Best Movie Theaters in Little Rock

Little Rock has lots of great choices for seeing the latest flick and hottest films. We have theaters that specialize in art movies, Hollywood blockbusters and even an IMAX. Grab your popcorn and head to the movies!

Most of the theaters do give a discount for matinees, and Rave has a discount day.  The lower price on the price range is probably the matinee pricing.

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    In late 2015, Riverdale 10 upgraded to include VIP reclining seats with a swivel food and beverage table for all its screens.  They also sell beer and wine along with a variety of concessions not usually found in a movie theater.  It's a true VIP cinema experience. They usually show a variety of films including blockbusters and some lesser known films. Tickets range from $8.50-10.50.  Located at 2600 Cantrell in the Riverdale shopping center.

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    Rave Motion Pictures

    This is a mega-theater with 82,000 square feet of movies. Offers DLP screens and stadium seating. They have "Xtreme" floor to ceiling screens, some of which showcase Real3D.  They play all the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Admission is $9.75-12.75, 3D films being more expensive. Tuesday is $5/$8 movie day and matinees are always $5.25/$8.25.  Located on 18 Colonel Glenn Road.

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    Chenal 9 IMAX

    Chenal 9 has one real IMAX screen, which shows first run Hollywood releases. The other screens are traditional DLP screens. Stadium seating.   Tickets are $7.50-9.25 for the regular screens and $14.50-17.00 for the IMAX. Located at 17825 Chenal Parkway.

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    This is currently the only theater in Central Arkansas that is inside a traditional mall (not an open air mall).  Located at 3929 McCain Boulevard inside the McCain Mall.  The Regal McCain Mall shows first run movies with stadium seating and recliner seats. They have some screens that show Real3D movies.  Tickets range from $7.80 to $13.42.

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    Great seats, sound and a curved screen. This is pretty much a standard UA theater with standard recliner seats, although I think it has more leg room than some. It's a great place to see all the Hollywood blockbuster films on 12 screens. Tickets range from $9.03-11.10.  Real3D movies ranged from $9.03-12.95.  Located at I-430 and Rodney Parham at 1200 Breckenridge Drive.