The 14 Best Loungewear Brands of 2023, According to Travelers

Stay stylish and cozy whether you're on the go or lounging in bed

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Finding the perfect loungewear is kind of like discovering the skincare regime that best agrees with your skin. It nourishes you from the soul and works its way outward; and we would argue that a loungewear glow is just as achievable as a skincare glow. Loungewear—sweaters, sweatpants, jumpsuits, cute nap dresses—certainly has a place outside the home, as well. When you’re on the road, sometimes the best thing to make room for in your suitcase is the very thing that will make you feel, well, right at home. To help nail down the best loungewear brands out here, we spoke with some travel experts on their preferred brands and styles.

For those travel experts, there were a few things that proved important in their search for loungewear: size-inclusive brands, durability, versatility, elasticity, style, and, of course, comfort. Ahead, you’ll find a wide variety of options, from a jumpsuit that doubles as the perfect long-haul flight outfit to the best loungewear brand for plus sizes.

The Rundown

Best for Women: Skims

Skims offers classic silhouettes in luxe materials and inclusive size ranges.

Best for Men: L.L. Bean

You can't go wrong with L.L. Bean's comfortable and classic styles.

Best Budget: Hanes

Beyond its signature white tees, Hanes makes great base layers at an affordable price.

Best Basics: Girlfriend Collective

Using a rich color palette, Girlfriend Collective makes your basics anything but boring.

Best Joggers: LOLË

Go from nap time to Zoom ready in about 30 seconds with Lole's versatile joggers.

Best Luxury: Hill House

Hill House has turned lounge time into luxe time with their iconic Nap Dress.

Best Silk: Lunya

The best part about these stylish silk sets is that they're machine washable.

Best Style: Brooklinen

Based on their bedsheets, it's no surprise that Brooklinen makes scrumptious loungewear.

Best Performance: Icebreaker

If you're headed on a camping trip, pack Icebreaker's merino wool loungewear to stay cozy.

Best Maternity: Universal Standard

Universal Standard lets you buy and return clothes as you outgrow them.

Best for Women: Skims

Skims Cozy Knit Tank

Courtesy of Skims

“I live in Skims,” says writer and creative director Laura Delarato (you may know her by @heylauraheyyy on Instagram). “I love a loungewear brand that is not only comfortable and size inclusive (very important), but goes out of their way to feel luxurious even when designed to simply relax.” The silhouettes Skims has to offer may seem simple, but the materials–from velour and bouclé to cotton and jersey–give all of these basics a luxe upgrade. An example? The cozy knit jogger—available in sizes XXS to 5X—will remind you of a blanket in the best possible way.

Best for Men: L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Classic Crewneck

Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Travel writer Joshua Walker (@joshuabetrippin) recommends L.L. Bean for a few reasons: “Personally I mostly admire how committed to diversity L.L. Bean is, but it’s an added bonus that the clothes are comfortable and stylish, too.” This crewneck sweater is a classic, but you can’t go wrong with that.

Best Budget: Hanes

Hanes Women's Comfort Collection Thermal Pant

Courtesy of Hanes

Hanes is a classic loungewear brand, but feel free to think beyond white tees and grey sweatpants. If you find yourself chilly no matter how hard the space heater is working, consider checking out the base layers Hanes has to offer. A good pair of thermal pants go a long way and they’ve got a fun, grandpa-chic vibe about them—even if you’re wearing them underneath your favorite pair of joggers.

Best Basics: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Canyon Classic Hoodie

Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

Sometimes you just want to slide into some body-hugging leggings and call it a day. Girlfriend Collective is not only size-inclusive with a range from XXS-6XL, but their designs feature rich color palettes that look just as fantastic in the gym or yoga studio (if you’re into that kind of thing) as they do lounging around the house.

Best Joggers: LOLË

Lole Olivie Tech Pant

Courtesy of Lole

“My ‘go-to’ pants are a jogger style legging from Lole,” says Toronto-based travel writer Caleigh Alleyne (@caleigh.alleyne). “I love that they're really comfortable and versatile, but a little looser than your traditional legging so I don't feel weird going on a walk or running errands in them. I've started hiking more during the pandemic, so they have been great for that as well.” And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate a hard-working versatile pant that can go from completely asleep to Zoom ready in 30 seconds.

Find a similar men's jogger style legging here.

Best Luxury: Hill House

Hill House The Nesli Nap Dress

Courtesy of Hill House

You’ve probably heard of The Nap Dress making its way around Instagram. If you need any encouragement, Delarato is here to indulge: “I lounge in Hill House,” she says. “Gussying up is very much considered a going out, public, own these streets kind of feeling, and I love that this brand has turned lounge time into luxe time as well.” The brand’s iconic nap dress comes in five styles—Ellie, Katherine, Nesli, Caroline, and Athena—and will make you feel like the most comfortable movie star, ever.

Best Silk: Lunya

Lunya Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set

Courtesy of Lunya

Lunya’s silk loungewear sets are washable, which makes the price tag a little easier to look at. The button-down pant set has a classic pajama feel, but a crop top design gives it a modern punch that makes it chic enough to wear by itself on long-haul flights. Lunya offers designs in sizes XS to 3XL and many of the pants offer deep side slits, meaning you won’t overheat if you do happen to doze off.

Best Style: Brooklinen

Brooklinen Adelphi Jumpsuit

Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen is another brand that does basics really well, which should come as no surprise if you’ve spent any time in their sheets. What caught our eyes is their Adelphi jumpsuit, which is made from a soft jersey fabric, has pockets (for toting snacks!), features chic wide legs, and comes in two colors. Plus, it’s great for layering—toss your favorite sweater on top and settle in for a nap.

The brand also makes stylish sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, and pullovers for men.

Best Performance: Icebreaker

Icebreaker Women's RealFleece® Merino Long Sleeve Crewe Pullover

Courtesy of Icebreaker

If there’s a chance your loungewear may be tagging along on a camping trip or some other outdoor adventure, Seattle-based traveler and Clout Check podcast host Kelsey Johnson (@heykelseyj) has a recommendation for you: “Icebreaker loungewear is made out of merino wool, so it's super cozy for chilling at home, but also really warm when I'm out car camping,” she says. “Their pieces hold up on any road trip. Plus, I love supporting sustainable, ethical brands and Icebreaker is almost entirely plastic free.” The boat-style neckline on this crewneck is an example of the thoughtful design details the brand is known for. This style is also available for men.

Best Maternity: Universal Standard

Universal Standard Geneva Maternity Dress

Courtesy of Universal Standard

Universal Standard’s maternity program is fantastic: buy clothes in your current size, return them as you outgrow them, get a new size, repeat; no hassle. While the brand does offer loungewear, I would argue that one of their first designs serves as the perfect lay on the couch, watch five movies, move to the bedroom for a nap outfit: the Geneva Dress, which is made from a soft Peruvian cotton and comes in sizes 00-40.

Best for Sets: Nadaam

Naadam Men's Fleece Sweatpant

Courtesy of Naadam

“Lounging is not just about laying flat to scroll through an endless cycle of TikTok (though it certainly can be),” says Delarato. “Loungewear is for the creative, the artist, the at-home chef, the midday stretcher, and power nappers. And because of that, loungewear needs to move and stretch and bend with us as we relax into the most comfortable positions.” Nadaam checks all of those boxes and more, considering you can mix and match just about anything they offer into a set. Start with the cashmere cropped turtleneck and see where your little heart takes you next. Be sure to check out their men's sets, too.

Best Plus-Size: Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press Green Lagoon Hoodie

Courtesy of Big Bud Press

From the brand that gave us the best utility jumpsuits around, we are also blessed with some pretty joyful tie-dye loungewear sets (pants this way, tops right over here). Big Bud Press’s size range is what all brands should strive for, offering XXS-7X.

Best for Versatility: Smash + Tess

Smash + Tess Sunday Romper

Courtesy of Smash + Tess

“It's actually kind of funny that pre-pandemic, the only loungewear I had were things that also doubled as my plane outfits since they're comfortable enough to wear for long-haul flights,” says Alleyne. “I have been living in my Smash + Tess Sunday Romper in black because it is really comfortable, and works well on video meetings as well. If I want to look more professional on Zoom I can always toss a sweater or bomber over it. When I was flying, I'd wear it with a longer duster to look put together at the airport, but then would remove it in flight and be really comfortable."

Best for Sweatsuits: Summersalt

Summersalt The Coziest Cashmere Blend Jogger

Courtesy of Summersalt

Available up to size 2X, Summersalt has a selection of beautifully simple sweatsuits. Each one has some sort of color pop or luxe fabric that makes it much more than the sweatsuit of your post-gym-class childhood. If you’re on the hunt for a set you could live in, well, forever, save your pennies for The Coziest Cashmere Blend Hoodie and The Coziest Cashmere Blend Joggers.

Final Verdict

Choosing one loungewear brand to rule them all is a tall order. If you’re looking for a size-inclusive brand that offers luxe materials in classic silhouettes, check out Skims. The brand is constantly offering new designs, which only adds to its appeal.

What to Look for in Loungewear Brands


Do you want to relax in a cozy knit set or something made of soft cotton? Material is something to consider when you're deciding what loungewear brand is best suited for your needs. Ultimately, you should prioritize comfort. That being said, some materials like spandex are better suited for wicking sweat, while fleece is ideal for providing more warmth. Pay close attention to what each article of clothing is made of when exploring a brand's site.


Some loungewear is designed to hug your hips. Others are designed to hang loosely. Like material, you should prioritize comfort when looking at each piece's fit. Brands may differ in the variety of pieces they offer, so if you want something on the baggier side, be sure that the brand's clothing isn't limited to tight-fitting pieces. Another component of fit is sizing. Unfortunately, not every brand will offer inclusive sizing. Look at what sizes are offered on the brand's site so you can maximize the fit for your personal comfort.


Do you want to wear loungewear for a midday nap, night in a tent or trip to the gym? Take into account occasion when you're perusing a brand's site. The style and functionality of loungewear can differ, with some brands offering pieces designed only to be worn inside your house. Other brands might sell more versatile pieces that may be worn for a brisk walk or long flight. Be sure to keep in mind where you'll being wearing your loungewear and for what purpose when settling on a brand.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How should I wash loungewear?

    If you tend to sweat or wear your loungewear outside of the house, you might consider washing it more frequently for hygiene purposes. Washing after every use or every other use may be appropriate. On the other hand, if you wear your loungewear inside your house and only for a few hours at a time, you can likely wear about three or four times without a wash.

    When deciding how to wash loungewear, you should consider what its made of first and foremost. Typically, cotton can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer, while silk or more delicate fabrics might be best washed by hand and left to air dry. Check tags on the loungewear or the brand's site for detailed instructions, though.

  • Should I purchase loungewear online or in a store?

    Sometimes, purchasing loungewear in-person isn't an option. Not every brand will have a store location or they might only have stores in a couple of locations. And on top of that, the brand may not even be sold in larger, chain stores. If you're someone who absolutely has to try before you buy, opt for brands that can be purchased in-person or online brands that offer free returns.

  • What is the difference between loungewear and pajamas?

    Pajamas are meant for sleep alone, whereas loungewear can have multiple purposes and are more socially acceptable to wear outside of the house. That being said, there isn't a huge difference and they can be nearly indistinguishable.

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