Los Angeles Sights - Best of the Rest

Downtown Los Angeles at dusk
Downtown Los Angeles at dusk.

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Maybe you've visited all the top sights and attractions, or perhaps your tastes are different than the "typical" tourist. Try a few of these sights, the "best of the rest." 

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Get Down in Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles skyline at sunset with snowcapped Mt Baldy and San Gabriel Mountains behind

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Downtown LA is one of the city's fastest-changing most exciting places these days, but a lot of people still cling to their old stereotypes and avoid it. Don't be one of them or you'll miss some really enjoyable activities. You can check out The Last Bookstore, which is redefining the genre, have something to eat at the Grand Central Market, go down a glass slide at Skyspace or attend a concert at the Disney Concert Hall, and that's just the appetizer. 

Find out what you can do in Downtown Los Angeles.

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See Ice Age Creatures at the La Brea Tar Pits

La Brea Tar Pits
nik wheeler / Getty Images

The La Brea Tar Pits have been oozing up to the surface in this location for 30,000 years, trapping and preserving a mind-boggling array of creatures, including wooly mammoths, dire wolves, and ​saber-toothed cats.

For a fascinating look at life in Los Angeles before the people moved in, here's how to see the  La Brea Tar Pits.

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Take a Real Studio Tour

Paramount Pictures Studios Gate
Yukiko Yamamoto/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

If you want a closer look at how films are made, you could go to Universal Studios for an entertaining tour, but you'll find out more about how it's really done on one of these behind-the-scenes studio tours is just what you're looking for.  Find the one that suits you best in this guide to LA studio tours.

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Go to Santa Monica Pier and the Beach

Santa Monica pier at sunset

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The Santa Monica Pier is a walkway that goes out over the ocean, but it's also home to an old-fashioned seaside amusement park with rides, an arcade, historic carousel and a small aquarium. Find out what to do at the Santa Monica Pier.

The adjacent Santa Monica Beach is also worth a visit to see how Southern Californians play by the sea. Here's what you need to know about the beach.

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Get Into Griffith Park

View of Griffith Park
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It's hard to believe that you can find a 4,310-acre, undeveloped public park in the middle of Los Angeles, but there it is. In fact, Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. It's full of hiking trails, things to do and things to see.

You can find out about all of them in our guide to ​guide to Griffith Park.

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Explore the Original Queen Mary

Queen Mary at Sunset
Dean Terry/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Forget that Queen Mary II or any of those other modern, mega-cruise ships. The original Queen Mary was truly the queen of the seas in her day. Some people like to visit it because of its long history. Others want to see the luxury of bygone days when she was the world's biggest and fastest ship. Others are drawn to its haunted history.

No matter what appeals to you, here's  what you need to know about visiting the Queen Mary.

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Enjoy the Creatures at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Feeding Broccoli to the Fish at Aquarium of the Pacific

Betsy Malloy Photography

Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific might just be the best big public aquarium in California. It's full of engaging exhibits, offers lots of behind the scenes experiences and the even host whale watching tours. 

Find out more about it in the guide to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

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More Things You Can Do in Los Angeles

Aerials of Los Angeles
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There's a lot more to do in Los Angeles than just these few things, even though they are the most popular. You may also want to take a look at some less well-known LA attractions that are really fun to visit.attractions that are really fun to visit.

Do you want your kids to have fun in Los Angeles? Here's where to take them.

To keep your spending in check, just use the Guide to Things to Do for Free in Los Angeles.

It might rain in the winter. Here's what to do in LA when it's raining. And if it's summertime when you visit, you'll definitely want to know What to Do on a Los Angeles Summer Night. Or that matter, find out what you can do at night in LA anytime.

Things Not to Do in LA

There are some tourist traps you may want to avoid in LA, but you also don't want to get arrested, surf at the wrong beach, sound like a doofus or freak out over weird driving. You can learn how to avoid them all in this guide to What Not to Do in Los Angeles.

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