Best New York City Travel Guides

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Having the right travel guide with you when you visit New York City will have a huge impact on your trip. These are some of the best travel guides for all sorts of visitors.

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    Good Mainstream New York City Travel Guide
    Frommer's is a good choice for folks seeking an all-encompassing New York City travel guide. It has good information for hotel choices, restaurants, and attractions and has suitable choices for a wide range of budgets. Tips throughout the book will help you make the most of your New York City visit from getting to attractions early to avoid crowds to a list of NYC experiences to avoid (which was surprisingly on-point). While the pullout map is fairly detailed, the fact that it doesn't have streets integrated with subway stops can be a bit of an inconvenience, but the maps contained within the book have both subways and streets marked on them, making up for this oversight.

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    Best Travel Guide for Visitors Who Want to Explore Beyond the Basics
    The Rough Guide to New York City does a great job of covering New York City's history and landmarks, with solid coverage beyond Manhattan and the major tourist attractions as well. Maps in the rear of the book cover Manhattan thoroughly, as well as Brooklyn, and there are helpful maps within the individual sections of Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. This travel guide is particularly helpful for visitors as they plan their trip and want to consider the many options that New York City has to offer.

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    Great Guide for Short Trips
    With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to try and make choices about how to spend your time in New York City, especially if you're making a short weekend trip to New York City. Fodor's New York City's Best simplifies New York City's possibilities into a series of lists -- from comprehensive coverage of New York City's top 25 sights to helpful lists of the best views, best delis, and more. This New York City travel guide is really helpful for visitors who want to narrow down their focus and have more choices made for them.

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    Best New York Travel Guide If You Love Pictures
    Eyewitness Travel's New York travel guide is great for visitors planning their trips to New York City. Every page has beautiful color photographs, illustrations, and maps, as well as helpful information for visiting a variety of New York City neighborhoods and attractions. There are detailed walking tours that make it easy to explore new areas without needing to participate in a formal tour. Maps throughout the book and particularly at the end of the book are helpful for navigating, but the book is fairly limited on restaurant/hotel coverage.

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    Great for Visitors Who Want to Explore New York City's Hip Side
    Visitors to New York City interested in discovering New York City's hippest shops, restaurants, and hotels will find Night+Day New York to be a great guidebook. Night+Day New York narrows down the overwhelming choices, leaving you free to enjoy all the fabulousness that New York City offers.

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    Great Small New York City Travel Guide
    If you want something small enough to carry in your pocket while you explore New York City, Eyewitness Travel's New York Pocket Map & Guide is a good choice. The foldout map successfully combines a fairly compact size with all the necessary details you'll need for getting around. Most (but not all) streets are marked on the street map and subways are marked on both the street map and on a separate Manhattan subway map. The guide itself is conveniently organized by neighborhood with just a small amount of information about a wide variety of attractions.

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    Best Choice for Repeat Visitors and Local New Yorkers
    The Not for Tourists Guide to New York City is compact in size and loaded with essential information and great maps, but doesn't have a lot of detail about various attractions and landmarks. If you want to find a nearby pharmacy, post office or library, this New York City travel guide is a great choice.