Top Olive Oils from Greece

Can you get good Greek olive oil online? Thankfully, yes, because it's harder and harder to bring home in your luggage, and you can't carry it with you in your carry-on because of the prohibitions against liquids.

(Of course, much of the Italian and other olive oil you consume is already partially or entirely from Greece - look for the telltale "GR" under "Country of Origin" - but Greeks claim still more is from Greece.)

Olive oil continues to grow in known benefits and is a crucial part of the health-giving "Mediterranean" diet which was based on the traditional diet of Crete.

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    I love Tassos Olive Oil. It comes from Crete and is my favorite oil to buy outside of Greece, right next to what comes home in plastic water bottles in my baggage. It's on my shelf as I write this. For a long time, it was only available on line in a massive three-liter container. I'd buy it and rebottle it for easier use, but you won't regret having plenty of this greenish-tinged oil with a rich, smooth flavor. It can be used for dipping, salads, cooking, and baking. Fortunately, you can now get smaller quantities -as well as olives, honeys, spreads and my fave, feta stuffed marinated red peppers - directly from the manufacturer's website,

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    This extra-virgin olive oil comes from the area of Sitia in the northeastern part of Crete, rich in Minoan ruins and kept cool by breezes -and sometimes winds- blowing across the Aegean sea. Made from Koroneki olives, this is a milder, reasonably-priced oil.

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    A large three-liter metal can supplies you with extra-virgin olive oil for a few meals at least. Though Kalamata olives are known for their unique, strong flavor, the olive oils themselves are not as spicy.

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    If the average consumer knows one word of Greek in conjunction with olives, it is probably "Kalamata", the term for the strong, pointy, purple-colored olives often served at Greek restaurants worldwide. However, Kalamata olive oil is not purple, as a bottle of any of these olive oils will prove.

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    Hm - did I mention I favor Cretan olive oils? I drench myself in them all summer long. Here's another one at a good price in the now-familiar three-liter tin.

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