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The Rundown

Just like standard homeowners insurance, the best log home insurance protects policyholders from the risk of fire, theft, and other losses. That said, many insurers are unwilling to write policies on log homes because of the unique risks associated with the structures, largely related to construction materials and building design. Still, there are several insurance companies that offer high-quality coverage to log homeowners. 

Here, we rounded up the log home insurance companies on the market to help you find the best coverage suited to your needs.

Best Overall: American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

Why We Chose It: As our top log home insurance company, American Family Insurance provides specialized log home coverage for full-time, vacation, and seasonal homes, including full-log and half-log construction.

What We Like
  • Offers full-time, vacation, and seasonal home insurance

  • Considers other building materials when calculating premiums

  • Policies available for full-log and half-log construction

What We Don’t Like
  • Policies only available in 17 states

Founded in 1927, American Family Insurance is a well-established mutual company that offers a wide range of insurance options, including life, health, and homeowners coverage.

Even better, AmFam understands the unique realities of insuring log homes, like the construction materials and style. The insurer also provides seasonal and vacation home insurance, so you can get coverage for your log home regardless of whether it’s your full-time residence. 

Discounts are available for multiple policies, newer homes, and safety devices among other savings opportunities. And, while AmFam offers an online quote builder for standard policies, customers shopping for a more specialized policy (like for log homes) can call a local agent.

The insurer has an AM Best (credit agency) financial strength rating of A (Excellent), and customer reviews reveal that the claims handling process is satisfactory.

Best for New Log Homes: Foremost Insurance Group

Foremost Insurance Group

 Foremost Insurance Group

Why We Chose It: Foremost Insurance Group offers both dwelling fire policies and homeowners policies for well-maintained log homes that are in above-average condition, making it our top choice for new log homes.

What We Like
  • Offers both dwelling fire and homeowners policies for log homes

  • Available to a range of applicants, regardless of prior claims

  • Website makes it easy to find a local agent or get an online quote

What We Don’t Like
  • Seasonal home quotes are only available via telephone

Foremost is a specialty insurance company that has a stellar AM Best rating and is licensed to operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Foremost offers log home insurance under its Dwelling Fire program, and in the case of new and well-maintained log homes, its Classic CL homeowners policy. Shoppers can find a local agent through Foremost’s website or get an online quote. Policyholders can also file claims and check on claim status online. 

Dwelling Fire policies are available for owner-occupied, vacant, and unoccupied properties, and include an Agreed Loss settlement so customers don’t have to guess about their settlement values. Replacement Cost coverage and Extended Replacement Cost coverage are also available for certain policies.

The applicable homeowners' policy is focused on properties (like log homes) that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for traditional coverage. It’s available to customers who have had losses in the past, but approval and premiums vary by state.

Best Discounts: Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners insurance

 Auto-Owners insurance

Why We Chose It: In addition to its willingness to write homeowners' policies for log homes, Auto-Owners offers a wide variety of discounts to keep insurance costs low.

What We Like
  • Will write a log home policy on a homeowners form

  • Eligible customers can take advantage of more than 10 discounts

  • Extensive customizable coverage options

What We Don’t Like
  • Shoppers must contact an agent for a quote

  • Only available in 26 states

Auto-Owners Insurance offers customers life, car, business, and homeowners' insurance, including for log homes.

Prospective policyholders can use the website to contact a local agent who can then write a log home policy on a homeowners' form, rather than on a dwelling fire form. While a traditional homeowners' policy typically covers the home and its contents, this type of coverage can be further customized to include things like jewelry, art, and firearms. In contrast, a dwelling fire policy includes little to no contents coverage and does not cover losses related to theft.

With Auto-Owners, customers can also take advantage of extensive discounts for everything from multi-policy and paperless billing to savings related to homeownership and safety features. 

While claims must be reported by phone, customers can use Auto-Owners’ web portal to pay bills, view policy documents, and otherwise manage their policies. And, like many of the best log home insurance companies on our list, Auto-Owners is highly rated by AM Best, earning a top rating for financial strength.

Best Specialized Coverage: Roberts & Associates

Roberts & Associates

Roberts & Associates

Why We Chose It: If you’re looking for specialized log home coverage or have had trouble getting a policy from other general insurance agencies, Roberts & Associates is the best option because of the owner’s extensive expertise.

What We Like
  • Agency specializes in log home insurance coverage 

  • Policies are available even in remote, rural environments 

  • Can write policies in most states

What We Don’t Like
  • Website is somewhat outdated

Roberts & Associates is an insurance agency that specializes in log home insurance, including for existing homes and new construction. Because of the agency’s unique and extensive experience with log home insurance, customers are more likely to get the coverage they need, even if they live in a remote or rural area.

While the Roberts & Associates website lacks a quote builder tool and other resources available with larger agencies and insurance companies, shoppers can get in touch with the owner via phone or email.

In addition, agents are familiar with the log cabin lifestyle and travel extensively to serve even the most remote clients. This can alleviate some of the frustration that comes with insuring less conventional structures like log cabins.

Best Mobile Experience: GEICO



Why We Chose It: In addition to its extensive coverage offerings, GEICO is known for its excellent customer resources, including a user-friendly mobile app.

What We Like
  • Robust mobile app makes it easy to manage policy

  • Large number of discounts available to eligible policyholders

  • Prospective customers can use the online quote builder tool

What We Don’t Like
  • Specific log home policy offerings are unclear

GEICO is the second-largest auto insurance provider in the U.S. and also offers a range of homeowners' coverage. Log home policies are reportedly available as part of a specialized homeowners' policy.

But what really stands out about GEICO is the company’s well-reviewed mobile app that lets policyholders manage accounts and claims. Customers can also take advantage of a wide selection of discounts, including having multiple policies and installing security and safety equipment.

Standard homeowners policies can include coverage for property damage, personal property, and jewelry. There’s even a personal property insurance calculator to help determine how much coverage you need. Beyond basic coverage, policies can be customized to include personal liability, medical bills, and additional expenses that pop up when you need to file a claim.

Final Verdict

Finding a company that’s willing to insure a log home can be frustrating, especially if the home is older, seasonal, or otherwise riskier than other homes. And, even if you do find coverage, it may be a dwelling fire policy that only covers the structure, not contents like personal belongings. 

Our best log home insurance company overall, American Family Insurance, excels because of its coverage for vacation, seasonal, and full-time log homes. Policyholders can also take advantage of the company’s knowledgeable local agents, discounts, and well-reviewed claims process.

What Does Log Home Insurance Cover?

Log home insurance coverage varies by insurer, with some writing log home policies on a dwelling fire form and others willing to write a full homeowners policy. These policies are typically used for income, seasonal, and unique properties (like log homes). 

Are Log Homes More Expensive to Insure?

Log homes are not always more expensive to insure than more conventionally built homes, but premiums can be around 20% more than for a similar policy on a conventional home. This difference is due to several factors, including the type of construction, high replacement costs, and the fact that many log homes are located in remote areas without fire hydrant access.  

In addition, many log homes are used as vacation or seasonal residences, which can lead to higher premiums. This is because secondary homes are often uninhabited for large portions of the year, which can lead to delayed claim reporting and issues associated with deferred maintenance.  

How Much Does Log Home Insurance Cost?

As with any homeowners or dwelling fire policy, the cost of log home insurance depends on a number of variables like the construction materials, home value, distance from a fire hydrant or fire station, and whether the home is a full-time or seasonal residence. The specialized nature of log home insurance makes it difficult to estimate an average cost of coverage, but some homeowners have reported annual insurance costs between $1,000 and $4,000. 

How We Chose the Best Log Home Insurance

To select the best log home insurance, we looked at 20 insurance companies to determine which are willing to write policies on unique properties like log homes. We then evaluated each option based on the types of coverage available, discounts and premiums, and geographic availability. Finally, each provider’s customer support resources and reviews were compared to ensure a satisfying experience.

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