Nightlife in Seville: The Best Bars, Clubs, and More

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Seville's nightlife is one of the most attractive features of this city. By virtue of Spain's dining culture, where dinner doesn't start until 9 p.m., a vibrant nightlife scene is a given. There is cultural enrichment and unforgettable experiences on offer throughout the year, from flamenco-focused festivals to historic tapas bars and cozy jazz clubs.

Many bars, nightclubs, and restaurants provide chic surroundings and unique entertainment opportunities, whether you are hitting a popular tapas bar, clubbing with your friends at one of the most exclusive nightclubs, or enjoying a live acoustic performance.


Bar culture is prominent in Spain and it’s not uncommon to see children or older folks at neighborhood bars across the country. As such, you can find bars in almost every neighborhood of Seville, specifically with varying degrees of popularity.  Check out these bars that are perfect for one drink or to spend your evening.

  • Cervecería El Tremendo: Cold beer and generous pours attract locals and tourists for an after-work drink or a place to start the evening. Just keep in mind that it's standing room only.
  • El Rinconcillo: Seville's oldest bar dates back to 1670. The decor has stood the test of time, and bartenders still write orders in chalk on the bar. The drinks and tapas match that level of dedication 
  • BierKraft: A contemporary craft beer bar and restaurant that offers craft beer from around Europe and creative comfort food. The staff is knowledgeable and you can even pick up a six-pack of your favorite brew.
  • El Embarcadero: With a beautiful patio on the river, this is the most romantic bar to grab a few drinks on a date.


Seville has some of the best nightclubs in Spain, so the city certainly won't disappoint if you’re looking to dance the night away. This buzzing city has a club for every taste, including historic discos, raucous reggaeton spots, modern hip hop clubs, and everything in between.

  • Fun Club: Located In the Alameda de Hercules, this spot has been a fixture of the club scene since the ‘80s. Come here to dance all night to rock and roll.
  • Holiday by Obbio: If you’re looking to party on the weekend, head to this gay-friendly club near Plaza de Armas and enjoy disco hits.
  • Terraza Alfonso: Located in María Luisa Park, this is a cafe by day, open-air disco by night. Free salsa classes are offered nightly and it’s a prime spot to dance until dawn
  • Antique Theatro: This hip club is a luxury destination, with a dress code and one drink included with admission. Music varies from top 40 pop to reggaeton to house. Groups are recommended to make a reservation.

Late-Night Restaurants

Spaniards typically won't eat dinner until at least 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. So it's common to see Seville's restaurants packed with patrons dining with their families out at 11 p.m. and the clinking of glasses and chatter of good conversation well into the night. One of the most popular things in Seville is to dine at outdoor venues that remain open until nearly 2 a.m. Seville has one of the oldest and largest dining scenes in Europe, and there are several spots where you can dine until late into the evening.

Live Music and Performances

  • Flamenco at the Casa de la Memoria: Casa de la Memoria offers daily flamenco performances with a rotating cast, so each performance is different. Located in central Seville in the former Stables of the Lebrija Palace, the venue offers unique shows in an intimate setting. As the artists aren't required to use microphones, they have the time and freedom to emphasize the highest quality technical skill along with stunning musicality.
  • Bicicleteria: This iconic venue (only open on weeknights) hosts theater performances, music lessons, Spanish classes and is also the best place to listen to live music in Seville. Live concerts every Tuesday featuring some of the best artists in Seville. 
  • La Casa de Max: La Casa de Max hosts a wide range of events from screening movies, hosting game nights, and has something for everyone. Live shows feature a range of performers, from newcomers to national acts. Stop by on Thursdays to catch the weekly jam sessions and experience the positive and laid-back energy of the gathering.


The city is host to some of the most famous fiestas in Spain and the annual Feria de Seville, a celebration that lasts several days and nights running. This lively celebration happens every year after the Lenten Season. Despite the festival's religious undertones, it remains one of the most fun times of the year.

Those looking to celebrate some of the city's time-honored tradition of flamenco dancing should come during September when the Bienal Flamenco. This three-week festival attracts some of the top dancers and musicians in the world. So whether you're visiting from another country or want to join in on a night filled with dancing and music, Seville is a place that never puts anyone to sleep. 

Tips for Going Out in Seville

  • Get the Tarjeta Turista pass if you plan to use public transportation when going out. A one-day pass costs $5.50 for unlimited access on public transport, while a three-day pass costs $11.
  • As with many major cities in Spain, Seville has an ongoing problem with pickpocketing and theft, especially near popular tourist attractions. Keep an eye on bags when going out, avoid dark, empty streets if alone, stay aware of your surroundings, and take safe transportation at night.
  • Although Seville isn't the biggest city in the world, finding a restaurant open at any time of the day is not a given. Most restaurants stop serving lunch between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and close for the afternoon siesta. Once restaurants reopen for the evening, they tend to serve their regular menu until 10 p.m. and later.
  • In Seville, Sundays are generally much slower than the rest of the week. Most shops, services, and restaurants are closed on Sundays, including the main supermarkets. Some restaurants offer brunch and dinner service, but it's best to make sure before going.