Best Louisville Pizza Restaurants

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There are a lot of pizza joints around town, but these Louisville pizza restaurants serve up the best pizza in Kentuckiana.

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    Impellizzeri's is a popular pizzeria and Italian restaurant that frequently shows up in best-of lists for Louisville pizza restaurants. Some popular Impellizzeri's pizzas are the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza, the Spinach Alfredo pizza, and the 12 lb. Impellizzeri's Super Pizza.
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    While best known as an Irish pub that is a popular stop on the Bardstown Road nightlife scene, many people are unaware that Flanagan's also serves up some of the best pizza in Louisville. Plus, the large beer selection at Flanagan's ensures you'll be able to find the best beer pairing for your pizza of choice.
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    ZA's Pizza Pub is a laid-back restaurant on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. The pizza at Za's is so good that even the healthy pizza is fantastic. My personal favorite is the Garden ZA. The Garden ZA is topped with spinach, garlic, and tomatoes, and is its healthy best with the whole wheat crust and low-fat cheese. ZA's also offers its guests beer and cocktails from their full-service bar.

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    If you're a fan of saucy, cheesy pizza, then Wick's is the Louisville pizza restaurant for you. The thick crust and heavy toppings that are distinguishing qualities of Wick's Pizza ensure that you won't leave hungry. Additionally, the extra-large serving sizes offered at Wick's make it a popular restaurant choice for large groups of people. Wick's Pizza also has a full-service bar with late hours that make it a popular nightlife hangout.
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    Spinelli's Pizzeria is unique because of its late hours, making the restaurant somewhat of a local nightlife hangout. In fact, on any given weekend night, it's likely that you'll find plenty of bar hoppers having a slice of pizza at Spinelli's before heading in for the night. Spinelli's hand-tossed crusts are one of a kind in Louisville, and their sandwiches are terrific even when you haven't been drinking.
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    Residents of the Highlands have a ton of choices just around the corner when it comes to fabulous Louisville pizzas restaurants, but residents of Clifton are just as lucky to have Clifton's Pizza. Clifton's Pizza is a locally-owned pizzeria and Italian diner that often features live music, has an awesome patio area that is always full when it's warm outside, and serves up some of the best pizza in Kentuckiana.

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    What makes Tony Boombozz different from the chain pizza restaurants in Louisville is that pizza at Tony Boombozz is made with high-quality ingredients and arranged in interesting and original ways. With pizza choices like Fajita, Portobello Bello, and Steak and Potatoes, dining at Tony Boombozz's pizzeria will change the way you think about pizza.
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    Any current or former student of IU Southeast can tell you that Sportstime Pizza and Rich O's Public House are two of the best places around town for good beer and pizza. There aren't many places where you can sit down and order a personal size pizza with artichokes, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and chicken with a pesto sauce. The breadsticks at Rich O's are amazing as well, especially if you eat them with beer cheese, and the more than 250 beer, cider, and mead choices from all over the world are without comparison.