The 10 Best Luggage Sets of 2021

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Samsonite Winfield 3-Piece Set at Amazon

"Boasts durable and long-lasting construction."

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set at Amazon

"Interior zippered dividers and down straps make organization a breeze."

Best Budget: Merax Travelhouse 3-Piece Luggage Set at Amazon

"Wallet-friendly while still providing quality construction."

Best for Families: American Flyer 5-Piece Set at Amazon

"Has everything you need for longer trips or for sharing bags."

Best Style: Calpak Ambeur 2-Piece Set at Calpak

"Choose from gold, black, rose gold, silver, and white."

Best Basic: Rockland Two-Piece Spinner Set at Walmart

"A carry-on and checked bag that suits most basic travel needs."

Best Lightweight: Away Suitcase Set at Away

"Away’s sets are lightweight so you don’t max out your luggage allowance on bags alone."

Best Expandable: Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Set at Amazon

"Each piece in this set expands another two inches for last-minute vacation shopping."

Most Durable: Merax Flieks 3-Piece Luggage Set at Amazon

"Constructed from environmentally-friendly PET material, which deflects travel trauma with ease."

Best Splurge: Samsonite Omni Hardside Luggage at Amazon

"Can withstand everything from airport handling to inclement weather."

Purchasing a new luggage set isn't cheap; high-quality, durable pieces can easily cost more than half your month's rent. For this reason, you want to be sure that what you’re buying is worth the investment, and that means considering lots of factors—not just the bag's wheels and zippers. When buying luggage, you should also consider whether it has a decent warranty, for example, and what size bags best suit your travel needs. We rounded up top options, ranging from high-tech designs that'll protect your belongings from extreme conditions to versatile options that provide travel storage for the whole family.

Read on for our picks of the best luggage sets available.

Our Top Picks

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Best Overall: Samsonite Winfield 3-Piece Set

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Courtesy of Amazon

There’s a reason Samsonite bags are well-loved, and it comes down to the brand’s famous durability and long-lasting construction — although the sleek, modern looks of this set don’t hurt, either. Unique for hardshell luggage, there are plenty of pockets throughout each of the three suitcases (20-, 24-, and 28-inch), so it’s easy to stay organized while you’re rifling through clothes in the morning, Users report that the locks, zippers, and buckles on these bags — three pain points for accidental breakage — are extremely well made and unlikely to snap with overuse.

Although it’s great at taking a hit or two in terms of construction, the downside to this set is that scratches and other dings can show up easily on the exterior. However, if long-term functionality and keeping your belongings protected is your top concern, this set's 10-year limited warranty, which is quite a bit longer than what most manufacturers offer, will give you peace of mind.

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Runner-Up, Best Overall: Coolife Luggage Expandable 3-Piece Set

Coolife Luggage Expandable 3-Piece Set


This Coolife three-piece luggage set is an exceptional value. Details like interior zippered dividers and down straps make organization a breeze. The largest suitcase in the set, which is 28 inches with a 93-liter capacity and has the option to expand to a capacity of 110 liters, is designed for a week to nine days of travel; the middle suitcase, at 24 inches and a volume of 60 liters, is great for trips from four to seven days; the smallest suitcase in the set, at 20 inches and with a capacity of 38 liters, works well for short trips over a long weekend.

We love the range of colors the sets come in, too, from a minimalist white gridded pattern to a bright orange you’re definitely not going to miss on the baggage carousel. The spinner wheels do their job quietly and smoothly, while the case is built to be impact resistant with PC+ABS material. Coolife has also built handy corner-guard reinforcements into the suitcases to help deflect any wear and tear they may go through, and a TSA-approved lock keeps your belongings safe. Bonus: This set comes with a two-year warranty.

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Best Budget: Merax Travelhouse 3-Piece Luggage Set

With multiple colors to choose from, this three-piece set is wallet-friendly while still providing quality construction. With a 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch rolling suitcase, you’re covered for everything from short business trips to long international vacations.

These hard-sided suitcases nest, too, which makes for easy storage in tight spaces when they’re not in use, and the buckles are sleek and feel sturdy. Adding to the affordable price tag, each piece in this set is expandable, giving you 25% more packing capacity, and comes with a luggage lock, so you don’t have to worry about buying additional pieces to keep your gear secure. There's also a five-year warranty.

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Best for Families: American Flyer 5-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

American Flyer Astor Collection 5 Piece Spinner Luggage Set (Black Blue)

Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes a three-piece luggage set just isn’t going to cut it, and if you're looking for more in the way of bag quantity, American Flyer makes a great soft-sided set that has everything you need for longer trips or for sharing bags with your travel companions. There are two larger spinner bags — a 28-inch that weighs in at 9.4 pounds and a medium one that’s 26 inches and weighs 7.4 pounds — as well as a 22-inch carry-on spinner bag, a wheeled duffel that’s 18-inches long, and a personal bag designed like a miniature duffel bag that’s extremely handy for organizing those essentials you need to get to quickly.

It’s a great pick for families with one or two kids, as the suitcases are both durable and come with your choice of a stylish geometric print that's easy to spot in a crowd.

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Best Style: Calpak Ambeur 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Calpak Ambeur 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

 Courtesy of Calpak

Leave it to Calpak to come out with some of the most stylish luggage sets in the market. The durable, hard-sided set comes with one carry-on (22 x 14 x 8.5 inches) and one checked bag (30 x 19 x 12 inches). Supported by 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth navigation throughout the airport, the cases are also extremely lightweight at six pounds for the carry-on and 10.3 pounds for the checked bag. An integrated TSA lock ensures security, while an interior divider, accessory pockets, and compression straps assist with packing. Even more, the cases are capable of expanding up to two inches. With five Instagram-worthy colors to choose from, including gold, black, rose gold, silver, and white, this set is perfect for the fashionable jet setter.

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Best Basic: Rockland Two-Piece Spinner Set

Rockland 20 Inch 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Abs Spinner Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes you just don’t need three pieces of luggage, especially when two of them are checked bags. For a carry-on and checked bag to suit most basic travel needs, this set from Rockland does the trick. Built to last with 100-percent ABS exterior construction, both the 20-inch and 28-inch spinners feature expandable storage and 360-degree wheels. They also keep belongings protected in cold and extremely hot temperatures.

The interior pockets made from mesh and elastic on the inside of the luggage are great for holding things like battery packs, snacks, and chargers. The duo is especially great for solo travelers, business travelers, and weekend trip-takers, who can declare their personal style with more than 15 color options.

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Best Lightweight: Away Suitcase Set

Away Suitcase Set

 Courtesy of Away

With the largest suitcase weighing in at 7 pounds, Away’s suitcase sets are lightweight so you don’t max out your luggage allowance on your bags alone. The brand lets you customize pretty much every aspect of your set, including which carry-on you want and whether you’d like the versions that come with a battery (hint: since you have to take it out for the flight anyway, we say pass on it for the carry-on). They’re some of the best bags in the industry though, and their organization is second-to-none. P.S. If you don’t want or need a three-piece set, you can also put together a two-piece one.

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Best Expandable: Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Set

Available in 11 different shades, from bright blue to rose gold metallic, this luggage set from Kenneth Cole Reaction is an excellent value for the money with three bags you’ll be using a ton: a 20-inch carry-on, which fits within most domestic airline requirements, plus 24-inch and 28-inch checked luggage. Each piece expands another two inches for last-minute vacation shopping (or stashing away heavier articles of clothing for the return trip home), but the suitcases stay lightweight at about 27 pounds for the whole set.

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Most Durable: Merax Flieks 3-Piece Luggage Set

Not only is this three-piece set sturdy, but its eco-friendly design sets it apart from the competition. Merax constructed each of the suitcases — a 28-inch, 24-inch, and 20-inch spinner — from environmentally friendly PET material, which deflects travel trauma with ease and is also resistant to low and high temperatures (down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 158 degrees!). Not only that, but there’s also anti-UV radiation built into the bag, which Merax says helps increase the lifespan of the luggage (they also come with a five-year warranty).

The luggage can also withstand a two-ton cargo truck rollover test — so you know it's strong. The bags come with TSA-approved locks and fit inside each other for simple storage. Customers love their design and ease of use, but some caution that the colors are slightly different than what's pictured.

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Best Splurge: Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage

A trusted name in travel, Samsonite makes durable luggage, and this three-piece set is no exception. It comes with a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch spinner, and a 28-inch spinner, all with side-mounted TSA locks, expandable storage, and 360-degree wheels. The outer shells are made with 100 percent polycarbonate material and a special scratch-resistant texture for the purpose of withstanding everything from airport handling to inclement weather.

Also convenient? The grips on the bags, which, combined with the smooth aluminum handles, are perfect for navigating airports and city streets. While on the expensive side, reviewers found that the capacity of each bag, as well as their durability and lightweight design, made it worth the purchase for frequent travelers.

Final Verdict 

Our top pick is Samsonite’s Winfield three-piece set: you’ll have the right bags to get you where you need to go and they’ll catch some eyes with their steely good looks, too. They’re made to be durable, with reinforcing where it counts, so you can count on them lasting trip after trip.

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What to Look For in Luggage Sets

Size: When you’re looking for a luggage set, make sure that each of the pieces included is sized within the requirements of airlines you typically fly for international and domestic travel.

Material: You’ll also want to consider whether you need hard-sided or soft-sided luggage sets. Hard-sided ones tend to be more durable, weather-proof, and better for keeping more fragile things safe, while soft-sided sets can be more lightweight. Also, be sure to make sure the sets have spinner wheels (most do now) so you’re not dragging the pieces behind you all day.

Price: Keep in mind that the correlation between price and quality is very real in the luggage world: you get what you pay for, and having a suitcase mishap on a trip is never fun. You should also consider how much travelling you do since the more you use each piece of luggage the lower the cost per use will be.

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