The 10 Best Men's Freestyle Snowboards to Buy in 2018

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    Burton Vapor

    Burton Vapor Snowboard

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    One of the lightest, most tech boards on the planet, the Burton Vapor is the result of years of rider-driven research and development by Burton Snowboards. The Burton Vapor is a directional snowboard and the core is now made out of wood instead of aluminum which is a little more springy.

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    Ride Society

    Ride Society snowboard, Ride, Ride Society, men's snowboards, men's freestyle snowboards
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    The weapon of choice for riders like J.J. Thomas and Mikey LeBlanc, the Ride Society features Ride's pop rods core and hollow carbon rods for added height on your ollies.

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    Lib-Tech Skate Banana

    Lib-Tech Skate Banana, Skate Banana, Lib-Tech snowboards, Lib Technologies, Lib-Tech

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    A freestyle legend, the Lib-Tech Skate Banana utilizes reverse-camber technology to produce a board that butters, ollies and jibs with the best of them. It's a good board for hard to semi-icy snow, hard snow with a few inches of powder on top and soft, thick snow.

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    Forum Grudge

    Forum Grudge, Forum Grudge Men's Freestyle Snowboard, freestyle snowboards, freestyle
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    Winner of Transworld Snowboarding's "Good Wood" award, the Forum Grudge has a directional twin shape that makes riding switch second nature. Combine a fast sintered base with four carbon stringers running the length of the board and you've got one mean freestyle snowboard on your hands.

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    K2 Jibpan

    K2 Jibpan Men's Freestyle Snowboard, K2 Jibpan, K2 Snowboards, K2 snowboarding, freestyle
    ••• K2

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    The K2 Jibpan uses copious amounts of carbon fiber to provide freestyle riders with a lightweight, durable board. A longer effective edge allows you to ride the board up to 5 centimeters shorter than usual.

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    Never Summer SL Recurve Camber

    Never Summer SL Recurve Men's Freestyle Snowboard, Never Summer Snowboards, Never Summer SL Recurve
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    The Never Summer SL Recurve freestyle snowboard is on the cutting edge of today's snowboard tech. A reverse-camber design with soft tip and tail allows the board to carve up icy halfpipe walls like a hot knife through butter, while still allowing easy butters and jibs on the ground.

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    Rome Mod

    Rome Mod Men's Freestyle Snowboard, Rome Mod, Rome Snowboards, Freestyle Snowboards
    ••• Rome

    Buy Direct from Rome Mod

    A Transworld Snowboarding "Good Wood" award winner for '09, the Rome Mod features a fast carbon sintered base to make sure you never come up short on a backcountry booter. It also has bamboo and carbon core inserts to provide all the pop you'll need to ollie to your heart's content.

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    Salomon Official

    Salomon Official Men's Freestyle Snowboard, Salomon Official, Salomon Snowboards
    ••• Salomon
    Buy Direct from Salomon Official

    Nasty vibrations are a thing of the past for riders on the Salomon Official, thanks to rubber sidewalls, a hand-selected lightwood core, and isocell air strips within the board's core.

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    Nitro Andreas Wiig

    Nitro Andreas Wiig Men's Freestyle Snowboard, Nitro Andreas Wiig, Nitro Snowboards
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    Buy Direct from Nitro Andreas Wiig

    The official pro-model for freestyle ripper Andreas Wiig, the Nitro Andreas Wiig utilizes a short 1 cm stance setback to increase flotation. It practically guarantees you'll stomp the landings on even the biggest booters the park (or backcountry) can throw your way.

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    Burton Custom

    Burton Custom Men's Freestyle Snowboard, Burton Custom, Burton Snowboards
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    Looked upon by many as the quintessential freestyle snowboard, the legendary Burton Custom combines durability, a light swing weight, and a fast WFO sintered base to ensure years of rock-solid performance on and off the hill.