Best Nude Beaches in Greece

People At Beach In Matala
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Greece has an abundance of bare sand beaches, some much barer and better than others. Need help finding the best classic nude beaches in Greece? Check out our selection of favorite spots.

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    I'm prejudiced here; Red Beach was the first nude beach I spent very much time on. This is a  beautiful beach and I love the rocks carved into Egyptian and other images by a now-vanished "mad" Belgian artist named Gerard. The recent addition of the ability to buy some beverages at the beach, including my fave Canelada or Kanalada, makes this stretch of sand near Matala, Crete even more irresistible.​

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    Glyka Nera, Crete (Sweetwater Beach)

    Favored by summer-long nudists who can be readily recognized due to the depth of their all-over tans, this nude beach offers fresh, cold water springing up from below the stony beach. Those who live on the beach dig wells and designate them for washing, drinking and so on. It's accessible by long hikes from either Loutro or Chora Sfakia, or by local ​beach-hopping boats from either town and sometimes from even farther away. Local goats are beautiful, friendly, and may take a nibble at your shorts. There's a picture-perfect taverna perched on an offshore rock reached by a short plank bridge, offering great coffee and local sausages and souvlaki.

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    Marmara Beach, Crete

    Despite somewhat anti-nudism proprietors of the overlooking (and memorably excellent) taverna, nudists have a hard time resisting the smooth, flesh-colored rounded marble stones and interesting cave-pocked coastline of this stretch of pebbles at the bottom of the Ariadne Gorge, an hour's walk west of Loutro. It's worth hiking up the Gorge, but wear clothes for that.

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    One of the earliest beaches to become well-known as a nude refuge, it's still popular though somewhat overwhelmed by the reputation of "Super-Paradise" beach nearby. But Mykonos' long-standing reputation as one of the best party islands in the Aegean also draws visitors.

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    Banana Beach, Skiathos

    A trio of nearby beaches makes up the nude quarter of the island of Skiathos -which is now much more famous for its role as one of the locations for the blockbuster "Mamma Mia the Movie!".

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    Red Beach, Santorini

    A good beach name is hard to find - so maybe it's no surprise that there are two famed "red beaches" in the top nude beaches of Greece. Volcanic Santorini provides a more truly russet-colored sand than its Cretan competitor. As with most nude beaches in Greece, the more popular ones attract about equal numbers of "textiles" - nudist slang for those who keep their suits on.

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    Monodendri Beach, Lipsi

    Little known and sometimes outright denied by conservative island locals, this is actually a trio of small, remote beaches near a landmark single tree - the "monodendri" of the name. If you're looking for a nude experience which may be virtually free of other beachgoers, at least outside of the "high" season of mid-July through mid-August, this could be your beach.