The 8 Best Luggage Tags of 2019

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Best Overall: Art of Travel Neoprene Luggage Tags

Art of Travel Neoprene Luggage Tags


These don’t look like your usual luggage tags, and that's thanks to the Art of Travel’s innovative reimagining of them. The tags are made of neoprene, which is a thick and lightweight material that’s highly durable, perfect for standing up to rough handling while being unloaded to and from cruise ships and airplanes. Another benefit of neoprene? It’s stain resistant and can be cleaned easily (just use a thin Sharpie to fill in the address information). We also like the different styles of artwork you can pick out for your tag. The designs are stylish and modern, and thanks to both the artwork and the unique shape of your tag, you can pick them out on the baggage carousel from far away. Art of Travel also offers a lifetime “rock-solid” guarantee, so damaged or defective tags can easily be replaced.

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Best Budget: CPACC Aluminium Luggage Tag Holders

For less than $5, it’s hard to beat these highly durable aluminum luggage tags — especially when you’re getting two for that price. Though quite a lot of cheap luggage tags are flimsy and easy to rip off luggage, CPACC’s are made of aluminum alloy, so they’re hardy enough to resist bending, scratching, and the dings and dents that come with travel and rough handling. The stainless steel string looks thin and delicate but securely fastens the tag to your bag’s handle much more easily than pull-through or buckle-style tags — plus the included address card can be easily written on with ballpoint pen (no weird waxy printed surfaces with this tag). Some users don’t love that you’d have to unscrew the tag to view name and contact details, but others see it as a great privacy measure. We also love all the color options, which make bags easy to pick out in a group or on the baggage carousel, especially against black or other dark bags.

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Best Personalized: Alpha Numeric Engravers Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

It’s hard to beat $12 for personalized luggage tags, and Alpha Numeric’s labels deliver. There are six engraving designs to choose from, or you can make your own — which is great for business travelers wanting to put their company logo or creatives looking to stamp their personal branding on these. On the other side of the bespoke engraving is a clear plastic window where the identification and contact card sits, so information is clearly visible for those who are trying to restore lost bags to rightful owners. Despite the budget-friendly price tag, customers report that the quality of the leather is really good and that the custom monograms and logos come out crisp and sharp against the tag. The color selection is great, too. With blue, brown, gray, pink, rust, and tan choices available, there’s a label with a color for everyone.

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Best Clear: WINGS Craft & Fundraising Supply Large Vinyl Luggage Tags

At around $1.20 for each tag in this five-pack, you’ll get enough for every bag you’re bringing with you — whether they’re all yours or you’re getting everyone in the family organized. (You can also keep younger kids busy while you’re packing by having them decorate their tag — the material is great for stickers.) The tags are very transparent, allowing all the details on the identification tags to show through, and users can easily slip a business card or more study backing into the sleeves for extra visibility and structural reinforcement; however, as fragile as they look, these sleeves are actually really hardy and hold up under significant wear and travel tear. If you don’t want to use the pre-included insert, you can replace it with your own (some customers even slip their boarding passes in there).

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Best Leather: Talonport Privacy Luggage Tag

There are a lot of leather options out there, ranging from classically luxe to streamlined and sleek. However, for the security-conscious traveler, these handcrafted leather tags, which are designed to protect travelers’ privacy, are an excellent buy. Customers report that the leather on these is genuine, supple, and high-quality, and the tags come in gift packaging which make them excellent out-of-the-box presents for graduations, weddings, and birthdays. ID information is protected by a snap closure that hides contact details. Speaking of, while it’s easy enough to write on these tags, the company also includes a PDF-version luggage tag template, which users can use to print off labels if they prefer. We love how distinctive the red stripe is for spotting luggage, despite the black background — and that there’s a bit of extra room to tuck a few business cards in, should you meet a business connection at the airport bar.

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Best Designer: Smythson Panama Leather Luggage Tag

Smythson Panama Leather Luggage Tag

Saks Fifth Avenue

With more than 130 years making luxe leather and stationery, British institution Smythson makes some of the most elegant travel goods out there. Its Panama Leather Luggage tag is simple and beautifully crafted, with gorgeously textured cross-grain calf leather making a sophisticated statement, particularly in brighter colors like purple, light blue, and a lovely coral. In an exquisite touch, the sides of the tag are lacquered, and the tag itself features coordinated stitching all over. We like the clever addition of a second window for travelers’ destination addresses in addition to the requisite home one —and each is beautifully stamped into the leather in gold foil. It also fits easily around any width of suitcase or bag handle, thanks to the delicate-looking but sturdy gold buckle. If you’re looking to gift this tag — as tempting as it might be to keep it for your own travels — each comes elegantly shipped in a presentation box.

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Best Mr. & Mrs.: Royce Leather Popular Luggage Tag

Whether you need a Mr. and Mr., Mrs. and Mr., or Mrs. and Mrs. — or simple “His” and “Hers” options — Royce Leather has the tag set for you. The tags come in a variety of colors, from standard black and brown to brighter tones of purple, orange, hot pink, red, and white. The leather is high-quality Nappa, and each has a privacy flap to protect contact and address information from prying (or simply unnecessary) eyes. Some customers say that they’re not sure that the leather strap connecting the tag to the bag will hold up but it can easily be replaced with a stainless-steel tie before heading out on your trip.

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Best in Bulk: TravelMore Luggage Tags For Suitcases

For about $1.56 each — if you do the math — this bulk pack of luggage tags is an excellent deal. They hold up with use, too: They’re made from durable PVC silicone that can bend without breaking and can go through all sorts of rough handling during travel without getting scratched, torn, or otherwise damaged. We love the bright colors for group travel —the better to keep everyone’s luggage easily grouped — and for families on the go, thanks to how easy the tags are to spot from baggage carousels or overhead compartments. Although the quality does feel slightly inexpensive compared to others on our list, according to customers, they’re actually really durable, even after multiple trips. Some users also report that they’re a bit hard to open, but if you’re not changing tags frequently, the tightness of the label actually does wonders keeping rain and other inclement weather out of the sleeve — and stops water from ruining the writing on the label.

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