The 5 Best Margaritas in Colorado

Colorado knows how to do tequila

Margarita at Fire

There seems to be a "national" day for everything. But with the recent string of warm weather across Colorado in the past few days, we're really feeling this one.

Monday, Feb. 22, is National Margarita Day. 

Far be it from us to squash any celebration of the "sacred tequila, triple sec and lime drink," as the official website calls it. 

In honor of National Margarita Day and warm air and blue skies in February, here are our favorite places to enjoy margaritas across the state. 

1. Maya Beaver Creek, connected with the Westin, has been our fave for years. This Richard Sandoval restaurant is a modern tequileria, meaning tequila is its specialty. Here, you can find more than 100 agave-based spirits and house-made tequilas. Sip them in the hip, modern restaurant, where guac is made table-side on a rolling cart.

Or enjoy a spicy marg next to the outdoor fire pit, with sweeping views of the mountains and Eagle River. Maya is the place to go if you're a margarita fan. 

2. Fire, a fine dining restaurant in Denver, located inside the unique Art Hotel. All cocktails on Fire's menu as excellent, but the Fire and Blood Orange Margarita is hard to beat. It's infused with Peligrosso Blanco Tequila, chili liqeuer, blood orange and lime, with a sea salt and chili rim, giving an appropriately fiery spin on the tequila classic.

Adding to the experience are some of the best views in Denver, whether you imbibe inside the floor-to-window-lined restaurant or out on the balcony. Grab a private cabana table that overlooks busy downtown and people watch like a bird. 

3. La Loma Mexican Restaurant in Denver. La Loma is not fancy and it's not part of a resort. But it's our favorite Mexican restaurant in Denver, and the margs live up to the reputation of the food. Find a variety of margarita types here, from prickly pear to passion fruit, or add a Grand Mariner float to any margarita. There are four different types of house margs for different preferences (we dig The Cadillac, with a desh of Don Julio Anejo tequila and Grand Mariner).<br/>
But what makes Loma rise above the rest? You can order a 64-ounce margarita here. That's one and done. Or maybe bring a friend to share. It should come with a diving board and arm floaties — and a sober ride home. 

4. The Metropolitan in Beaver Creek. While the "wine dispenser," like a wine drinking fountain in the middle of the room, demands center stage (and rightfully so; it's a wine waterfall), do not overlook the margs in this new Beaver Creek restaurant. Try the Spicy Beaver: Herradura Tequila, lime juice, japapeno and cilantro-infused agave nectar. During happy hour, try one for $7. That's cheap for ski resort prices. 

The Met is totally hip and located right in the middle of the action, too. Hit it up after the slopes, when a Spicy Beaver will warm you from toes to nose. 

5. The Rio GrandeWith seven locations across Colorado, The Rio is a Colorado legacy and a local cult-like favorite. The food is pretty casual, but The Rio is most famous for its margs. They go down smoothly and are magically potent. In fact, the restaurant limits three per customer. No matter your tolerance, don't test that limit. The margaritas are delicious enough to fool you into thinking you want more, but order a fajita platter instead. 

The Rio recently brought the blood orange marg back, if you want to try something different, although the classic salt-and-rocks drink is what's up. 

Other notable margarita destinations: Quandary Grill in Breckenridge, Tahona Tequila Bistro in Boulder and the Roost in Longmont.

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