The 8 Best Men’s Beanies of 2022

Our experts agreed, the Pistil Fergus Beanie is the best

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TripSavvy's Pick

We recommend the Pistil Fergus Beanie because it provides warmth even in wet conditions, and features a plush fleece lining and sophisticated color palette. We also like the REI Co-op Polartec Fleece Beanie for a budget-friendly pick.

Leaving aside the hipsters who insist on wearing a winter hat 365 days a year, when you pull on your beanie on that first cool day of fall, it’s a clear sign that winter is coming. And today’s beanies boast as many variables as the winter’s many cold conditions, from hats tailored to handle the harshest of winds to more lifestyle-oriented options that blend a cool aesthetic with serious warmth. We did the research to find good bets for all kinds of wear.

Before you buy, consider these factors. There are various material options, from natural wool and cotton to synthetics like acrylic and elastane. Added lining can provide extra warmth while streamlined designs are ideal for layering. As far as fit, take your pick of a traditional, snug fit or a slouchy aesthetic.

These are the best men’s travel beanies.

Best Overall: Pistil Fergus Beanie

Pistil Fergus Beanie


What We Like
  • Perfect fit

  • Reliable warmth in any condition

What We Don't Like
  • May wet out if things get really wet

Constructed of boiled wool that’s both soft and sturdy, the Fergus Beanie from Pistil will keep you toasty all winter long, even in wet, rainy conditions. The classic style fits snugly over the ears, with a plush inner fleece ear band for added warmth and no-itch comfort. The upper section of the hat has a bit of extra space, making the fit feel relaxed without looking sloppy, and the tight weave of the wool blocks out the wind. The four colorways all come with fun horizontal stripe patterns that provide sophisticated style without screaming with some over-bright color palette.

Tested by TripSavvy

I love the Fergus—so much so that, when I managed to lose mine, I immediately ordered a replacement. It fits perfectly on my medium-sized head, and the fleece lining adds the right touch of plush, extra warmth. It’s my go-to for all winter outdoor outings in sports that don’t involve a helmet—and even then, it rides in my pocket for apres. —Nathan Borchelt, Product Tester

Best Budget: REI Co-op Polartec Fleece Beanie

REI Co-op Polartec Fleece Beanie


What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Simple design

What We Don't Like
  • Only comes in black

REI Co-op’s line of apparel delivers high-end functionality without breaking the bank, and their Polartec Fleece Beanie is no exception. The use of recycled fleece Polartec adds warmth, comfort, and durability, with minimal overall seaming to help prevent chaffing. The fabric also wicks sweat and dries quickly, and the overall fit is suitable for wearing along with a lower-insulated helmet like those used in climbing or cycling.

Best Slouchy Fit: Dakine Tall Boy Heathered Beanie

Dakine Tall Boy Heathered Beanie


What We Like
  • Versatile

  • Stylish

What We Don't Like
  •  It doesn’t have a fleece ear collar or more active insulation

If you prefer a looser feel than a traditional beanie offers, go with the Tall Boy Heathered Beanie from Dakine. This visually striking hat uses blended heathered acrylic yarn for a washed-out look, with a fine-rib knit that traps in the warmth. And if you occasionally desire a tighter fit when performing more high-octane winter activities, you can always cuff the lower section.

Best Pom-Pom: Fjallraven Ovik Pom Hat

Fjallraven Ovik Pom Hat


What We Like
  • Warm

  • Stylish

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Pom-pom-style beanies really evoke all the playful elements that come with winter, and the Ovin Pom Hat provides both the aesthetic whimsy you want with all the insulation you need, even when things get wet. Made of 80 percent ethically produced lambswool and 20 percent durable polyamide, it offers ample warmth, with a wide fold-up edge to make it easy to get the desired fit. A two-tone yarn adds a touch of class, and small neps add structure. Choose from three color options, including a dark navy and two shades of gray.

Best Under Helmet: Smartwool Merino Sport 150 Beanie

Smartwool Merino Sport 150 Beanie

Courtesy of Smartwool

What We Like
  • Simple design

  • UPF 20+ protection

What We Don't Like
  • Some may want a thicker application of merino

Most winter-specific sport helmets boast plenty of insulation (and venting to help adjust that insulation) but under-helmet beanies afford several advantages. They add a bit of extra warmth, but they can also wick sweat and prolong the life of your helmet. And Smartwool’s Merino 150 hits every element. The hat is very thin, making it easy to wear under your helmet without bunching or having the brim drop below where you want it to sit. The merino wool has been wrapped around a nylon core for added durability while still retaining all the values of that natural fabric; it wicks sweat, keeps you warm even if it wets out, and doesn’t retain odors.

Tested by TripSavvy

I was initially skeptical of the performance value of the Merino 150 Beanie based on its thin overall construction, but it instantly won me over. It fits perfectly under a ski or bike helmet, and also provides the right degree of warmth when running in temps that hover around the mid-40s, enough to keep your ears from getting cold without overheating. In really windy conditions I tend to upgrade, but for milder temps or when wearing an insulated ski helmet, it’s fantastic. —Nathan Borchelt, Product Tester

Best Brim Beanie: Coal Hardwear Rogers Recycled Knit Fleece-Lined Beanie Hat

Coal Rogers Recycled Knit Fleece-Lined Beanie Hat

Coal Hardwear

What We Like
  • Serious warmth

  • Solid sun protection

  • Comes in six colors

What We Don't Like
  • Brim hats don’t resonate with all winter travelers in terms of style

Even in the coldest reaches of winter, the sun can keep shining—and when it’s shining on snow-covered grounds, the reflective light can feel even brighter than it does in summer. Brimmed hats like the Rogers Recycled Polyala Fleece-Lined Brim Beanie help combat the sun’s glare by offering a touch of shade over your eyes, offering some welcome respite from the elements. As the product name indicates, this hat is made from warm, recycled polyala, a very eco-friendly material similar to acrylic/wool blends, along with a fleece-lined band for added insulation and comfort. The curved brim provides that much-desired shade, while the low-profile design includes a finely-knit body for an overall soft feel and a ribbed cuff for added warmth around the ears.

Best for Wind: Outdoor Research Wind Warrior Gore-Tex Infinium Hat

Outdoor Research Wind Warrior Gore-Tex Infinium Hat


What We Like
  • Serious cold-weather protection

What We Don't Like
  • Overkill for most general use

It requires some serious armor to endure—and hopefully thrive in—winter's harshest windy, snowy conditions. Consider the aptly named Wind Warrior Gore-Tex Infinium Hat from Outdoor Research to be the perfect weapon in your arsenal. Designed for high-altitude mountaineering, it utilizes Gore-Tex Windstopper tech fleece—with a full fleece lining—to block strong winds and keep you warm when the temps plummet. A touch of spandex adds a bit of flex to make the fit feel snug without compression, with a back stretch panel and a contoured earband. Go for the classic blue color for a traditional beanie fit, or opt for either charcoal/black or all-black versions; the latter two come with drop Gore-Tex “WindPro” ear panels that add even more warmth without impacting your hearing.

Best Reversible: Pistil Sully Slouchy Beanie

Pistil Sully Slouchy Beanie


What We Like
  • Versatile

What We Don't Like
  • No fleece-lined ear collar

Reversible beanies give you two style options for the price of one, but the Sully Slouchy Beanie from Pistil really offers you four different ways to sport the hat: either in solid color or a two-tone, and then in either slouch style or cuffed. The all-acrylic hat is double-layered for added warmth, with a wide-rib knit that adds a touch of sophistication.

What to Look For When Shopping for Beanies


Most beanies are made of either synthetic or natural materials (and sometimes a blend of each). Wool (merino, lamb, etc.) provides loads of natural benefits like the ability to wick sweat, keep you warm when it gets wet, and fend off body odors. But wool typically come with a higher price point. Synthetic fabrics like acrylic are less expensive, and often more durable. You should also consider the fabric thickness—generally the thicker, the warmer. Some brands also incorporate tech features like wind blocking or DWR water repellency, so you can handle the harsher elements of the season. A touch of stretch from materials such as spandex also allows for a more comfortable overall fit.


The best winter hats come with an inner fleece lining around the ears to provide an extra no-itch element of warmth, though some boast double construction (two layers of fabric) or total fleece insulation to really pack in the heat. Other brands opt for simplicity, removing any lining to instead provide a streamlined fit that’s ideal when you want to add another layer between your head and a sport-specific helmet.


Beanies generally break out into two fits: traditional (sitting snugly on the head) and slouchy, which adds more fabric to sit “looser,” rather than pulled directly onto the head. The latter is more about aesthetics than performance, though you can always roll the cuffs on a slouchy beanie for a snugger fit. Either way, you want the hat to fit well around the ears, since extra space introduces cold spots. And naturally, you want a snug fit—but not overly tight. Some brands make this easier by offering sizing options (typically small/medium, medium/large), though others lean into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Why Trust TripSavvy?

Nathan Borchelt has been testing, rating, and reviewing outdoor and travel products for decades—and is a particular fan of colder conditions that make a beanie a must. In addition to in-depth testing of several products, professional and customer reviews were also consulted, and all the key features (fit, insulation levels, tech features, and general aesthetic) were taken into account in making the product selections.

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