The 8 Best Luggage Scales to Buy in 2018

In a time of draconian airline luggage restrictions, a luggage scale is an essential travel accessory. By accurately weighing your suitcases at home, you’ll avoid the embarrassment of having to re-pack at check-in (or the cost of paying exorbitant excess baggage fees). While the basic function of all luggage scales is the same, bonus features to look out for include tare functions, built-in tape measures and the ability to switch between different weight units. Today, most luggage scales are digital; though it’s still possible to find accurate manual models. Read on for an overview of the best options available for 2018.

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    The silver Camry Luggage Scale ticks all the boxes for affordability, performance and quality. It’s made from engineering plastic with an easy-grip rubber paint handle and includes an adjustable black luggage strap that can be attached to the handle of almost any suitcase. Accurate to within .1 pound, the scale has a maximum weight capacity of 110 pounds. The large LCD screen is easy to read and includes a tare function that allows you to weigh an empty suitcase, re-set the display to zero, then weigh the contents of your case individually.

    Other handy perks include a thermometer, which displays the room temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The scale has a low battery indicator and an overloading indicator, while an automatic two-minute shut-off system helps to save the included lithium battery. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, the luggage scale is light enough to add to your suitcase without making any noticeable difference. Take it with you and use it to weigh your bags again before...MORE your return journey.

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    Reviewers love the Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale for its sleek, fashion-forward design and its ability to combine lightness with durability. With a stainless steel top plate and a bottom plate made out of high-strength plastic, this hand-tested scale is built to last. It has a maximum capacity of 110 pounds and is accurate to .2 pounds. Use the tare function to weigh each addition to your suitcase separately, and the overload indicator to avoid exceeding the scale’s limit.

    The LCD display is wonderfully easy to read. As soon as your luggage is stable, it locks to the correct weight before shutting off after 30 seconds to save battery. When the included lithium battery is running low, a battery indicator gives you plenty of warning, so you’re never left stranded without your scale. The scale features a clever luggage strap attachment and weighs just 3.3 ounces. Best of all, your purchase is protected by a lifetime warranty.

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    Those that prefer a more traditional approach to travel accessories will love the Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale. Reviewers are particularly enamored of this scale’s simplicity, reflected by its wallet-friendly price and rugged, no-nonsense design. It features a large, clearly readable face with a dial that shows both pounds and kilograms; a comfortable grip handle and a stainless steel hook for attaching bags of all shapes and sizes.

    The capacity of this scale is slightly lower than the others on this list, with a maximum weight of 80 pounds. However, the built-in tape measure is a major bonus, allowing you to make sure that your suitcase complies with the dimension requirements for airline travel, as well as the weight limit. The dial features two needles, one of which locks in place to give you a consistent measurement that’s as easy to read as it is accurate.

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    If you like the idea of a built-in tape measure but prefer the precision and modernity of a digital scale, consider the Dr. Meter Digital Luggage Scale. With a maximum capacity of 110 pounds, it can be operated with one or two hands depending on the size of your suitcase. Its LCD screen features a handy backlight for easy reading in a darkened room; while the push-button control allows you to easily switch between pounds and kilograms.

    Use the tare function to reset the scale to zero for an accurate idea of how much your packing weighs on its own. The display also includes low battery and error indicators and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds. The price includes a battery and a velvet carry pouch, which helps to protect your scale so that it stays scratch-free for longer.

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    The GKG Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is the perfect choice for budget-conscious travelers. Its low price belies its impressive performance, which is comparable to several of the more expensive options on this list. It has a 110-pound capacity and a .1-pound accuracy rating. The LCD screen automatically locks the weight reading and shuts off after 60 seconds to conserve battery.

    Other useful features include a tare function, as well as the ability to transition from pounds to kilograms at the push of a button. With dimensions of 3.5” x 0.8”, the scale fits into an adult’s hand and is easy to pack. It includes a long-life battery and a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you get the best possible bang for your buck.

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    While most of the scales on this list are intended to be portable, the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale features a unique handle-style design that takes the crown for compactness. The top of the handle features a backlit LCD display capable of measuring up to 110 pounds. It’s accurate to .1 pound and runs off a single lithium battery (included with your purchase).

    A slimline button on the top converts from pounds to kilograms, while another doubles as an on/ off switch. If you forget to turn the scale off, it will power down automatically after a brief period of inactivity. When you’re finished weighing your bags, wrap the buckled strap around the handle and slide the scale into a side pocket ready for use on your return journey.

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    The perfect choice for gadget lovers, the Urbo 3-in-1 Luggage Scale also serves as a flashlight and power bank. There are two versions - one with a 2600 mAh power bank, and one with a 6000 mAh power bank (both of which can be used to charge your smartphone or tablet on the road). The flashlight features a 60-lumen LED lamp, while the luggage scale accurately weighs up to 110 pounds. Fitted with a strong webbing strap, the scale boasts an overload and low battery indicator, a tare function and an automatic shut-off. The LCD display is backlit, while a push-button lets you convert from pounds to kilograms and back again.

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    The Smart Weigh Heavy Duty Luggage Scale is the ideal solution for those planning on weighing oversized luggage (or for those that prefer not to hoist heavy luggage into the air). The wide platform scale measures 10.6” x 10.6” and is made from stainless steel. The LCD display is attached to an extendable cord for easy maneuvering around awkwardly sized luggage, and can accurately measure in pounds or kilograms up to 440 pounds/200 kilograms. It features a tare function and automatic shut-off, while the scale itself runs off its internal battery or connects to an external power source via a USB cord.

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