Top November Caribbean Events

Caribbean residents (and visitors) love to party, so you can be assured that no matter when you visit there will be some sort of festival, concert, regatta, or another excuse to celebrate going on. If you're planning a trip to the Caribbean in November, here are the best events to check out across the islands.

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Divali (Diwali) in Trinidad

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 About 40 percent of Trinidad's population traces their heritage to India, making the annual Hindu festival of lights, Divali, one of the island's biggest events. And since Trinis of all ethnic stripes love a party, everyone joins in the fun. The festival traditionally culminates with the lighting of small clay lamps on the shortest day of the year, but in Trinidad, there are nine days of partying beforehand. The town of Chaguanas is home to the Divali Nagar (or village of lights). Highlights include cultural performances, worship of Mother Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, a feast of Indian delicacies, and fireworks.

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Thanksgiving in the Caribbean

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A wise person once said that gratitude is the best attitude, so this Thanksgiving why not gather the flock around the table in the sunny Caribbean -- a destination that's sure to please even grumpy Uncle Ned. Family and food define this uniquely American holiday, and -- although it's not widely celebrated outside of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands -- many Caribbean destinations make it easy to plan a sumptuous Thanksgiving gathering at a fine resort, a private villa, or onboard a Caribbean cruise.

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Kingston Restaurant Week in Jamaica

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One week each November, many of Kingston's top restaurants offer deep discounts to introduce their offerings to tourists and locals alike. Fine dining at a fraction of the usual cost lures many to the Jamaican capital.

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Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands

Aaarrrghhh! November is the time to strap on your (plastic) sword and set your sails for the Cayman Islands. Pirates Week is fun for all ages, highlighted by fireworks, a pirate invasion of George Town by sea, a cardboard boat race, street parties and parades, and more. This is when the normally buttoned-down Caymans really let loose. Best of all, most of the events are free.

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World Rugby Classic in Bermuda

Get down and dirty with the world's most brutal (and some would say, beautiful) sport during the World Rugby Classic, held for the past two decades in Bermuda, with national pride on the line. Some of the world's greatest international rugby players take part. Held at Bermuda's National Sports Centre.

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Paradise Jam, St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

Each November, eight NCAA Division I men's and women's basketball teams meet in St. Thomas for the annual Paradise Jam, a week-long tournament at the University of the Virgin Islands that represents a competitive early-season tune-up for some of the nation's top collegiate teams. Due to Hurricane Irma, the 2017 event will be moved elsewhere. 

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