Best Outdoor Pools in Berlin

As soon as the city gets hot, Germans grab an ice cream and head to the water. Whether it is through the woods and to a lake or in one of the city's many outdoor pools (or Sommerbad), the locals can be found taking a dip on any summer day.

Even if you have a favorite swimming hole the 6 best outdoor pools in Berlin can help you find your happy place on a hot day.

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    Berlin's Badeschiff
    GettyImages / Felix Kayser 

    While the picturesque Spree doesn't lend itself to swimming, the pool  in the barge within the river is the best of both words. Badeschiff (bathing ship) is a floating pool with some of the best views in the city.

    Here you can lounge in the chill waters while gazing upon Oberbaumbrücke, Fernsehturm and towering Molecule Man statue downstream. While there are a plethora of swimmable lakes, this is the only way to get in the river Spree.

    Take a dip in the cool waters of the 2 meter deep pool, but don't come here to swim laps. This pool is dedicated to hanging out on its seated edges and admiring the surrounding views and supple beach bodies. (Note that children under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

    On land, a pier and sandy beach provide room to sunbathe and make new, attractive friends. There is no outside drinks or food allowed, but a small imbiss (food stand) mixes cocktails and sells beer and small snacks. 

    After hours and in the off-season, the surrounding Arena area offers concerts and parties.

    • Address: Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin Kreuzberg
    • Telephone: 01578. 594 77 13 (falls keiner ran geht, ist geschlossen - Typical Berlin, "If it keeps ringing, it's closed".) 
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (Reduced: 3 euro; Children aged 6 to 12 are 2 euro; under 6 entrance is free)
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    Neukoelln Sommerbad  

    Columbiabad is a family-friendly public outdoor pool. Its 50-metre swimming pool, 5 and 10-metre diving platforms, child's pool with water mushroom, and epic 83-metre long slide make it a underwater world of attractions. Show up early to claim your spot on the grass among the sprawling family gatherings and hipster crowds.

    • Address: Columbiadamm 160-190, 10965 Berlin Neukölln
    • Telephone: 030 – 62 78 830
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (ermäßigt / discount: 3.50 Euro)
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    Pool at Berlin's Olympic Stadium
    Andreas Levers

    Pretend you are competing in the Olympic Games as you breast stroke your way across the 50 meter long pool. Olympiastadion and its accompanying swimming pool were built for the 1936 Summer Olympics - infamous for its connection with Hitler and historic Jesse Owens triumphant win.

    Still surrounded by stadium seating, the pools are perfect fro gliding through the water and thinking about such history. If you prefer to look into the future with your little Olympians, there are two children's pools complete with slides. Renovations in 2016 have put it back in tip-top shape.

    • Address: Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin Charlottenburg
    • Telephone: 030 66631152
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (ermäßigt / discount: 3.50 Euro)
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    Humboldthain Outdoor Pool.JPG
    Erin Porter

    Hidden away in a park up in Wedding, Sommerbad Humboldthain is flanked by a WWII flakturm (flak tower) and surrounded by lush trees.

    On the grounds there are two pools and a massive twisting slide that towers over everything. Off to the side, a snack stand provides the requisite sustenance of pommes (fries) and wurst (sausage). An expansive lawn has groups of noisy children and chilled out swimmers.

    • Address: Wiesenstraße 1, 13357 Berlin Wedding
    • Telephone: 030 – 464 498 662 78 830
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (ermäßigt / discount: 3.50 Euro)
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    Sommerbad Kreuzberg  

    The perfect place to relax after traversing this vibrant kiez (neighborhood) is simply referred to as Prinzenbad. Located off the U1 on Prinzenstraße, it was founded in 1965 and has underwent several refurbishments. It has an impressive water slide and two pools, plus a splash pool and playground for kids.

    The pool received national fame as the setting for the 2007 Berlinale award-winning film, Prinzessinnenbad (Pool of Princesses).

    • Address: Prinzenstraße 113-119, 10969 Berlin Kreuzberg
    • Telephone: 030 – 616 10 80 
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (ermäßigt / discount: 3.50 Euro)
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    Sommerbad Pankow  

    This is the ideal destination for a raucous pool time of spring boards, water canons, lazy river and even a high-speed water slide. There are three pools: one for children, one for laps and one for absolutely everything else.

    The immense grassy grounds are covered in people during busy weekends, either picnicking or sunbathing (be forewarned that full on nudity is completely acceptable).

    • Address: Wolfshagener Straße 91, 13187 Berlin Pankow
    • Telephone: 030 – 47 49 72 0
    • Admission: 5.50 Euro (ermäßigt/discount: 3.50 Euro)