Best Macanese and Portuguese Restaurants in Macau

Unlike nearby Hong Kong that shipped bangers and mash back with the British when they left, Macau continues to celebrate its Portuguese heritage. From vinho verde fresh from the vineyards to bowls of salted cod, there are a couple of Portuguese restaurants here to rival those in Lisbon.

But don't just seek out Portuguese cuisine in Macau, the local Macanese food is a rare treat. This fusion of Portuguese recipes and Chinese ingredients is filled with the spices of Goa, Mozambique and other far-flung Portuguese outposts. Try minchi, curried crab and other unique fusion dishes in the handful of Macanese restaurants found around town. 

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    Restaurante Litoral

    restaurante litoral macau
    Oliver Strewe / Getty Images

    Litoral is the spiritual home of Macanese cuisine. Set inside a classic Portuguese colonial building, the wooden framed interior is stacked with wine bottles while the starched white table cloths are more Algarve than Asia. You'll have to put up service that borders on grumpy, but it's worth suffering the surly service for first class interpretations of Macanese classics. Try the baked duck rice – laced with chorizo – or the minchi beef or pork cooked with potatoes, onions, soy sauce. The portions are belt-busting.​

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    Clube Militar de Macau

    Macau Military Club
    Georgio / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

    Location, location, location. Clube Militar de Macau is one of Macau's finest colonial buildings, offering you the chance to dine inside a relic of the city's dramatic Portuguese past. Set up in the 1870s, the club's snooker tables, library and ballroom were a retreat for the city's expat community. Not much has changed here since, and the whitewashed walls and lazy ceiling fans make this a good place to enjoy above average and fairly priced Portuguese food and wine.

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    Robuchon au Dome

    Robuchon au Dome
    Courtesy of Robuchon au Dome

    Certainly Macau's most exclusive address, Robuchon au Dome is found in the glass dome at the top of the ​Grand Lisboa casino. Dramatic mood lighting, the glass chandelier swaying from the ceiling and a master pianist tinkling on the Steinway certainly make a statement – although expect the prices of $500 up per person to make a similar statement on your bank account. Joel Robuchon and his dozens of restaurants have made a habit of walking into the pages of the Michelin Guide and the sublime food here has already bagged him another three stars for his collection. Booking in advance required.

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    Fernandos suckling pig
    Suckling pig at Fernando's. scaredykat / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Slipped between the tropical greenery and black sands of Hac Sa beach, the run-down entrance to Fernandos looks more like the entrance to a used car dealership than one of Macau's oldest and best Portuguese restaurants. Don't be fooled. Perhaps more than anywhere else, Fernando's red chequered tablecloths and ramshackle nautical theme are a good imitation of the mid-range seafood restaurants found in cities across Portugal. 

    The food itself is tasty and comes in decent portions for honest prices. Arguably even better than the restaurant is the bar, where you can sip Super Bock beers served in coolers amidst wind swept trees. It's the sort of Graham Greene location that you expect to see spies swapping bags full of patacas.

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    Margaret's Cafe

    Margaret's egg tarts
    Egg tarts at Margaret's. chee.hong / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    The legacy of the city's time as a slice of Portugal, Macau egg tarts have garnered a cult following in recent years – with crates being shipped to Hong Kong, China and even Portugal itself. These sweets are small, cupcake-sized tarts made from butter, sugar and egg with creamy filling and with a flaky pastry case. Egg tarts can be found all around the city, most notably at the famous Lord Stow's on Coloane Island. The version at Margret's is just as good and the central location is easier to reach.