primarily on where you are intending to paddle. We have selected our top companies for seven of the most popular paddle boarding destinations in the United States. If you're heading out west, SUP Tahoe on Lake Tahoe, Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks on Lake Powell, Kauai SUP on Kauai island, West Coast Paddle Board Rentals in San Diego, or Glenwood Adventure Company in Glenwood Springs could be great options. Heading down south? Aquaholic Adventures in the Florida Keys is ideal. If a northern jaunt is in your itinerary, ChicagoSUP on Lake Michigan could be a fabulous option.

Compare Providers

Company Locations Rental Periods Cost  Renter Requirements
Aquaholic Adventures Best in the Florida Keys Key Largo and Islamorada, FL 24 hours, 48 hours, or weekly From $40 for 24 hours None stipulated
SUP Tahoe Best on Lake Tahoe South Lake Tahoe, CA 2 hours, all day, or evening From $30 for two hours All stand-up paddlers must wear leashes 
Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks Best on Lake Powell Page, AZ Daily or multi-day From $65 per day Payment of additional Glen Canyon National Park entrance fee; participants must sign a waiver (to be signed by parent for under 18)
Kauai SUP Best in Kauai Kapaʻa, HI 2 hours up to one week From $35 for two hours None stipulated
ChicagoSUP Best on Lake Michigan Chicago, IL Hourly, 5-hour pass, 10-hour pass, season pass From $35 per hour All riders must sign a waiver; one rider per board
West Coast Paddle Board Rentals Best in San Diego San Diego, CA One to eight hours, monthly membership plans From $25 for one hour Credit card deposit and ID; children must be 12+ to paddle by themselves
Glenwood Adventure Company Best in Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs, CO Daily From $50 per day All riders must sign a waiver 
SUPrents Best Nationwide Nationwide Three to 14 days From $149 for three days All renters must sign a waiver

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Paddle Board Rentals Work?

Paddle board rentals let you pick up a paddle board from the rental shop on the date of your choosing, for a scheduled period of time. When you’re finished, simply return the paddle board to the shop. Expect all the fun of paddle board ownership with none of the hassles. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Paddle Board for a Day?

Daily rates depend on the company you use, your location, and the kind of board you want. However, roughly $50 is a pretty average daily rate for a standard stand-up paddle board rental. 

Are Paddle Board Rentals Safe?

Paddle boards are definitely safe. You don’t need any certifications or experience to rent a paddle board, though most operators offer some orientation for beginners. You should be able to swim competently, however, and most rental shops have a minimum age for children paddling alone. 


To select the best paddle board rentals, we first selected seven of the best paddle boarding destinations across America after reading multiple articles published in industry magazines. These destinations reflect the greatest geographic diversity and have multiple paddle board rental shops to choose from. Next, we compared rental shops in each area and selected the best according to user reviews, the variety of services offered, and rental rates.

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