The 8 Best Travel Money Belts to Buy in 2019

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Traveling is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but worrying about how to keep your valuables safe on the road can be stressful. Crowded tourists spots are inevitably prone to pick-pockets, and carrying a conventional wallet or purse can make you a target. A money belt is, therefore, an essential travel accessory – and these days, they’re less obtrusive, more stylish and more comfortable than ever. Many of the newest money belts also include RFID Block protection, designed to shield your credit cards and passports from electronic identity theft. Read on for the best travel money belts to buy.

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Best Overall: Peak Gear Money Belt with Theft Insurance & RFID Block

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With high-quality construction, the Peak Gear Money Belt is made from 210-denier water-resistant nylon. The premium YKK zippers are also designed to last – making this the perfect companion for frequent travelers. The money belt has two zippered pockets, one of which features special compartments to keep your passports, credit cards and cash organized and easily accessible at a moment’s notice. The RFID Block protection is built into the belt’s fabric, so that everything inside is protected.

On hot days, revel in the cool feel of the belt’s moisture-wicking back panel. Peak Gear’s Comfort Strap includes a double release safety buckle and can be easily adjusted for a snug fit. Best of all, the belt includes a $250 theft insurance policy, which you can use to claim expenses in the unlikely event that your valuables are stolen. For additional peace of mind, apply the included decals from global lost and found company ReturnMe to your most precious items. Available in beige and black, the money belt sizes range from XS to XL.

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Best Women’s Fashion: Women’s Virtually Invisible Money Belt

The Women’s Virtually Invisible Money Belt is a great choice for traveling fashionistas, not for its own appearance per se, but for the fact that it barely affects the line and fit of your best outfits. Its elegant cut and neutral color allow for minimum visibility – whether you choose to wear shorts, jeans, skirts or dresses. Wear it comfortably in direct contact with your skin, thanks to the moisture-wicking back panel.

Despite its low-profile design, the belt has plenty of space for your belongings, with two zippered front pockets and a concealed back pocket. The durable 210-denier nylon is layered with RFID Block protection, while the secure release belt eliminates the risk of the belt being unclipped accidentally. It’s one-size-fits-all, with a comfortable elasticated strap. 

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Runner-Up, Overall: Alpine Rivers Money Belt

Made from 210-denier nylon, the Alpine Rivers Money Belt boasts reinforced stitching and durable zippers. The fabric is layered with the latest RFID Block material to keep you safe from identity theft as well as opportunistic pick-pockets, while the large concealed pocket on the back of the belt adds another level of security. Use the individual compartments in the largest of the two zippered front pockets to organize your passport and credit cards. There’s even a carabiner clip for keys and USBs.

This money belt is designed to accommodate several different phone models. The back is lined with FeelSoft absorbent mesh so that it rests comfortably against your skin even in humid climates. A fully adjustable elasticated strap makes it suitable for waists measuring 26 to 56 inches, while colors include beach sand, graphite and black. Purchase it on Amazon to receive seven complimentary RFID-blocking sleeves for use in your everyday wallet.

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Best Budget: AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

The AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet includes many of the features you’d expect to find in belts costing double the price. It’s made from durable rip-stop nylon, which keeps it lightweight while also giving the belt some water resistance. The breathable padded mesh back helps to prevent the build-up of moisture; while the adjustable strap is both comfortable and secure.

The entire wallet is protected by RFID-blocking technology. With two zippered pockets and three perfect-fit compartments, you’ll find plenty of space for your most valuable items. In fact, the belt is big enough to carry your phone, passport, cash, credit cards and tickets simultaneously without appearing bulky. It’s also machine-washable, a big bonus after dusty, sweaty days spent exploring on vacation. The belt comes in black and is one-size-fits-all.

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Best for Runners: Eazymate Fashion Running Belt

The Eazymate Fashion Running Belt boasts a revolutionary concept that makes it entirely different from conventional money belts. Designed as a single band that runs all the way around your hips or waist, it’s free from uncomfortable straps and made from a quality blend of spandex and lycra. The soft material affords complete freedom of movement and fits snugly against the skin, making this the ideal choice for runners, hikers and even cyclists.

The six-inch width is large enough to accommodate running accessories (think iPod, map or energy gels). There’s a dedicated pocket for your smartphone, a pocket with a key clip and two zippered pockets for your valuables. Choose from a full range of sizes in black, blue or gray.

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Most Discreet: Jasgood Travel Security Money Belt

While many money belts resemble a pouch or fanny pack, the Jasgood belt looks like an actual belt​ but is made with plastic clasps and nylon, so it won’t set off the metal detectors in the security line. The buckles are interchangeable, so you can have several different “styles” from one belt. The most important feature is the secret money pocket that can hold about six bills, an individual key or USB reader and a copy of your passport – providing peace of mind and security when traveling. Be aware that this belt is not wide enough for credit cards, phones or other large items and is specifically designed for cash carrying (and very small items). 

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Best Alternative: Lewis N. Clark Neck Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Wallet

Those that don’t like the idea of a traditional money belt, but still want to conceal their valuables beneath their clothes should consider the Neck Stash Anti-Theft Hidden Wallet as a worthy alternative. Made from 100 percent rip-stop nylon, it features self-repairing zippers and TravelDry technology that wicks moisture and resists odor. Its ultra-slim design includes RFID Block protection while remaining lightweight enough to hang around your neck. Make the most of two zippered side pockets and multiple compartments for your phone, credit cards and cash. The neck stash comes in several colors, including black, gray, taupe and olive. 

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Best Design: SE TP101 Travel Pouch

When it comes to design, there's not much that sets one money belt apart from another, but we dig the fanny pack-esque look of this one from SE. The slim olive green pouch can easily be worn under your clothes like a traditional money belt, or over your clothes like a fanny pack (they're hip these days!). Of course, the design has all the tried and true safety features one looks for in a money belt: an adjustable buckle strap that holds the pouch tight to your body, two main zippered compartments which can fit important travel documents, and two interior mesh pockets for other valuables you want to keep close. The pouch measures 11.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches, has a 29-inch strap, and is made of washable material.

Products We Tested

How We Tested

Our reviewers spent 18 hours testing a top-selling travel money belt. Our testers took it on vacation and wore it everywhere from the airport to the beach. We asked them to consider the most important features when wearing this money belt, from comfort to security features. We've outlined the key points here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

What to Look for in a Travel Money Belt

High-tech protection Sure, you might carry your cash around, but it’s always a good idea to have a card on you, just in case. This means you’re going to want RFID-blocking technology, which keeps your cards — and therefore your electronic identity — safe from high-tech thieves.

Material It can be hard to predict exactly what a city might throw at you — whether it’s endless flights of stairs or unseasonally rainy weather. Be prepared for the elements with a money belt that’s waterproof, mesh, or moisture wicking.

Useful extras Companies know that if you’re buying a money belt, you’re not the kind of traveler to take chances. That’s why quite a few money belts — even cheaper ones — come with useful perks like theft insurance policies (in the unlikely event it gets stolen) or ReturnMe decals in case you lose it.

Test Results: Peak Gear Money Belt with Theft Insurance & RFID Block (Best Overall)


What We Like

  • Comfortable

  • Convenient

  • Effective

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn’t come in many colors

Peak Gear Money Belt with Theft Insurance & RFID Block
Peak Gear Money Belt with Theft Insurance
Peak Gear Money Belt
Peak Gear
Money Belt with Theft Insurance & RFID Block

One tester, who traveled to New York City and wore this belt for hours on end — in high-theft tourist spots — reported that it held his belongings well. “It’s very handy and easy to hide under your clothes — it’s definitely made for long trips,” he said. Our testers did, however, wish that the belt came in more colors.