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More than Just Home to a World-Famous Beer

Erding, Germany

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Located in beautiful Bavaria, this city is often overlooked for more medieval cities and the many natural attractions of the region.

But Erding has its fair share of attractions. From the world's biggest wheat beer brewery to one of Europe's biggest spa and water parks, Erding has all the city attractions backlit by the peaks of the Alps. Plus, small city charm is only 10 minutes away from Munich's Airport.

Discover the best of gorgeous Erding, Germany.

Beer in Erding

To wash down all the white breakfast sausage and tasty hendl (roast chicken), you need a great beer. Erdinger Weissbier is a wheat beer and another Bavarian specialty that you will inevitably enjoy.

This beer has been brewed by Erdinger Weißbräu, the world's largest wheat beer brewery, since 1886. Today, they put out around 1.8 million hectoliters a year and export to almost 100 countries.​

Obviously, this beloved beer is not hard to find but the best place is straight from the source at the newly reopened brewery. At Brewery Erdinger (Franz-Brombach-Straße 1) visitors can inspect every step of the process from brewing to bottling to distributing. Tickets cost 15 euro and the tour is given on Tuesday - Friday at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00 and on Saturday at 10:00 and 14:00 in German, English, and Italian.

If that location proves too popular for a beer or a bite, Brauerei Gasthof "zur Post" (Friedrich-Fischer-Straße 6) and Zum Erdinger Weißbräu (Lange Zeile 1-3) are nearby and offer traditional flair. If you tire of this perfect summer drink, the brewery also distributes a Dunkel (dark brown), Kristallklar (crystal clear filtered Weißbier), alcohol-free and more.

The city's Herbfest (Autumn Beer Festival) takes place over 10 days at the end of August. It is is the third biggest beer festival in Upper Bavaria and includes rowdy beer halls and the requisite amusement park rides. Even better, a mass of festbier costs around €7 (a steal considering the €10+ price tag at Munich's Oktoberfest).

Spa & Water Park in Erding

The impressive Thermenwelt Erding and Galaxy Waterslide Park are one of the best recreation sites in Europe. It is a mix of exotic lounge areas, swirling pools, the world's biggest sauna complex, and over 16 thrilling slides. In the summer, all three roofs open so bathers can experience the best of Germany's weather.

Historical Attractions in Erding

It's not all beers and baths in Erding, it has several not-to-be-missed historical sites.

  • Museum Erding (Prielmayerstraße 1) covers the background of the city starting with its founding in 1856 - making it one of the oldest city museums. Tickets cost a mere €3.
  • Schöner Turm (Landshuter Straße 11) predates the city as it was built in 1408. It is the last section of the city wall and a gorgeous display of Gothic architecture. Like much of the city, it was damaged in the Thirty Years' War, but beautifully rebuilt.
  • Schloss Aufhausen (Schloßallee 28) is a noble palace that has expanded over the centuries. The site is currently available to explore the grounds and for private events.

Nearby Towns

  • Munich - Bavaria's capital and one of the country's biggest cities can be easily and inexpensively reached by suburban train.
  • Freising - A small university town 20 minutes from Erding comes with a cathedral, the Weihenstephaner brewery (the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world) and a young crowd.

Transport to Erding

Erding is about 45 kilometers northeast of central Munich and is well-connected to the rest of the country.

By S-Bahn

The city can be reached from Munich by S-Bahn on the S2. Trains leave every 20 minutes and the journey take about 50 minutes.

By Train

There are two train stations: Erding (city center) and Altenerding (south of the city - near the spa).

By Car

The city is well connected to the Autobahn and is about 40-minutes drive from Munich.

Coming from the north, east, and north-west use autobahn A 92 and take exit 9 "Erding" and follow the airport bypass street in southern direction until you reach Erding.

Arriving from Munich, the south, and south-east take autobahn A 94 and leave the autobahn at exit 9b "Markt Schwaben" and follow the airport bypass street in northern direction until you reach Erding.

By Plane

The Franz Josef Strauss Airport (better known as Flughafen München) is closer to Erding than Munich. It is 10 km (6 miles) north of the city and is the second busiest in Germany - after Frankfurt.

To reach the city from the airport, Bus 512 leaves every 40 minutes and takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the city center. By driving or taxi, it takes 10 minutes.

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